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Video than to push prices should be 2 to 3 into decline
House prices fall? Why the outer estates to fall ” be rash and too much in haste”, and rings of real estate prices but steadfastly stand on one’s ground? Why the flourishing city buy cheap 1% – 2% developers started to shout no profit, but today prices drop 20% or even 30% also said to have profit? Lower the price how much is reasonable? While prices fell by the factors which say?

The central economic work conference in December 12-14 date held in beijing. The conference points out, should adhere to the policy of estate adjusting control not to shake, promote the prices reasonable return, accelerate the ordinary commodity housing construction, increase effective supply, the real estate market to promote the reasonable development.

The National Bureau of Statistics recently published November 70 national large and medium-sized city house price changes situation display, in 70 large and medium-sized city in November, a total of 49 city new commercial housing price decline, increased by 15. The last month of the national housing beginning inflection point after November, the national average prices chain continued to show a downward trend, the national housing prices has entered the downlink interval. The price range acceleration sheets. Beijing Project Construction Committee said, years the market is objective has been completed, the new Beijing ordinary housing prices 6.3% lower than last year.

In such circumstances, the central economic work conference still put forward ” promote the prices reasonable return”. Visible, though prices have declined, but there is no reasonable return. Then, by the market has forgotten the real income than, more than rental cost, whether can be ” reasonable return” quantified?

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