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oil-field invite bids

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

The United States after leaking oil trouble first time to Gulf of Mexico the oil-field invite bids
December 14 of eastern net news:American government plan after the 14th of this month held from last year British petroleum companies to leak oil trouble Gulf of Mexico the deep sea oil-field investigate to explore for the very first time inviting bids of the power.According to understanding, this time invitation to bid scope for get gram the Sa Si state coast outside, Gulf of Mexico western programming area in all didn’t rent up to the present of can mine districtpoly bags.

The economic problem doesn’t lack a political content

After Gulf of Mexico leaking oil trouble in April, 2010, the Ao expected President horse to once issue order that forbiding is part of inshore petroleum drilling work.However, along with in 2012 American presidential election of close by, whether to Gulf of Mexico oil-field’s investigating to explore to lift ban have already not only been only an economic problem.

After Gulf of Mexico leaking oil trouble an occurrence, the Ao expects relationship with American petroleum industry horse’s depravation.Some petroleum big business enterprise criticizes that Ba Ma of Ao “strangle”s petroleum in the United States supply, to create employment opportunities formation stroke.This year October 18, in American federal Upper House energy and natural resources committee hearing up, senator Lisa of Republican party from Alaska ·the Mu tests a Si radicle to think, the United States should become a leading the way of inshore oil-field drilling, “be neighboring countries all beginning mine on our boundaries, but the United States give up to mine because of the risk of inshore drilling, this is that the milli- is of no avail to the nation”.She thinks inshore drilling not only is advantageous to promoting to work, plastic bags supplierthe revenue from tax is as safe as energy, also can strengthen the United States should to the ability of the problem of possible emergence in the drilling process.The American Petroleum Institute chairman’s right bower ·hero Lei Be virtuous to think, the restriction of American government mines to raise Cuo to miss creation to work, increment revenue from tax, instauration economy of the opportunity is “directive mistake”.

There are here medium pointing out, the oil price, unsteady economic situation undulating pluses to leak oil trouble dismay to the British petroleum company of thin forget, make petroleum and natural gas profession and the councilmen throw vision toward the oil-field of Atlantic Ocean central part region afresh.Experienced energy analyst card Lu Suo in the strategic and international research center of Washington’s think tank means that at current situation the bottom wants to look for since the profession that can increase to work and promote revenue from tax is very difficult.Fu Ji Ni second state eparch the rice is strange ·the wheat Kang Nai Er have been the supporter of inshore oil-field drilling.He says:”Lift the ban to the inshore oil-field drilling will give the Fu Ji the Ni second state to bring several thousand new work posts.”Fu Ji Ni second state democracy party senator Warner think, tonerthe inshore oil-field drilling will increase millions revenue from taxes of USD.

Is today but live

Monday, December 12th, 2011

BE a dear oneself, although you don’t enoughly well, were also subjected to some injustices for these several years, I know you to daddy’s mama of sorry and ashamed, can work well person honest person to have to see a circumstance, to others(some irrelevant persons) too like be to he or she’s cruelty to the family, oneself will much concern he or she more hereafter.Gaosuibuyou Thailand

For time, you are to waste a lot, particularly is half year so is many, don’t suppress, sometimes angry to you but occasionally love, you repeatedly say effort, say that do thing well but always do things by halves, sometimes really don’t know that you are still just thinking what, asking for it is tired, a lot of time want to seek to be personal to say once, who again know.When I listen to the brother-in-law say of time, the tears directly leaves, I don’t know to is that I am too weak in character to still keep loving to shed tears too much, I can not overcome myself and suddenly discover that oneself has to grow up as soon as possible, time pushes me to a point, load the brother-in-law who rises a taking of man, shouted so for several years, just feel that the brother-in-law also slowly became old and listenned to at the time that brother-in-law talked, that kind of the ache hard speech form, although he has already liked now.The family, close relatives have a lot of deficits and said too manily before, really didn’t know again say what, not wanted and make oneself live so be getting more tired, who can see through my camouflage, my strong, my optimism, the writing made me become a pessimism view and lived me still optimistic treat, for the affair of do-it-yourself, have to be responsible for, in spite of the quality, no longer entertain wild hope what, the person, who didn’t understand, didn’t understand forever, although say that communicating is very good, sometime you can not the words say of so keep white, not thirst beg equity, wants that begging is delighted, probably this is that I look for trouble, but I really have no so great.

