shoulders often ache

Why my neck and shoulders often ache?
In consultation with my disease in human populations now have such a phenomenon must cause vigilance: Modern younger patients, or 40-50 around the age of patients, long time of neck pain, dizziness, memory decline.
If the retrospective incidence process, often feel like a sprained his neck, or fatigue and some other uncertain experiences. Generally do not think it is a big problem, but it is good, but the symptoms can sometimes be continued to deteriorate, even cause peripheral limb paresthesia and muscle function in the absence of. In fact; neck pain is almost all modern people have experienced problems, from a young age by young people to an older, department for its anguish. Although, it does not have life-threatening concerns, but the attack, but the absolute impact on quality of life. Shandong University Qilu Hospital original Mao

Cervical part is composed of various of pain sensitive tissues, including nerves, muscles, ligaments, fascia and joint. The clinical diagnosis of this condition is not actually difficult, the key is the professional division refinement resulted in modern doctor diagnosis of the disease focus only on one hand, the other hand is often less emphasis.
These patients are often symptoms of very serious, but in orthopaedic or spine practitioner looks, this condition is not serious, after all, there is no nerve compression symptoms, so the treatment often is some painkillers or plaster, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis drugs, but these drugs can have some effect, but not from the root to get the cure, but patients also tend to condition the repeated changes of suffering, also on the doctor for his illness to ignore and puzzled.
Here I is necessary for this reason to explain, so that the majority of patients to understand the problem, no longer for the treatment of neck and shoulder pain running path.
Normal human spine is a curvature of cervical and lumbar curvature, forward, backward in thoracic spine curvature, normal curvature of cervical and lumbar spine in the best condition, ligaments and intervertebral disc tension just right, and the curvature of maintained by relying on muscle strength. Normal people at a young age, activity is relatively large, muscular strength without access to the exercise, muscle strength is sufficient to maintain the cervical curvature. With the pressure of work and life pressure, the modern people more and more from the activity, more time is on the desk, computer desk, TV, spend, and now to gain muscle exercise less, gradually emerge disuse atrophy, muscle strength increasingly weak, until the final muscle to maintain normal cervical spine and the lumbar vertebra physiology curvature, so at this time to the hospital shooting will often be told: cervical or lumbar curvature straightening. 椎間盤突出

Should say, this has a neck and shoulders or waist uncomfortable symptoms, but many people do not care, do not know how to deal with, life and work continued, can only rely on rest or drugs to improve the. This muscle is fatigue, it can cause chronic strain situation, professional is repeated passive stretching muscles leading to chronic inflammatory reaction. Generally first appeared in pain is the muscle pain, often have distinct tenderness point, but massage time while feeling pain but often very comfortable. If there is still no further recovery of muscle strength, fatigue occurs, the muscle attachment points will be pulling, long term chronic injury leads to osteophyte formation. The intervertebral disc and ligament tissues for physiological curvature change resulting in a passive stretch of state, when the ligament is pulled tight, ligament attachment point will be pulling injury in the course of time, there will be an osteophyte. Then go to the hospital to be check will be told : intervertebral disc herniation or encephalocele, with osteophyte formation. If the patient is able to improve muscle strength, perhaps this chronic degeneration can be terminated, but if there is still no effective improve muscle strength, intervertebral disc herniation is aggravating, osteophytosis, ligament hypertrophy, compression of the nerve or spinal cord occurs when a limb numbness, pain, weakness of the symptoms, until this time our modern orthopaedic or spinal section the doctors to patients, this situation you the operation.
I am so cumbersome talking for a long time, do not know whether you understand this disease is how come, how aggravating. In fact, this is a relatively simple methods to explain to you why the modern young people, there will be more and more of the population of neck and shoulder pain. As for how to treat it, believe that you know exactly what is going on after they know what needs to be done. Young people, old comrades, modern society give your physical labor is less and less, mental work is more and more, and your body is the need to rely on motion to regularly charge, so the life lies in the movement is a very important knowledge, exercise more and more far away from disease.


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