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Drink honey beauty before you learn to discern between true and false
As everyone knows the honey has a very good cosmetic effect, but when you buy you honey home health beauty before, must first understand how to buy honey, in order to prevent it from being put on the market of fake honey cheating.
Honey due to its remarkable beauty and health effect, already became the home of thousands of households necessary a jar of beauty health food. Mention of honey health, I believe you will be familiar, the street just grab a housewife, can say a few honey advantages. But the key is that the benefits of honey, light enough, you also need to know, how to distinguish true and false honey. After all, news exposure on the market have false honey, if you pick up false honey home, it may be that the loss outweighs the gain.
Teach you distinguish true and false honey:
First: look shiny and viscosity.
The first is to distinguish true and false honey look shiny and viscosity, good honey color clear, bright as oil, honey bottle shaking when fibrillation is very small, to stop shaking after hanging on the wall of the bottle honey liquid will flow down slowly.
Second: inverted honey bottle.
Honey quality due to low water content texture thick, if will be sealed honey bottle is inverted, will find the seal on the bottle mouth air are difficult to float foam.
Third: La” honey silk”.
With a small spoon or toothpick stirred up some honey and stretch outwards, the true honey can usually pull out thin and translucent” honey silk and silk”, after automatically retracting and present spherical.
Fourth: wear particles.
The purchase of milky white or light yellow natural” crystallized honey”, can pick out part of crystallization on the fingertips of grinding, the true honey crystallization of fine particles, to melt completely.
Fifth: taste.
Honey and honey flavor, sugar candy. Pure honey, sweet and sour taste, soft and delicate. While the false honey honey flavour is weak, weak short aftertaste.

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