Only this is my quiet world, in fact the qq waits a nothing important person to also concern to announce what, mood Zha kind, even if occasionally,is the mood that saw comment on a person at that time, real concerned you of the person will see, because he wants to know you of condition, probably can’t say what, but will remind don’t want to let oneself’s too many disappointment you even criticize you, .Slowly like this place, belong to my own space, want to write what write what, while wanting to write down a lot of words, don’t know to write again what, head really disorderly, will dream every day, always to advise solution others, do mental state to guide for others, and oneself?Feel pretty sorrow of, the classmate, good friend is getting more vexed, has what don’t understand to will ask me, but I don’t know to ask who, ha ha, that oneself dissipate sorrows for he or she.Really hope that oneself doesn’t think to be so many, not again do some dog dinners, pretty like oneself’s head, because he still has a little cleverness on the whole, although sometime silly can also arrive an extremity.Calculated, many affairs can not not do, originally should not say tired, but really Be getting more tired, 2011, the income given up, 1 sighs.

Don’t define what, no longer bring up a dream, is today but live, attain with a clear conscience good, wish to wish my family, close relatives and brothers sister healthy happiness happiness!

Vivid terrace

Monday, December 12th, 2011

Vivid terrace:From the 450 kWs go to a 2.5 MWs above
Have now one is new of negative change machine terrace, can make system the integrated company acquire at any time a be easy to an usage of multi-function become repeatedly machine with satisfy market demands.Used for can renewable energy of Semistack is a big power three mutually go against the terrace of changing the machine, its usage integrated the intelligence power mold piece(IPM),poly bags the power mold piece of SKiiP of spreading the hot machine and drive to spread a feeling machine with protection|function, and for can the renewable energy application carried on excellent turn.Mold piece the structure for turning, the sum of SKiiP IPM settles power to reach to various choices, can choose breeze cold or water is cold and can will negative change the machine merge a conjunction, can make it used for an extensive application in, from arrive more than 250 MWs whole power about the 450 kWs system, if those use to apply in the SG wind power in of system.

The basic allocation that goes against to change a machine includes three half bridges that the perpendicular machines install mutually unit.Each one mutually the unit include a SKiiP IPM and cooling plank or spread a hot machine and take to have a longevity life the direct current female line of the polypropylene capacitor and communicate conjunction and buffer.Alone of mutually unit through a low electricity direct current Ou match conjunction together and install in a machine frame of fastness.Canning pass the direct current female line will should go against to change a machine set the conjunction get up to carry out an integrity of four quadrant transformation machine, or will negative change the machine merge with acquire a larger sum settle power.Gaosuibuyou Thailand

The existing breeze is cold and water two cold editions can provide.Two editions all use the whole machine structure of homology to carry on an allocation.The customer can carry on a choice in two solutions, 1 usually useds for the simple breeze cold solution of solar energy application and low power double Kui wind power application, and the another usually useds for water cold solution of larger power that bigger SG wind power applies.

For can renewable energy, plastic bags supplierSemistack multi-function sex embodiment at as follows application of realization in.Pass to are negative two stage mannerses cold Semistacks to change a machine to constitute a 1.5 MW that four quadrant allocations can constitute a typical model very easily double Kui system.Integrity of going against and changing the machine can be packed into the machine cabinet of 600 mm breadth.The height is only a 1200 mms, can make the whole module packed into standard of the 2000 mm machine cabinet, and reserve space to other equipmentses.

