cancer signal must-see

In order to himself and family health: cancer signal must-see
Research shows that:
Cancer cannot be in weak alkaline body form;
Cancer only in the acidic body form;
If you have cancer, indicating that the body is acidic;
Cancer only in an acidic body extension;
If your body is weak alkaline, cancer cannot be extended;
If you can balance your body pH, let your body into a weak alkaline, no matter what do you get cancer has been cured and change;
Regardless of how bad, even if only 6 months to live, if you can change your body pH to weakly alkaline, your cancer would not expand, will be good;
Don’t worry about your family, your mother, father or any person has cancer, as long as your body is weak alkaline, you won’t have to, if you already have, it will change;
Cancer are acidic fluids exist, nothing else. If your body is acid, you will get cancer. If it is a weak base, you will not get cancer. If you have cancer, but you can adjust your body’s pH to weakly alkaline, cancer will leave you.
Cancer prevention tips is very simple, is to eat alkaline foods to prevent the accumulation of acidic waste, because of acidizing fluid environment, is the normal cell cancerous fertile soil, adjust body fluid acid-base balance, cancer prevention is effective way.
The A ) will develop a good life habit, quit alcohol limit. Smoking, who predicted that, if people stop smoking, 5 years later, the world of cancer would be reduced by 1 / 3; secondly, no alcohol. Tobacco and alcohol is very acid, acidic substances, long-term smoking, drinking, can easily lead to acidic.
B ) not to eat salty and spicy food, do not eat hot, cold, overdue and bad food; frail or some genetic diseases at some anti-cancer food with a high acid content and basic food, maintain good mental state.
C ) have a good mentality to cope with stress, work and rest, do not fatigue. Visible pressure is an important cause of cancer, TCM believes that stress causes overstrain asthenia causing decreased immune function, metabolic disorders, endocrine disorders, leading to acid deposition; pressure can lead to mental stress caused by qi stagnation and blood stasis, poisonous fire invagination etc..
D ) to strengthen the physical exercise, enhanced physique, much sport under the sun, much sweat can be acid with the sweat excreted, avoid the formation of acidic.
E ) to the law of life, life habit of people, such as Cara OK, sing all night playing mahjong, night life without the rule, it will increase the acidification of the body, is linked to cancer. Should form good habits of life, thereby maintaining the weakly alkaline, making various cancer diseases away from their.
F ) do not consume contaminated food, such as contaminated water, crops, poultry eggs, moldy food and so on, to eat some green organic food, to prevent the disease enters by the mouth.

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