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paper profit elasticity

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Much recent attention in light industry, printing paper profit elasticity
From the profit angle, the upstream bulk raw material prices and the international situation is closely related to, macroscopical demand is fatigued and weak, the price of raw materials is temporarily low; and terminal products due to occupy dweller income the proportion is low, price sensitivity is weak, the product price is relatively stable; due to costs fell by more than product range of price fall after a rise, reflect the profit elasticity. Using the same ” stability, upgrade” logic, we are optimistic about the mass consumer goods related to packaging enterprises.
Ding Shumiao meet Liu Zhijun after wealth increased 10 times and the modern ranch on Mengniu milk mutual shuffle the loss of school-enterprise hair bonus executives sued sets: 2011 lost world legend [ Warren hegemony ] trading King surfaced water: Chinese listed company real problems we optimistic about the long-term brand value of channels in the domestic leading enterprises, consumers brand awareness promotion, enterprises have already laid a brand channel advantage, build a wide moat. printing companyIn the industry ( such as real estate and related furniture industry, partial increment demand jewelry industry ) a trough, the small and medium-sized enterprise business pressures, in favor of bibcock enterprise and further to seize market share. Market based on recent macroeconomic trend uncertainty about or suppress the bibcock enterprise valuation, provides long term configuration.
Mass consumer goods for the necessities, consumption is stable; residents wealth effect reduction, consumption desire still exists, for a relatively inexpensive products to satisfy consumer desire. Mass consumer goods accounted for the proportion of low income, low price sensitivity. From the point of developed country experience, during the period of financial crisis, Europe and the United States and Japan” consumer” decline” luxury consumption is less than”. Raw material prices, in addition to product price stickiness, provide the profit elasticity.
At present, PPI through CPI, downstream industry cost pressures ease substantially, with profit elasticity. In order to international ( 01044.HK ) and Vinda International ( 03331.HK ) development experience as an example, to benefit from the first half of 2009 low-cost raw materials inventory, two companies of 2009 in the second half of the year and the first half of 2010 gross margin and net margin improvement. And the mass consumer packaging related subclasses, enjoy the same volume growth + upgrade brings profit elasticity.
In the long run,Amart wedding dresses grow preferably has a domestic brand channel light company, stable preference of growth period and packaging company. At present export markets are weak and huge domestic market opening, domestic enterprises focus on product from before to now concentrated marketing, to market and service research. The light of domestic company through years of brand investment and channel construction, build a wide moat; brand and size effect is increasingly obvious.
If it is industry” 2012″, a pattern of dispersal, winter shuffle. Current and macroscopical economic situation of uncertainty, or on the cyclical industries (such as furniture and jewelry ) form a restriction; leading enterprises is expected in the industry slowdown, greatly enhance the market share, expansion, long-term lay a foundation for growth. Listed funds not only effectively alleviate the financial pressure, will also help enterprises to lower the cost of capital, dispersed in the industry to achieve the contrarian expansion. On the investment strategy is concerned, our long-term and stable growth stocks recommended.
Growth: looking through the cycle of light industry growth stocks, has become a great company gene. Have a brand channel advantage of domestic companies in the industry vulnerable when shuffling can effectively enhance the market share, establish long-term growth foundation; and in the market worried about the valuation of fall after a rise, to provide long-term layout. Including, Sophia ( 002572, shares ) ( 002572.SZ ), grams of shares ( 600337 shares it, ) ( 600337.SH ), Fiyta ( 000026.SZ ) and Rebecca ( 600439, shares ) ( 600439.SH ), Acer tide (002345, shares ) ( 002345.SZ ) etc..
Stable : preferences, performance can be sustained growth stage companies. Follow downstream steady growth, which part of the company’s expansion possibilities to have offensive, both offensive and defensive. Including, Shanghai green new ( 002565, shares ) ( 002565.SZ ), Yongxin ( 002014 shares, shares ) ( 002014.SZ ), shares ( 002191 shares it, ) ( 002191.SZ ), beauty star ( 002243, shares ) ( 002243.SZ ).
Recent concerns about defensive stocks. Macroscopical economy and market environment uncertainty, seeking to determine the growth performance of the company: Shanghai green, Yongxin company. Cost reduction theme: terminal products low price sensitivity, raw materials of low promotion profit, reflect performance flexibility: Zhongshun Jie Sophie ( 002511, shares ) ( 002511.SZ ), Yaoji Poker ( 002605, shares ) ( 002605.SZ ) etc..
The authors for the 2011 seller analyst evaluates the crystal ball award for light industry, paper printing industry first
Papermaking industry strategy
The macroeconomic outlook is unknown and not season-wang cause inventory on the high side, together with new capacity on the release, industry in 2011 four quarter earnings pressure still is in, and with the steady recovery in economic growth the paper demand and capacity release came to an end, the medium term corporate profits will improve gradually (expected in 2012 two quarter improvement), pick up amplitude dependence in production control and macroeconomic recovery rate. From the valuation, part of the company has been lower than or close to 1 times PB, gradually with the margin of safety, temporarily maintain “neutral”,Man Sang Manufacturer waiting for the turning point of profit

