When the first love

Repeat to walk on the same road, you are the other side of the road, I on the side of the road. Every day I see you, the rippling youth face, is my lingering dream.

I want to pluck up the courage to call out loud for you, but always in the heart pharynx live, so I have to pretend not to care, pretending to be calm and you wipe a shoulder but lead.

If you ever see me, or am I just a traveler, even I do not dare look at your eyes that love to laugh, this is the youth the bleak.

The day I brought the pen in the hand, the first time in my life to write a love letter, font crooked, but my heart is hot, I’m serious writing, but you still have not received, it in water of annihilation.

Say my heart can not be without you, even I think is very false, very funny, but so what, the youth should not drunk in dreams?

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