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child sexual function

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Spanking ass will affect the child sexual function
Her ass will affect the child’s sexual function? The United States University of New Hampshire family research laboratory and a new study shows that, by spanking or other corporal punishment of children grow up, the problem of probability increases greatly.
The United States University of New Hampshire family research laboratory and a new study shows that, by spanking or other corporal punishment of children, will affect the child’s sexual function, after growing up, the problem of probability increases greatly.
According to the United States of America” Science Daily” report, new research hosts one of Murray Strauss said, researchers on 4 related study in-depth analysis found, parents spanking a child or other physical punishment and the youth period following three sexual problems increased a great relevancy: 1 speech or violence forced the date and sex. 2 premarital intercourse without the use of condoms and other sexual risk behavior. 3 sexual masochism ( only spanking and other corporal punishment to sexual arousal. ).
These findings together with more than 100 other research results show, spanking is the result of sexual violence and mental health problems is one of the main causes of. The results of several studies and spanking negative findings coincidence rate is 93%; 90% of the United States of America parents spank children, therefore, the prevention of sexual violence and relationship violence has great social significance. In addition, other studies have shown, spanking is not better than the other children the way to more effective, so parents need not frequently hit the child seat.
One to 32 countries over 14000 university students as the object of investigation of the new survey, 29% of boys and 21% of girls had forced sex. The survey of the most important finding is, when corporal each add a class ( according to the degree of the punishment is divided into four levels ), men who have speech compulsion ratios 10%, female forced sex ratio increased by 12%. Corporal punishment and violent behavior the association between greater punishment aggravation, each level, violent behavior risk: male 33%, female 27% jumps.
In addition, Strauss found, when corporal punishment the lightest people grow up having unprotected sex ratio of 12.5%, while childhood corporal punishment most people grow up to sexual risk behavior of the ratio is high up to 25%. Strauss also found, and never be parents played ass when compared to students, childhood suffered corporal punishment of students sexual risk behavior at a higher rate. Strauss concluded, research notes, spanking and other corporal punishment made between children and parents become increasingly alienated. This is caused by the security key.

warms up continuously

Monday, January 30th, 2012

More than seven thousand students learning Chinese in Mongolia” Chinese fever” warms up continuously

China Office of the state delegation in January 29th in Mongolia ‘s capital Ulan Bator and more than 120 Volunteer Chinese language teachers to hold an informal discussion,HTC flyer p512discuss how to meet in Mongolia continued to heat up the” Chinese fever” demand.

Chinese Embassy of Mongolia Cultural Counselor Wei Hongsheng said, in recent years, with China’s growing economic strength, cultural influence continues to increase, including the Mongolia country in the world, generally optimistic about the prospects for China’s development, interest in learning Chinese more and more dense, Chinese in the cultural and educational exchanges, in the role of all-time and outstanding, cultural value and the practical value of continuous improvement.

” Chinese fever” in the state of Mongolia continued warming, eager to understand China, understand Chinese culture, more and more people. At present, Mongolia owned more than 60 schools offer Chinese language classes, college students who are learning Chinese has more than 7000 people. From China, more than 127 Volunteer Chinese language teachers in more than 40 schools to perform “the dissemination of Chinese communication friendship” glorious mission.
China Hanban delegation Yang Jincheng said in his speech, Mongolia’s long winter cold,samsung galaxy material conditions of relatively scarce, prices continue to rise, but the honorable volunteer Chinese language teachers are not afraid of difficulties, perseverance dedication, the spirit.

On the informal discussion, Chinese volunteer teachers represent reporting for half a year in teaching, life, experience and achievement,study mandarin also talked about their problems and difficulties