many years ago

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Medical treatment of antibiotic tell you some small issues

When antibiotics were discovered, many years ago, they transformed the world of medicine. Infections that used to take lives on a regular basis could swiftly be conquered with a pill. Slowly, people began to discover more and more uses for antibiotics. Over time, people began to use the drugs in ways the original founders never intended.

For example, ranchers and fish farmers often raise a large numbers of animals in a very confined space. These animals breathe the same air, eat out of the same troughs, drink the same water, and brush up against one another on a regular basis. When one animal falls ill, it’s likely that all of the other animals will become ill as well. It’s just too easy for disease to spread quickly in this environment. In order to prevent animals from getting sick, and to help treat animals that were sick, producers began giving the animals large doses of antibiotics. The animals wouldn’t get sick, the producers thought, and the antibiotics were harmless enough to give every day. Moreover, the producers discovered that animals fed antibiotics exhibited a faster growth rate and were more economical to produce.

As it turns out, antibiotics aren’t harmless. When they’re present in the body for long periods of time, small germs that live in the body become accustomed to their presence and they begin to mutate to stay alive. Suddenly, these new forms have become completely resistant to antibiotics and they grow and divide unimpeded. Animals can quickly die from these super bugs, and the antibiotics can no longer prevent those deaths.

Sick animals can also cause humans to grow sick. People can eat infected meat and grow ill, or some infections can jump from animals to people and infect humans directly. These infections might also be resistant to antibiotics. In a similar vein, the residual antibiotics in the meat might enter the person’s bloodstream when that meat is eaten. The same antibiotic resistance process can then begin in the humans.

Advanced BioNutrition Corporation is working on solutions to this problem. They are working with manufacturers to develop vaccines, particularly in the aquaculture sector, so fish can build a natural resistance to an infection and producers won’t need to give the fish large quantities of antibiotics. Advanced BioNutrition is also working with companies to develop nutrients to give to fish and other animals that could boost natural immunity, making antibiotics unnecessary. These are important steps to take in the field of antibiotic resistance. 

healthy baby invisible killer

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

In our daily life, there are a variety of smells around us around all day, there are refreshing flavor, but also make were nausea smell. Although most of the odor harmless, but still a small part of the smell on us young, delicate baby harm.
In our daily life, there are a variety of smells around us around all day, there are refreshing flavor, but also disgusting smell. Although most of the odor harmless, but still a small part of the smell on us young, delicate baby harm. Although there is no smell of newly renovated to bring us great harm, but in the developmental stages of the baby if long-term exposure to them, risk is big.

Cigarette taste

Adults smoke and exhaled smoke light cigarettes distributed, would “choke” a baby,recycle netbooka direct threat to their immature respiratory, oral, sympathetic and growing brain, causing the child with asthma, dental caries, tinnitus or hearing loss, delay mental development and height growth.

Prevent a child from being “passive” attacks, the room is absolutely the “smoke-free zone.” If Mom and Dad’s cravings, you can close the door between the rooms and balcony, open up a little for their own “smoking area”, of course, the balcony windows “open”.


“Second-hand incense” no less a threat to the child, “second-hand smoke.” Many people passive inhalation of airborne man-made fragrance will have a headache, dizziness, tears, skin rashes, sore throat, chest tightness, like allergic symptoms. After all, beautifully packaged, fragrant, in essence, is a bottle of perfume chemicals, some of these ingredients may be toxic, some parts of the brain stimulus. If the workplace is difficult to break away from his mother, “fragrance complex,” may wish to say goodbye and then spray a little baby; immediately rushed home from work after a hot bath, and then get close contact with children.


