management function

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With the ERP, CRM, such as e-commerce implementation, enterprise informatization is also the voice of waves high block, mixed constant. Some enterprise brave chase had run, for fear that by the late step and loss of opportunity, is extremely, passion unlimited desire; some enterprises lightning completed the “e”, but now because of the effect is not ideal and has a headache, is little, be in a nice hobble; some enterprises held the wait-and-see, neither fast nor slow to simple” semi-automatic” information transformation, can keep cool, more or less; also some enterprises simply stick to the traditional position, to enterprise informatization is rejected, with changeless should 10 thousand change.

As the enterprise, whether or not have informatization, there should not be” exclusive information” and” falseinformation” phenomenon, this is not the choice of enterprises; more than implementation party’s choice. Then the different backgrounds of different industries in different scale enterprises how to carry out effective information? This is the question! Narrow down the problem scope but also help enterprises to solve practical difficulties, so I want to talk about is not” how the enterprise informatization?” , but” enterprise informatization in email marketing application?” From” company online project” to now ” ERP”, basically all enterprises know what e-mail is? Most have e-mail look as telephone, fax and other traditional methods as convenient contact tool, many companies also use e-mail as a new marketing method. Then, in the e-mail marketing process, what factors will affect the email marketing effectiveness? What are the mail marketing means feasible?

The target establishment and management
Maybe you often receive some spam, these mandatory in some of your business information is really annoying people, we generally take the shield address or to delete the way to deal with, but let ‘s not fast. Why do we always received so much spam? Obviously, your email address already exists in many mailing list, so you will continue to be” harassment”. We hate to spam may be transferred directly to send a person, then immediately transferred to the mail content, so we have to spam content also with deep hatred and resentment. In the process of marketing messages, mail target accuracy will seriously affect the marketing effect, even destroy the image of the enterprise, the effect is exactly the opposite of the. Many enterprises in the knowledge about the target object instances blindly send bulk mail, eventually leading to loss of credibility of customers, continue to decline.

How to identify mail marketing target? The first to collect reliable mail address, the address of the owner must be your target, and your product, service no email address is of no value. There are now many website provides” industry e-mail address collection ” such things, although I have not bought, but I thought the address is probably of no value,iPhone Application development because on a few big industry division is not clear distinction of many special industries. If the message authenticity is doubtful? Then, we adopt what approach to obtain the target mail address?

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