discern between

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Drink honey beauty before you learn to discern between true and false
As everyone knows the honey has a very good cosmetic effect, but when you buy you honey home health beauty before, must first understand how to buy honey, in order to prevent it from being put on the market of fake honey cheating.
Honey due to its remarkable beauty and health effect, already became the home of thousands of households necessary a jar of beauty health food. Mention of honey health, I believe you will be familiar, the street just grab a housewife, can say a few honey advantages. But the key is that the benefits of honey, light enough, you also need to know, how to distinguish true and false honey. After all, news exposure on the market have false honey, if you pick up false honey home, it may be that the loss outweighs the gain.
Teach you distinguish true and false honey:
First: look shiny and viscosity.
The first is to distinguish true and false honey look shiny and viscosity, good honey color clear, bright as oil, honey bottle shaking when fibrillation is very small, to stop shaking after hanging on the wall of the bottle honey liquid will flow down slowly.
Second: inverted honey bottle.
Honey quality due to low water content texture thick, if will be sealed honey bottle is inverted, will find the seal on the bottle mouth air are difficult to float foam.
Third: La” honey silk”.
With a small spoon or toothpick stirred up some honey and stretch outwards, the true honey can usually pull out thin and translucent” honey silk and silk”, after automatically retracting and present spherical.
Fourth: wear particles.
The purchase of milky white or light yellow natural” crystallized honey”, can pick out part of crystallization on the fingertips of grinding, the true honey crystallization of fine particles, to melt completely.
Fifth: taste.
Honey and honey flavor, sugar candy. Pure honey, sweet and sour taste, soft and delicate. While the false honey honey flavour is weak, weak short aftertaste.

advertising illegal disturbance

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Often in advertising illegal disturbance
Slimming products often in recently in advertising illegal disturbance, at the same time, the ingredients for its products in the market that is pathogenic. Raise a Babel of criticism of. Recently, the media questioned the false propaganda, the product is mainly composed of senna free of harmful to health problems, Holdings Company Limited in its official website said in a response, which listed in Hongkong before the product advertising is illegal, but insists the green card, Chang Runcha and slimming tea two products of raw materials use and advertising are consistent with the provisions of the state, there is no irregularities.
Although the Chinese health care association also stand out as the source to clarify, called Chang Runcha and the tea reducing weight does not exist illegal. But the reporter by the Guangzhou some large hospital experts, professional medical professor for green products or reservations, doctors even explicitly ” not recommended to eat”.
Visit market exaggerated publicity still exist
In November last year, Company Limited releases announcement to say, last year the company produced the ” green Chang Runcha” sales broke through the 1370000000 bag. Reporter visited several local pharmacies and shop understands, the company’s products in the market very popular, but still exist false propaganda.
Metro Wuyang a nearby pharmacy, source slimming tea and Chang Runcha is placed in conspicuous position health column, a clerk told reporters want to buy weight reducing tea products, immediately said,” the products we sell particularly well, the effect reducing weight is good, you look at the advertisement said that” the wind changed thin “, illustrate the effect of fast and good”. The clerk also stressed, the product is pure Chinese medicine, western medicine to lose weight a lot safer than some. In the central city road, a pharmacy, a reporter with a green Chang Runcha ask the clerk, senna long time taking being able to have effect to the body? Staff said, are the traditional Chinese medicine, won’t have too big problem. In the network, is full of” fast and efficient, does not rebound. Drink a good figure!” ” Safe and effective weight loss”,” 6 hours of work, 45 days achievements devil stature” exaggerated words publicity.
The reporter understands, often appear such as these advertising terms, according to the” health food ads review interim provisions”, have the suspicion of exaggerated conduct propaganda. Because according to bureau of national medicine inspect site information display, source Chang Runcha function solely to improve constipation, while in the green advertisement, have sound called the products can quickly solve constipation, halitosis, acne, pigmentation, wrinkles and other problems. Read all over the country inspect department regularly open illegal advertising list, 2006-2009, green products has appeared in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Liaoning, Zhejiang and other places to SFDA issued violations of health food ad list, the reasons are: the unauthorized unauthorized release, exaggerated health care function; to distort examine and approve content, containing the health food function such as unscientific assertion.