Equally, two pedestals take water of having four bracket SKiiPs cold negative change the machine can carry on a combination in same way to install a whole powerses that are up to a 1.5 MWs four quadrant SG application.
Water cold edition has two kinds of machines box size to can be provided as choice, adoption water cold edition can carry out a larger sum to settle power.Bigger 4|3 can accept four brackets or three bracket SKiiP IPM.In four quadrant allocations, probably combine four brackets and three bracket modules together.This allows to carry on to the SKiiP mold piece excellent turn, because of to generator side negative change the request of machine is more usually stricter than the charged barbed wire net side’s.4|3 can accept two sets negative change 1.5 MWs or the 2.5 MWs whole power that the machine merges are applied.Semistack owns a 10 kVAs|rise of power density, the rival being close most with it compares and has 20% advantages at least.Smaller 3|2 adopt three brackets and two bracket SKiiPs and used for compare the need of low power, usually used for negative change machine sum settle power for for invite 30% DFIG systems of system power in, tonerand the solar energy system of big power.

Each negative change machine need two cooling back track water to deal with contact and merged independent cooling plank because of the inner part to keep heat from piling up.Used for exit and entrance of two rapid conjunction machines Be located on each negative change the bottom of machine is with the conjunction of convenient and external cooling system.

say seeing again

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

The that time waited to say seeing again
We mutually loved greater half for year, although always all so-so and light, each other doesn’t forget as well to at the concern and the gentleness, even all affirmed that the other party is oneself to want to hold hands life companion, until this year year you decide to return to a motherland and say for the sake of our will work hard in the future, I still remember till now you and I once said of dream, you hope to have one to belong to your own house, the you, Is still have two children together living together …you of have me in dream!

At the beginning I really feel as long as two person is to love each other of, any problem is all difficult don’t pour us, even if can not at each other of nearby keep company with, even if 1 kisses, an embrace, 1 love you must register in the telephone inside …but, originally across to count :,000 in of ocean, our hearts also started leaving more and more and far.

Little on sealing a sweet message, many a breathed telephone, I added worry anxiously, uneasy, lose and solitary …

Time is more long, you of the telephone Be getting lesser and less, sometimes I gross out lonesome of time picked up a telephone to call you, you answered, but also only in a hurry said previous two hang!Did you know each time me to behind cry in the telephone?I ask you, you of concern?Do you still keep loving me?You didn’t answer.

Gradually, I also no longer called you, we become to seem to be stranger, why will we walk to territory ground like this?We once also loved deeply each other!

My sorrow deeply depicts on the face, nearby of the friends and relatives have been concerning me, I feel very suffered, I have been aming waiting you, I have been aming comforting myself, you just too favour, have no time to look after me here.I allly lent to all use up, to this feelings I started feeling dispirited and discouraged …

I put forward to break up, but you blamed me not to love you!I love you have much deep do you know?For the sake of you, I study South Fukien dialect hard, good convenience in the days to come with you of the family communicate;For the sake of you, I study in vogue, hairdressing, current news and everyone’s noodles, the perfect companion that wants to do you.I pay to lead and lead hard, but you can’t see my firmness …

I can’t turn head again this time, you don’t cherish me, be still meeting someone come to love me, the good man still has a lot!

The last wish dedicated to once love for me of person, wished your happiness!

development period

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

In 1992 after, the world solar energy makes use of and gets into a development period, its characteristics BE:Solar energy exploitation and world can keep on development and environmental protection close combine, world common activity, for carry out world solar energy to develop strategic and diligent;The solar energy develops a target definitely, point outstanding, measure get dint, be advantageous to overcoming formely now cold now hot, lead hot lead nasty irregularity, assurance solar energy business of long-term development;While enlarging strength for development for solar energy researchsolar cell,

Note solar energy sewage factory
Idea science and technology result conversion is a productivity, the development solar energy industry, accelerate commercial progress, extend solar energy to make use of realm and scale, the economic efficiency raises gradually;The cooperation of international solar energy realm is unprecedented active, the scale extends, the effect is obvious.Passing the above review can know, in this century 100 year, solar energy development the road isn’t flat, generally the high tide will appear a low tide period after expecting and be about placed in time of low tide to have 45 years each time.The development process that solar energy makes use of is as totally different as coal, petroleum and nuclear energy, people as to it’s know difference greatly, again and again many,solar waterdevelopment time long.

