Said to me

, you know me
When the dead of night, leaving only a pure music around,” students ” of the word why so miss,” high school” this word, why so miss,” friendship” this word, how many really exist? Walk slowly why am I so want to cry, why I’m so weak?

Growth, in the long river of time, indulge their own willfulness, indulge myself not to shed tears alone, in the wind, in the rain, develop an unfamiliar yourself. I really have nothing to say, just want to have a moment to indulge themselves shed so pure, however, this is only a brief moment, but I have never found.

The cold winter falls in my side, I don’t stop chasing the shadow of time, shouting, watched disappear. In the TV series little world in reality, whether can survive? I don’t know, I only know that it is fictional, each time reads ” Fabrication ” model of written characters, there exists such a wonderful world, happy family, happy ending, not to care about the real troubles, do not care about the opinions of others, only a” love” word, so that is everything. However the reality? Everyone seemed to be living in the abyss inextricably bogged down in, live so tired, so tired … …

Bond is not good, it makes people feel too much the pain of parting, bond is beautiful, it makes people feel they never just one person. So, how do I choose? Picture edges and corners, like a dagger, piercing the heart, blended with the cold warm, boundless flow.

Do you know? At his own with a monologue when, feel ridiculous, and the poor. Time buried in the desert at the end, the last 1/3 seconds, with my head held high, looking at the sky, heart a kind of salty feeling

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