your style necklace

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Pearl jewelry woman love luxury classic major suit your style necklace
Pearl shells with their soft sharpen the inward suffering,pearl jewelry formed by some miracle. Women born on such a miracle has a free to resist magic, especially women for jewelry pearl jewelry love has been completely beyond their control.
The following shows the woman produces infinite enticement pearl jewelry, classic shiny jewelry legendary luxury bloom, show the elegant temperament and perfect perfect major suit style.
Mention pearl, luring people associate is the smooth muscle in the dark tinted Ze, flashing light. In the ancient Persian mythology, the gods pearl is tears. Like the wonders of the sea, with their soft shell sharpen the inward suffering, eventually forming the tiny spots.
The following shows the woman produces infinite enticement pearl jewelry, classic shiny jewelry legendary luxury bloom, show the elegant temperament and perfect perfect major suit style.
The earliest record of Pearl” Bible” and” Genesis”: from the garden of Eden outflow ratio Hudson,” where there is a pearl and agate”. In the history, pearl was the first male wearer, in ancient Rome, the Pearl was identified as a gift, only the emperor and nobility to wear pearl; the five or six century,plastic bag manufacturerthe Royal provisions only the noble can wear pearl, and must be in accordance with the status of the wearer; before the Middle Ages, the Royal commonly used now seems more expensive diamond or sapphire to highlight the pearl. Pearl started late was wantonly excessive is collected, the” Baroque” and” Rococo” period, pearl has piled up in the female graceful neck and slender wrists
Female for Pearl ‘s favor, not only because it is a symbol of wealth and status — more and more precious pearl. Pearl color noble is amiable and easy of approach; shining but not overbearing; whether indoors or under the sun have such as laser fantasy a color. No cutting and polishing is plump shape.
From the queen of Egypt to” Chuang-tzu”” a pearl” to Sissi, regardless of color, race, pearl can be set to a proper extent women’s elegant and noble beauty. For most women, pearl has irresistible charm. In order to have it, people can spend money like water, there was the ill-fated, have more very person into the grave.
Amplification of the original beauty: silver hollow and hierarchical combination as in avant-garde art installations, Huang Yushi, Pearl Shi Hehong, volcano antlers and other natural materials decoration, conform to no conventional pattern. The original beauty, office furniture become the most miss focus.

Said to me

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

, you know me
When the dead of night, leaving only a pure music around,” students ” of the word why so miss,” high school” this word, why so miss,” friendship” this word, how many really exist? Walk slowly why am I so want to cry, why I’m so weak?

Growth, in the long river of time, indulge their own willfulness, indulge myself not to shed tears alone, in the wind, in the rain, develop an unfamiliar yourself. I really have nothing to say, just want to have a moment to indulge themselves shed so pure, however, this is only a brief moment, but I have never found.

The cold winter falls in my side, I don’t stop chasing the shadow of time, shouting, watched disappear. In the TV series little world in reality, whether can survive? I don’t know, I only know that it is fictional, each time reads ” Fabrication ” model of written characters, there exists such a wonderful world, happy family, happy ending, not to care about the real troubles, do not care about the opinions of others, only a” love” word, so that is everything. However the reality? Everyone seemed to be living in the abyss inextricably bogged down in, live so tired, so tired … …

Bond is not good, it makes people feel too much the pain of parting, bond is beautiful, it makes people feel they never just one person. So, how do I choose? Picture edges and corners, like a dagger, piercing the heart, blended with the cold warm, boundless flow.

Do you know? At his own with a monologue when, feel ridiculous, and the poor. Time buried in the desert at the end, the last 1/3 seconds, with my head held high, looking at the sky, heart a kind of salty feeling

shoulders often ache

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Why my neck and shoulders often ache?
In consultation with my disease in human populations now have such a phenomenon must cause vigilance: Modern younger patients, or 40-50 around the age of patients, long time of neck pain, dizziness, memory decline.
If the retrospective incidence process, often feel like a sprained his neck, or fatigue and some other uncertain experiences. Generally do not think it is a big problem, but it is good, but the symptoms can sometimes be continued to deteriorate, even cause peripheral limb paresthesia and muscle function in the absence of. In fact; neck pain is almost all modern people have experienced problems, from a young age by young people to an older, department for its anguish. Although, it does not have life-threatening concerns, but the attack, but the absolute impact on quality of life. Shandong University Qilu Hospital original Mao

Cervical part is composed of various of pain sensitive tissues, including nerves, muscles, ligaments, fascia and joint. The clinical diagnosis of this condition is not actually difficult, the key is the professional division refinement resulted in modern doctor diagnosis of the disease focus only on one hand, the other hand is often less emphasis.
These patients are often symptoms of very serious, but in orthopaedic or spine practitioner looks, this condition is not serious, after all, there is no nerve compression symptoms, so the treatment often is some painkillers or plaster, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis drugs, but these drugs can have some effect, but not from the root to get the cure, but patients also tend to condition the repeated changes of suffering, also on the doctor for his illness to ignore and puzzled.
Here I is necessary for this reason to explain, so that the majority of patients to understand the problem, no longer for the treatment of neck and shoulder pain running path.
Normal human spine is a curvature of cervical and lumbar curvature, forward, backward in thoracic spine curvature, normal curvature of cervical and lumbar spine in the best condition, ligaments and intervertebral disc tension just right, and the curvature of maintained by relying on muscle strength. Normal people at a young age, activity is relatively large, muscular strength without access to the exercise, muscle strength is sufficient to maintain the cervical curvature. With the pressure of work and life pressure, the modern people more and more from the activity, more time is on the desk, computer desk, TV, spend, and now to gain muscle exercise less, gradually emerge disuse atrophy, muscle strength increasingly weak, until the final muscle to maintain normal cervical spine and the lumbar vertebra physiology curvature, so at this time to the hospital shooting will often be told: cervical or lumbar curvature straightening. 椎間盤突出

