three articles

Industrial town deep” in three articles”
Industry is the development of the gathering point of the Guo family. How to develop the industry of Home Guo Guo,Poly Bags Factory to promote economic development. For this, government of Party committee of Guo Jiazhen held a number of meetings, over in one’s mind, put forward “three article” the initial tentative plan.

One is to do deep suburban agricultural articles. Guo Jiazhen 22 kilometers from the county, belong to county suburb of the town, to be committed to the development of suburban agriculture, continuously adjust and optimize agricultural industry, product structure, vigorously develop the seedlings of flowers, vegetables, fruits and other local resources highlight the advantages of outskirts type agriculture, establish regional characteristics of dominant product and dominant industry, improve the level of agricultural industrialization. Focus on the big west, Chee Lin, Purdue, 5100 acres of vegetable base, Mao Cheng nectarine base 1400 mu, 200 mu O Li Ling Yang base, Tsz forest 1000 mus citrus base; continue to breed and expand to handsome Fung rabbit Development Company Limited, Yongan Animal Husbandry Development Company Limited as the representative of the aquaculture industry, year live pig giving column 60000, rabbit 30000, 200000 poultry, scale up to 30 farmers.

Two is to do deep suburban industrial articles. On the basis of the existing industrial structure and layout, to retain the Yangtze River cement limited liability company, consolidate its are in the town building materials industry in the leading position,Office Furniture Limiteddrive town region building materials industry further development. Two to seize the advantage of coal resources, a support four legitimate mine technical transformation, to improve coal output; the other side area extremely coal plant officially put into operation to clear away obstacles, to mobilize its full coal resource distribution in the leading role, further guide the coal yard pool and integration, enhance coal resources in our town distribution scale and efficiency. Three to support the fireworks factory, makes it possible to put into effect, in the county region characteristic industry.”.

Three is to do deep suburban services articles. One is the stronger motor transport and repair industry. Use of industries and geographical advantages, the establishment of cooperative transport organization, will focus on the garden bridge, Purdue Village building transportation professional village (house ), and guide the car repair services to the scale and standardization of development, form the advantage of industry cluster. The two is the development of tourism services. Mao Chengcun nectarine base as the basis, to build tourism scenic spots. To further expand the nectarine planting scale, improved varieties of Nectarine; guide area farmer rebuilding homes, improve the environment, improve the quality of civilization scenic spot masses, rapid promotion of attraction; actively to the development of” orchard hills”, “Wan Hao” as the representative of the catering enterprises, cultivate characteristic catering, the Guo family built within the county recreational, catering food hot. Three is the use of urban area advantage,Medosan strengthen town market infrastructure, the further development of trade.

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