warms up continuously

More than seven thousand students learning Chinese in Mongolia” Chinese fever” warms up continuously

China Office of the state delegation in January 29th in Mongolia ‘s capital Ulan Bator and more than 120 Volunteer Chinese language teachers to hold an informal discussion,HTC flyer p512discuss how to meet in Mongolia continued to heat up the” Chinese fever” demand.

Chinese Embassy of Mongolia Cultural Counselor Wei Hongsheng said, in recent years, with China’s growing economic strength, cultural influence continues to increase, including the Mongolia country in the world, generally optimistic about the prospects for China’s development, interest in learning Chinese more and more dense, Chinese in the cultural and educational exchanges, in the role of all-time and outstanding, cultural value and the practical value of continuous improvement.

” Chinese fever” in the state of Mongolia continued warming, eager to understand China, understand Chinese culture, more and more people. At present, Mongolia owned more than 60 schools offer Chinese language classes, college students who are learning Chinese has more than 7000 people. From China, more than 127 Volunteer Chinese language teachers in more than 40 schools to perform “the dissemination of Chinese communication friendship” glorious mission.
China Hanban delegation Yang Jincheng said in his speech, Mongolia’s long winter cold,samsung galaxy material conditions of relatively scarce, prices continue to rise, but the honorable volunteer Chinese language teachers are not afraid of difficulties, perseverance dedication, the spirit.

On the informal discussion, Chinese volunteer teachers represent reporting for half a year in teaching, life, experience and achievement,study mandarin also talked about their problems and difficulties

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