To love

She began to work a single woman.
He is a senior at the school.
In a city, it was never to be. But the Zhuonong God let two people to meet, know and love!
They are the summer by the drifting bottle recognition, she forgot who threw the bottle who make bottles together do know, just started her due to busy work do not line and he is in the bottle for one or two months for a sentence, but also with Q but haven’t talked. She later that Q lost, in him before the opening day, two people actually very tacit are on the line, so each other with Q chat up, just start no emotion inside, just talk a
He said:” I have time to see you!”
She said:” good ah!”
Two people are so random chat with. For a long period of time, they often send a message, call, naturally, is like a pair of lovers. Tell the truth every day! If the day does not call does not send information like less of something!
That September 22nd they meet in the Harbin train station met, she went to the station to meet him, because he is the first came to this city. He told her, waiting in the hall outside left her, wearing a gray sportswear, carrying a backpack wearing ear machine. She had seen him, very white, short hair, very sunny and very clean a boy, saw him in the round,johnson baby shampoo she quietly from around behind him, took him, he turned around, she did not dare look at him. This is the unforgettable first met.
Two people ride together came to her in the city, go out to eat, sometimes she’s not busy would personally cook for him to eat, to see him eat, she was very happy. He spent ten days in her.
They know not the way, will never be together, this should not meet, but they meet, she knew that someday he’ll get hurt, but she loves him, she doesn’t care about her idea was, and he has been linked with her satisfied, he will have his house she may also have a home of their own, they had an agreement that until the other has the other half do not break contact, when a good friend, also meet in 1314 in the beautiful city of Dalian.
He went the day before gave him a small gift, dove, Dove chocolate. She found wrote a lot of a small piece of paper, she cannot help but want to see, he would not let her watch, she gave him a coquetry say
” Let me have a look!”
” No.! Allow only after I go, you go”.
Take the day she bought him a sweater because it turned cold, she wants him to warm!
After he came back she was particularly bad, he received the telephone also couldn’t help crying, she had never felt before, he told her, will meet again, not so broken. Don ‘t cry.
He went back, they have made a lot of information, no matter how busy he will send a message to her, as he had promised, especially every morning is Betfair, every evening will play telephone. Just one month later, he bought a ticket but didn’t tell her, because he wanted her, to give her a surprise.
A film” Romance 33 days” 8 screens, he wants to see with her, she saw him again, this time for 10 days, he still got out of the car to buy her a dry beans, because she loves to eat, although saw her she was cold, but her heart is very warm, because he on the train is not used to eating, she is afraid he is hungry, got their work done to find his place, he bought dumplings, he gave her the moment she saw the full room candles, bed is placed on a birthday cake, there are two roses, he didn’t catch the her birthday,JOHNSON Shampooso I want to give her a surprise for her to mend this birthday, very touched by her, and together with him she is like a little child, so he always take care of her, she’s all miss this and that, he always said that she is a child, always said she” two”, but she is very like to know why, he says to send you two roses? He said that she always” two” on that day, she was very happy, because the first time he said to her, I love you!
In fact these 10 days they spend less time, because she wants to work in the daytime, night to him, she finished he will come for her, no matter how late, he will come to her, waiting downstairs, very cold winter in Heilongjiang, he was standing outside her dearly, and they night together, so she is very jealous of the hours of the night, she was very afraid of sleep, because sleep one goggle to leave him and go to work, she likes to face him to lie down, looked at each other, not saying a word, he said like her unique taste, like her face natural hall taste, so he relied on!
He wanted to have a look of snow, but stay in the ten days there was no snow, the weather is very good, he got 17 votes, walk that day even under sleet is the afternoon train, the weather here in winter, because of their dark very early, so he has to go the day black, coupled with the snow, so the car was too slow, normal is two hour to Harbin that has walked for five hours, so he didn’t catch the train, she would make him
” Do not want to see the snow? Now you see!”
He found the station changed train ticket but not the night, till morning time but no seat so he changed to the very next day night. He immediately sent her a message saying the naive very love us, we must separate but no separate be rash and too much in haste, walking and stepping back way back like embarrassed.”” people in the Li Chenggong.
This fear of path delay, ahead of time two hours to buy a ticket, checked in, she looked at him on the train, was very upset, she stood inside the station, the car was not start he telephoned her, they pass a word she looked at him, looking at the car slowly start, you want to see not to see him, she from inside the station frantically run out, run to stop, stand there, watching the cars to go farther and farther … …
She received his information
” Look at the cloud, a residual red, that is not a tragedy from, is today’s sunny warm love, try to make the final temperature of winter temperature and love, our love has been warm, like love and warm, such as boiling water, moist and warm, I love you, boys are very tender, look at you last time, heart missed the pain, your shadow how this suddenly no, better than last time short, I love you, take good care of my own protection, waiting for our next meeting, the road slippery, certainly must pay attention, walking, after all slowly, for I,L-Carnitine will, I love you! We love each other, it is necessary to good, we meet again is a new beginning! Believe, we will always continue our love, our love, well.” .

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