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Inventory of the worst human genetic characteristics
The family have not always been outstanding, recently, the United States of America” life science” magazine of the 10 worst hereditary feature.

According to the website, although the human body gene 99.9% and parents in exactly the same, but there are 0.1% different, and it is the 0.1%, only created including blood and eye color, 3000000 different genetic features, but these differences also achieved a personal uniqueness. Unfortunately, the family and very often are excellent, the structure of the 10 genetic traits is described as ” the worst”.

Alcohol abuse
A child may be born like alcohol. Recent research shows, alcohol has about 50% reasons and genetic and environmental factors, only to a half of the effect of applying.

Breast cancer
Most of the breast cancer pathogenesis is still a mystery, however, researchers have found that some genetic variation, can lead to cancer. Some women may early in life with breast cancer, and breast cancer occur are two.

Color blindness
The United States has 10000000 people to identify clear red and green, but only 600000 women appear similar symptom. This is because man can only inherit my mother the last X chromosome genes. While women have 2 X chromosomes, even if a color gene defects, there is another gene can replace its position.

Shi Qiang bullying
When the children are at the playground fight was “come in” the principal’s office, don’t forget to complain to their parents. This is because, the scientists found in the body of a can promote aggressive gene. Among them, the boys of aggressive behavior are more likely to be from the family inherited.

French fries and obese gene can cause obesity double” background”. Scientific theory reveals, obese gene can help our ancestors to survive famine, but in this age of plentiful supply of food, it is to bring us a lot of trouble.

Heart disease
Born with heart disease, diabetes, stroke, or family history of hypertension in children is likely to follow its ” traditional”. In addition, if someone suffers from a congenital heart defect disease, his offspring congenital defects of the heart appeared the possibility will be a little on the high side.

Twin birth
Although the twin birth was an accident, but in the same family often appears again and again the twins. The female body will carry a gene, making her ovulation period in the resulting egg cell doubling. Although the man to carry this gene may not let him give birth to twins, but he can put it genetic to daughter, so in the future when the twins grandpa is still possible.

Research shows, many boys long pimples, their families tend to have acne” growth history”. Similarly, if parents when young had severe acne, so their children may well have escaped serious acne problem.

Lactose intolerance
In the past 10000 years, gene mutation causes the body to milk the digestive ability of continuous improvement, but it is only in the milk has to be accustomed to the crowd has been improved. If you can’t stand the milk, then your relatives are likely to also cannot bear this kind of thing.

Pattern baldness in men is common, it may be derived from one or both parents of several genetic variants relevant. While the permanent alopecia totalis is a rare condition, people with the disease systemic hair will fall off, they will carry the ” hair” gene in vivo.

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