This aspect explains a solar energy development the difficulty is big, the in a short time is very difficult to carry out large-scale exploitation;Also explain that solar energy’s making use of is still supplied by mineral energy on the other hand, the influence of factors, such as politics and war…etc., develop a road comparison turns and twists.For all that, from every consider, obtain in 20th century of solar energy science and technology progress still ratio whichever centuries were all quick formely.

The light Fu plank in the whole world combines a net and store ability the difficult problem has an improvement.

Develop an economic problem
The first, in the world more and more of the nation know to a society that can keep on a development to be 1 since can satisfy a society demand, but again don’t endanger the society of the posterity person’s prospect.Therefore, the mineral energy that much replaces Gao Han’s amount of carbon with the clean energy possibly is the principle that the energy construction should follow.Along with the variety of energy form, the normal regulations energy stores quantity to descend day by day, its price by all means soars, and controls pollution of the environment to also enlarge an investment.

The second, the our country is the biggest coal to produce country and consumption country in the world, the coal has merchandise energy to consume structural 76% around and have become our country the main source of the air pollution.Strongly develop new energy and can the making use of of renewable energy technique will become the important measure that reduces pollution of the environment.The energy problem is world, the period transfering toward the new energy sooner or later wants to arrive.From farsighted see,solar ingot the solar energy makes use of a great deal of application of technique and device, also by all means can with the soaring of check and supervision mineral energy price.

Lead female menses

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Lead female menses blackout for three major reasons
Some women often complain that their blood is always black, menstrual blood blackening is what causes it? How to adjust?
Menses is because endometrial periodic shedding with hemorrhage, about once a month. The first menstrual period called menarche. Menstrual blood is alkaline, dark red color, no smell, sticky and solidification, blood in blood components, also contain endometrial debris, such as cervical mucus.
Blood color
The color refers to the color of menstrual blood. Normal menstrual blood is dark red, blood mixed with the shedding of the endometrium small debris, cervical mucus, vaginal epithelial cells, no blood clots. If the blood thinner such as water, a little pink or black and blue, it is abnormal. If blood is blood clot, is not normal, may have other sites of hemorrhage, early treatment, to ensure the health of.
In general, there are three reasons for the menstrual blood nigrescent:
Menstrual blood nigrescent reason: the onset of menses black Qi stagnation and blood stasis
Menses has no fixed, classics quantity more or less, mauve, block, the poor. Or with pain in the lower abdomen to press, or chest, breast, abdominal pain, wan ‘t Shu, dark purple tongue or petechiae, moss Bo Bai or thin yellow, pulse string or astringent. Treatment should be promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, Qi pain.
Menstrual blood nigrescent reason two : blood two empty onset of menstruation black
Menstrual cycle early or later, by the amount of increase or decrease, prolonged menstruation, pale, medium rare. Or pain in the lower abdomen, or dizziness, tired or weary limbs, pale or yellow, satisfied that the small loose stools. The tongue is reddish, weak pulse. The treatment should be supplementing.
Menstrual blood nigrescent reason three : kidney deficiency and the onset of menses black
The menstrual cycle has no fixed, quantity, color light red or dark red, thin. Yaoxisuanruan, heel pain, dizziness, tinnitus, or lower abdomen cold, or nocturnal enuresis. Pale tongue, pulse Shen weak or sink later. Treatment of nourishing kidney and regulating menstruation.

