advertising illegal disturbance

Often in advertising illegal disturbance
Slimming products often in recently in advertising illegal disturbance, at the same time, the ingredients for its products in the market that is pathogenic. Raise a Babel of criticism of. Recently, the media questioned the false propaganda, the product is mainly composed of senna free of harmful to health problems, Holdings Company Limited in its official website said in a response, which listed in Hongkong before the product advertising is illegal, but insists the green card, Chang Runcha and slimming tea two products of raw materials use and advertising are consistent with the provisions of the state, there is no irregularities.
Although the Chinese health care association also stand out as the source to clarify, called Chang Runcha and the tea reducing weight does not exist illegal. But the reporter by the Guangzhou some large hospital experts, professional medical professor for green products or reservations, doctors even explicitly ” not recommended to eat”.
Visit market exaggerated publicity still exist
In November last year, Company Limited releases announcement to say, last year the company produced the ” green Chang Runcha” sales broke through the 1370000000 bag. Reporter visited several local pharmacies and shop understands, the company’s products in the market very popular, but still exist false propaganda.
Metro Wuyang a nearby pharmacy, source slimming tea and Chang Runcha is placed in conspicuous position health column, a clerk told reporters want to buy weight reducing tea products, immediately said,” the products we sell particularly well, the effect reducing weight is good, you look at the advertisement said that” the wind changed thin “, illustrate the effect of fast and good”. The clerk also stressed, the product is pure Chinese medicine, western medicine to lose weight a lot safer than some. In the central city road, a pharmacy, a reporter with a green Chang Runcha ask the clerk, senna long time taking being able to have effect to the body? Staff said, are the traditional Chinese medicine, won’t have too big problem. In the network, is full of” fast and efficient, does not rebound. Drink a good figure!” ” Safe and effective weight loss”,” 6 hours of work, 45 days achievements devil stature” exaggerated words publicity.
The reporter understands, often appear such as these advertising terms, according to the” health food ads review interim provisions”, have the suspicion of exaggerated conduct propaganda. Because according to bureau of national medicine inspect site information display, source Chang Runcha function solely to improve constipation, while in the green advertisement, have sound called the products can quickly solve constipation, halitosis, acne, pigmentation, wrinkles and other problems. Read all over the country inspect department regularly open illegal advertising list, 2006-2009, green products has appeared in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Liaoning, Zhejiang and other places to SFDA issued violations of health food ad list, the reasons are: the unauthorized unauthorized release, exaggerated health care function; to distort examine and approve content, containing the health food function such as unscientific assertion.

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