Should say, this has a neck and shoulders or waist uncomfortable symptoms, but many people do not care, do not know how to deal with, life and work continued, can only rely on rest or drugs to improve the. This muscle is fatigue, it can cause chronic strain situation, professional is repeated passive stretching muscles leading to chronic inflammatory reaction. Generally first appeared in pain is the muscle pain, often have distinct tenderness point, but massage time while feeling pain but often very comfortable. If there is still no further recovery of muscle strength, fatigue occurs, the muscle attachment points will be pulling, long term chronic injury leads to osteophyte formation. The intervertebral disc and ligament tissues for physiological curvature change resulting in a passive stretch of state, when the ligament is pulled tight, ligament attachment point will be pulling injury in the course of time, there will be an osteophyte. Then go to the hospital to be check will be told : intervertebral disc herniation or encephalocele, with osteophyte formation. If the patient is able to improve muscle strength, perhaps this chronic degeneration can be terminated, but if there is still no effective improve muscle strength, intervertebral disc herniation is aggravating, osteophytosis, ligament hypertrophy, compression of the nerve or spinal cord occurs when a limb numbness, pain, weakness of the symptoms, until this time our modern orthopaedic or spinal section the doctors to patients, this situation you the operation.
I am so cumbersome talking for a long time, do not know whether you understand this disease is how come, how aggravating. In fact, this is a relatively simple methods to explain to you why the modern young people, there will be more and more of the population of neck and shoulder pain. As for how to treat it, believe that you know exactly what is going on after they know what needs to be done. Young people, old comrades, modern society give your physical labor is less and less, mental work is more and more, and your body is the need to rely on motion to regularly charge, so the life lies in the movement is a very important knowledge, exercise more and more far away from disease.


When the first love

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Repeat to walk on the same road, you are the other side of the road, I on the side of the road. Every day I see you, the rippling youth face, is my lingering dream.

I want to pluck up the courage to call out loud for you, but always in the heart pharynx live, so I have to pretend not to care, pretending to be calm and you wipe a shoulder but lead.

If you ever see me, or am I just a traveler, even I do not dare look at your eyes that love to laugh, this is the youth the bleak.

The day I brought the pen in the hand, the first time in my life to write a love letter, font crooked, but my heart is hot, I’m serious writing, but you still have not received, it in water of annihilation.

Say my heart can not be without you, even I think is very false, very funny, but so what, the youth should not drunk in dreams?

three articles

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Industrial town deep” in three articles”
Industry is the development of the gathering point of the Guo family. How to develop the industry of Home Guo Guo,Poly Bags Factory to promote economic development. For this, government of Party committee of Guo Jiazhen held a number of meetings, over in one’s mind, put forward “three article” the initial tentative plan.

One is to do deep suburban agricultural articles. Guo Jiazhen 22 kilometers from the county, belong to county suburb of the town, to be committed to the development of suburban agriculture, continuously adjust and optimize agricultural industry, product structure, vigorously develop the seedlings of flowers, vegetables, fruits and other local resources highlight the advantages of outskirts type agriculture, establish regional characteristics of dominant product and dominant industry, improve the level of agricultural industrialization. Focus on the big west, Chee Lin, Purdue, 5100 acres of vegetable base, Mao Cheng nectarine base 1400 mu, 200 mu O Li Ling Yang base, Tsz forest 1000 mus citrus base; continue to breed and expand to handsome Fung rabbit Development Company Limited, Yongan Animal Husbandry Development Company Limited as the representative of the aquaculture industry, year live pig giving column 60000, rabbit 30000, 200000 poultry, scale up to 30 farmers.

Two is to do deep suburban industrial articles. On the basis of the existing industrial structure and layout, to retain the Yangtze River cement limited liability company, consolidate its are in the town building materials industry in the leading position,Office Furniture Limiteddrive town region building materials industry further development. Two to seize the advantage of coal resources, a support four legitimate mine technical transformation, to improve coal output; the other side area extremely coal plant officially put into operation to clear away obstacles, to mobilize its full coal resource distribution in the leading role, further guide the coal yard pool and integration, enhance coal resources in our town distribution scale and efficiency. Three to support the fireworks factory, makes it possible to put into effect, in the county region characteristic industry.”.