so industrious

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Because of love, so industrious. Think of her in this life is the life, work hard. Grandmother to my dad has adult, successively to the club at hand, to do some housework in exchange for food he lives, baby father family year on pigs, both hard day, 12 year old father can plough 5 mu of land to plant, to father 18 years old grandma, be full of joy to my father married to wife, and has had the six sisters, grandma duty-bound to our care, then the day in the home is difficult, a family of nine people, my dad one work, so my mother had to go to work, in order to earn some salary for we go to school, grandma is cooking and children, sew, wash, from morning till night is homely food, grandma’s waist tired curved, grandma’s toil and hardship is now we couldn’t imagine, also not to experience. MS
My grandma is difficult to bear for a lifetime, the good is never give us these grandchildren. Grandma hard all his life, home population, in what to buy the time on, grandma always try various devices to adjust to our food, lest affect our body, spring from grandma after received the potatoes in the winter of frozen by picking up spring dried into dry potato starch, wash clean with in the corn flour to we make dumplings, we eat incense. Remember my grandmother taught me to do the first meal is in dish boiler water, edge water from the pot down slowly, as the oil into the pan under the dish, to be known to date, the only two two oil supply per person per month, grandma in the thrift, us several years was saved more than 30 catty oil, my brother got married when they come in handy. Every evening, grandma is the last one to sleep, her old home, my brother and sisters are worn out, small clothes clean, change to our summer wear, mother and two sisters to burn the midnight oil to us six to do clothes, each a thin coat, a thick coat, a pair of shoes a thin Double thick cotton-padded shoes, all hand stitch out, to the winter have begun to do the fall summer clothes and shoes. MS
In his old age, our grandchildren are married, and she always enjoy it for our kids, three great-grandsons are shaken up her lullaby. At that time, the life is good, but grandma still reluctant to eat we bought her snacks, always looking for excuses to save to grandson to eat, we buy her new clothes and always carefully wrapped up not willing to wear, still wearing white clothes washed. Grandma on poor mark is too deep. In our family, as long as it is only one point of the meal, she always rush to eat, lest we fall down. MS
Hard after the harvest is plentiful, but also make a person gratified. Her heart had aspersed rainy place will grow good things. Our family is like a tall tree with luxuriant foliage, growth, it is a credit to his grandmother. MS
Because of love, so strong. Grandma ordinary as vast fields of a blade of grass, is precisely because there is love in the heart, she can be dedicated to life, with his weak body, while a piece of blue sky. Grandma is not a great lady, also known as is the daughter of a humble family, she is an ordinary woman, but she is very kind and virtuous, gentle and strong. Grandmother to their devoted time, grandma what difficulty always suffer in silence, never in front of his grandmother, when young, often in the middle of the night crying, sunny day is still working, the impression is not anxious, but Grandma heart pain than Coptis difference, although this, she often helps others, next door neighbours who had a big or small grandma always early to help, the old people of the village are known for her older sister, who are willing to find her a home. She never said a word about others, never curse, never scold us. At the end of the sixty’s, Tianjin the countryside lives in my Westinghouse, grandma to see their young to leave their parents, from the city to the harsh conditions in rural, very distressed, every day to help them burning, wash clothes, quilt making, who was ill, grandma to make a bowl of noodle, it must be buried two a lotus bud egg. The Spring Festival this year, there is a return a city 30 years to come to my home to see my grandma Tianjin youth, but then grandma wouldn’t know. Grandma can’t use the ” poverty cannot be moved, immune to temptations, force can bend the truth” to teach us, but she always sincere words and earnest wishes to tell us to be honest, the path, the simple words printed the grandma ‘s principle. MS
Grandma has done, bit by bit are integrated into our heart. We believe, head of the fair sky not others gift, but his hands to hold. MS

right way

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Quality win is the right way
China’s production of plastic bags products high quality and inexpensive, is one of the major export commodities. As a result of our country plastic bags in the international market has a strong competitive advantage, the rapid growth of exports by importing more attention, suffered successive main export market anti-dumping investigations. In more and more trade friction, the enterprise should realize: responding anti-dumping is the whole industry event, the respondent means loss of marketplastic bags.

From the point of the export volume, China each year there will be a $300000000 plastic bags exported to the European Union, if according to 8.4% of the average tariff, the EU will be our country a $252000000 tariff, which is bound to affect our country the industry the production cost of the enterprises survival and development.

At this point, the industry pointed out, China plastic bags enterprises in the face of anti-dumping investigation in addition to actively responding to, it is necessary to change the past in order to win the competition of low price strategy, seek long-term development of enterprises.

Expand export not only rely on the high quality and inexpensive, our country plastic bags enterprises should strive to enhance the added value of the products, the progressive realization of product differentiation, create a brand, promote the core competition ability of the product, such as the development and production of environmentally friendly products and other measurescostume jewelry.

