Panel monopoly

In 2011 from the United States of New York state attorney general’s office learned that, New York has for more than the global LCD panel production giant filed antitrust lawsuits, accuse the enterprise control market prices. It is reported, the main global LCD manufacturers Hitachi, sharp, LG, Chi Mei and other enterprises are in the list.
Display files, these enterprises suspected in 1996 to 2006 in ten years by operate the computer, TV and mobile phone with LCD panel ( LCD ) prices caused by the state government public procurement project loss, this lawsuit seeking compensation for the loss of these enterprises and pay a fine. The file points out, these enterprises in ten years formed a monopoly of price system, control of the $70000000000 market. In this system, a few enterprises form a detailed, clear secret agreement. Therefore, the state of New York in the procurement and use of the liquid crystal panel products to pay a higher price.
New York prosecutors said, these enterprises control LCD panel market share of 90%, so the price is very high degree of monopoly. The prosecutor published evidence, this a few big enterprises to control prices reached a” naked” degree.
For example, in a 2002 meeting, Samsung to colleagues told sold to major customers notebook LCD screen quotations, LG is said to be in the same Samsung consultations made a similar offer, the general principle is, LG 14 inch screen than Samsung your 1 to $2,toshiba tablet while the 15 inch screen ratio Samsung products cheaper 1 to $2. The United States federal justice department had been to many LCD manufacturers of criminal proceedings, including LG, sharp and Hitachi, many enterprises have recognized price manipulation, and paid more than $860000000 in fines.
The author analysis: in the Chinese market, there are also foreign companies use their size and technical monopoly advantage to control the phenomenon of the market. If the United States to sue monopoly enterprise, our country enterprise also can rely on the anti-monopoly law on foreign investment behavior to fight back, fight for their legitimate interests.
In 2011 the domestic color TV giant Skyworth and Konka has announced its new products, intelligent television are used Android ( Android system ) and Windons platform. So far, including TCL, Changhong, most domestic television brand collective the Android system as this year’s” smart TV standard”. According to the insiders, the domestic intelligence TV is gradually to the” pan ” Computerization ” direction of the transition, the color TV industry has entered a higher level of competition.
2011 is no doubt become smart TV” year”, from the CES to the nearest major manufacturers have released their respective intelligent television products are confirm this point. However, as more IT manufacturers have added to the smart TV competition in the market, such as consumer for having heard it many times, AMD, Microsoft and Intel Lenovo etc.. This makes the intelligent television ‘s IT property is more and more obvious, and the IT technology is not very familiar with home appliance enterprises in front of intelligent technology is a bit confused.
Most of the current intelligent televisionacer tabletis common used Android system, but in fact using Android TV doesn’t mean it has to be smart. A comparison of the official explanation is: real intelligent television should be from the intelligent platform, intelligent application, intelligent control and other measured three aspects: first, to have a plurality of independently operating system, can realize good human-computer interaction; secondly, in the intelligent application, software and hardware can be upgraded at the same time, realize the new function or value added service, users become the” personal television”. Finally, intelligent control, make become” watch TV play video”.
The author analyses: Intelligent Cloud television is the development direction of the intelligent core,samsung galaxy 3D ( net buys the price 7999 yuan ) products began to experience time, domestic smart TV is gradually to the” pan ” Computerization ” direction of the transition, the color TV industry has entered a higher level of competition.

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