Three is to do deep suburban services articles. One is the stronger motor transport and repair industry. Use of industries and geographical advantages, the establishment of cooperative transport organization, will focus on the garden bridge, Purdue Village building transportation professional village (house ), and guide the car repair services to the scale and standardization of development, form the advantage of industry cluster. The two is the development of tourism services. Mao Chengcun nectarine base as the basis, to build tourism scenic spots. To further expand the nectarine planting scale, improved varieties of Nectarine; guide area farmer rebuilding homes, improve the environment, improve the quality of civilization scenic spot masses, rapid promotion of attraction; actively to the development of” orchard hills”, “Wan Hao” as the representative of the catering enterprises, cultivate characteristic catering, the Guo family built within the county recreational, catering food hot. Three is the use of urban area advantage,Medosan strengthen town market infrastructure, the further development of trade.

professional equipment

Monday, January 9th, 2012

printing company

Panasonic products in the civilian aspects of the main digital audio-visual, small appliances, office products, household appliance market, special field professional equipment.
The Panasonic in civilian products have more than 70 products, small as electric toothbrushes, razors, to radio and television equipment, to Panasonic ideas for life as the slogan, such as plasma TV, LCD TV, digital projection, television, digital cameras, digital cameras, DVD recorder, desktop DVD, portable DVD, mini speaker, dvr.
Panasonic proud and the number of patents and a powerful self-development capacity, its home appliance products of its own components and high utilization rate of more than 80-90%
Its not invested in the mainland notebook Thought Book and VIREA TV mobile phone in Japan reputation in outside.
Mobile phone is the first Japanese mobile phone manufacturers sales of over 100000000 manufacturers, the current P905i, P906i mobile phone all over japan.
Panasonic Corporation is a multinational company in the world, with more than 230 companies, the total number of employees more than 290493 people. In China there are more than 54000 people. 2001 annual sales amounted to $about 61000000000, as the world manufacturing industry 500 strong twenty-sixth.
Panasonic Corporation was founded in 1918, the founder is known as the” management God” Mr. Konosuke Matsushita. Founded at the beginning of 3 people from small workshops, one of which is subsequently Sanyo founder well establish man mr.. Through the efforts of several generations, has now become the world’s leading international integrated electronic technology enterprise group.
Since the venture, has always been to” strive to improve and enhance the social life, for the world cultural development makes contribution” as a social mission and business program. In order to achieve a more rich social life and promote the development of society, the Panasonic actively from the basis of technology, product technology to the new production technology of world all-around research development and operational activities.
Panasonic will global brand became Panasonic, and “Panasonic ideas for life” ( life full of creativity ) as the brand slogan, in order to achieve a” dotted ” network society ” and” coexistence with the global environment “as the ideal world, continue to improve the cultural life of the people level to make the contribution. 書刊印刷
Panasonic is engaged in civilian use are: digital AV network utilities; energy saving and environmental protection; digital communication; system engineering design cause; the cause of household appliances; residential facilities; air conditioning equipment industry; industrial automation equipment and relevant business components, parts and components business; network, software enterprise. In these areas, Panasonic engaged in product research and development, design, manufacturing, sales and after sale service. In military communication equipment and various types of fighter aircraft: reach the level of world top-ranking level.
Panasonic Corporation since 1918 Konosuke Matsushita since the start, as business people, through the provision of goods and services, always with ” in order to make people’s lives become more rich, more comfortable, and to contribute to the development of world culture” for the business philosophy to engage in the business activities of enterprises. After eighty years of struggle, has now become the world’s leading large-scale integrated electronic enterprises, and in the world to carry out the business activities.
Since 1978, Deng Xiaoping visit Panasonic Corporation, Panasonic started to invest in China, the Panasonic undertaking in China and Chinese reforming and opening and economic construction com. From the electronic materials to the parts, from part to whole, from household appliances to industrial machinery, so far in China, the technical cooperation project 160 multinomial, joint ventures and solely invested enterprise 53 ( Shanghai 7 companies ), a total investment of nearly $1500000000. Among them, Panasonic (China) Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou production base, also known as: Panasonic Hangzhou Industrial Park, is the Panasonic in overseas ( global ) of the largest production base, located in Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou City Economic and Technological Development Zone, the production base includes” Panasonic home appliances company limited”,” Panasonic Motor Company limited”