According to industry for example, biodegradable plastic bags also durable. French regulations permit the continued use of biodegradable plastic bag. The plastic bags discarded in one or two years, in the environment can decompose, but can also save millions of barrels of oil. Several British supermarkets have begun to require the use of biodegradable plastic bag. Chinese enterprises should actively improve the production methods, to do research and development work, to adapt to the changing world market.

show interest

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

The person is the afraid be show interest
The rational person always thinks to control feelings, can person once feeling attracted, rational and awake although make you don’t want to don’t see nor listen to, you still keep getting bogged down in a love.

If you showed interest, you couldn’t put anyone in the eye, presents to mind TA, from now on you will feel that 1.1 drops of life all become meaningful because of having TA, you will entertain wild hope to walk into TA world and TA together.

Moved 1:00, you would close all informations that the 註 has something to do with TA:The each and every move TA of the shape TA of TA smiling face TA of a talk the city of the living TA place of the favour TA of one language TA ……

Move many 1:00, your session needs TA emergence and waits for a TA salute and hopes TA care and had these you of self-confidence many 1:00, you of happiness many 1:00, you move of the Xian can give musical performance melody.

Move again more, you will lead long 掛 TA and remember fondly TA;You will worry TA and think of TA;The TA appeared you will be very excited;The TA don’t will lose very much at you;You not at afraid will miss TA.

Move again more, you have already canned not control feelings, the dark night full brain thinks all to is a TA in the daytime, meeting because the TA in brief sends greetings to but concussion, will be sweet because TA talks phrase, will because of TA concern but happiness.

Move to return more, you already not ability you, the all of loving, anger, saddness, and happiness rises because of TA, TA at eye in whole is a TA, not at whole is a TA shadow.

Showed interest to the TA, you wanted have a TA information every day, but always very careful, fear a TA detection, you have already thought TA more.You always want to understand TA more, can the TA not says you can’t ask TA on your own initiative, have been waiting for TA telling to you by himself/herself.

Showed interest to the TA, you would love up the TA likes to listen to of song, the beautiful moving melody is concomitant, you will fantasize Zhao and TA romantic sweetly gather together.

Showed interest to the TA, you would close the weather variety in city that the 註 TA lives and worried that the TA food and clothing lives a line and worry that the TA can’t look after himself/herself.

Showed interest to the TA, you always wanted to sound out whether the TA also moves with sincerely, even if you really think that the TA really thinks that the TA can’t say, either”I missed you!”, Wait for TA first saying that the TA missed you, the happy smiling face cans not control feelings to overflow Wu speech form.

Showed interest to the TA, you will because having no of TA speech, entertain foolish ideas, will be touchy-feely will be sad because of but because of but lose, meeting because of TA of departure but sad sad.

Showed interest to the TA, you became a person of birdbrain and all said that you do the Zhao careless matter in the other people’s eyes, can you think that everythings are all worth, you will proceed without hesitation.

Showed interest to the TA, the TA said what you will trust TA, you will disregard of help TA.

Showed interest to the TA, you usually asked youself:”Will the TA miss me?”.

Showed interest to the TA, you always hoped to all anywhere can contact TA at any time and want ~only TA at, even if the TA saids nothing what don’t do as well, you of the heart will be also dependable.

If you showed interest, you wanted usually go to TA personal main page, even if what don’t leave as well, but the TA sees you will be also very happy to the record leading.

If you showed interest, calculate you again busy, you also don’t a connect several days not to the TA information, because of this TA will very dismay.

If you showed interest, must remember that she is shy, not what all make her active.

If you showed interest, don’t make the TA canned not found you at any time, because of this TA will always very uneasy heart.

The person is the afraid be show interest, feared to move of fine is wishful, frightened you put TA in the mind, the TA puts you on the side.Frightened just take a glance clouds and mist and 曇 to spend a now.Frightened that the nobody contains patience, with your platonic love, frightened the nobody thin water long flow.Frightened got not to cherish.Can even if frightened, you still keep also showing interest.

No matter in the future how, don’t repress you of move, have who would like to disregard to pay with sincerely!Again have who will make you easily show interest!

This irresistablely shows interest, how difficult ability is valuable and enjoy to move well excited, happy, sweet, wonderful to what you brought and happiness!