Some insomnia, hair loss, cough, headache, allergy and raising orchids, mimosa, Bauhinia, oleander, tulip, rose, tuberose, lilies, carnations, rhododendrons and so on. For example, a long strong rose smell, the aroma of Tuberose, the baby will feel oppressed, dizziness, shortness of breath. The fresh lily fragrance, allow the baby’s central nervous excited, full of spiritual head, do not want to sleep.

To have children at home, or allergic, try not to put flowers to take home. Because the child is in the growth and development of various organs are more delicate and prone to allergic reactions. Even outdoors,trade-in netbook the baby should be close to them sparingly, it is best to stay away.

Mothball smell

Some mothers like to put in the baby’s closet mothballs or camphor tablets, thinking this will ensure that children’s health, but for some children, the result is counterproductive. According to reports, some baby clothes long smell of camphor own taste, actually can cause the blood of jaundice. The main component of mothballs is camphor; Ball is derived from petroleum or coal tar and then processed organic material made of, its main ingredient is naphthalene and camphor. They have a strong volatility and toxicity. Adults to the ability of these toxic excreted, and the child does not have, naturally suffer.

Baby clothes from mothballs or camphor tablets, do not mothballs saved fabric to make clothes for kids bedding. Personal items to keep baby clean,man sang pearl jewellery non-toxic and the best way is washed after use in hot water again, to achieve the purpose of disinfection.

million people

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Touched by the love of a million people
Shan found his father’s face, tears, his father whispered Shan asked: “Did you really like this boy, he reliable?” Shan looked at his toes, nodded his head. She heard his father with a sigh: “Well, you ready to get married …”

Midnight is, Shan out of the coma, but a little effort and no whole body, mind blank, she does not know how long to sleep, as long as if a century, still in ICU ventilator to help her breathing, her efforts to sitting up, legs and feet is very lose control. Lying in her bed the men were awakened by strange sounds, lifted his head, spewing out the tears, Sixin shouting: “Doctor, doctor, she woke up, she woke up …”

Shan stared, look at this man, sunken eyes, gaunt, white temples, carved wrinkles between the eyebrows. Shan looked at him, spread out to warm the heart, “Dad …” Shan gently called out. Man froze for a moment, suddenly clutching the Shan, choking back tears, “You finally woke up, you know you are in a coma for four years …” “father” of Leila in Shan face.

Shan still feels very weak, beautiful face looks a little pale, for she can not remember the former things, from where my father knew about her story: she turned out to be the bank’s cashier, has loved her parents, but also There is a love of her boyfriend, is months before the wedding, since the bank’s internal security arise to harm, one day at noon, she and another colleague on duty when the armed robbery of the bank. She and her colleagues called for help, was one of security and fired a shot, my colleagues were killed, shot in the abdomen after Shan and security are still fighting against brain, entangled in the smack to the head and sill. Shan surgery done a full six hours, although strongly rescue saved her life, but because the brain has been a strong impact, Shan would never wake up … … Shan’s mother suffered a great stimulus, home knocked down by a truck on the road, with no limit to take care and regret passed away.

Few years, my father around a doctor, Shan also removed to the city hospital, but the conclusion there is the same: she woke up the chance is almost zero, even wake up, intelligence will be like old child the same. The results of this bolt from the blue of the father did not give up hope, he looks to borrow money, even if expectations are not to give up a little.

To finance the expensive medical bills, he sold the family house, but was soon depleted. In order to cure early-shan, save money, he was sweating during the day to work at the construction site at night to the hospital guarding Shan, hungry to drink water on the bread to eat, sleepy nap on the bed in the Shan, long-term nutrition and fatigue also led to adverse physical weakness, but he was confident that he will be able to open their eyes until the Shan.

After a month of rehabilitation, the Shan hospital, just talk a little bit vague, but also to continue to stay in the city, on a regular basis to review hospital treatment. With her father rented a room, day care for Shan’s life, such as Shan sleep on at night, after picking some bottles of good in exchange for a modest income.

2012 for his efforts

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Along with the 2012 in the New Year approaching, 2011 finally tells us say farewell. Looking back, I can only on this past year say a word: Gotohell! Then I will simply tell you how I spent the 818 cup with boring chrysanthemum tight lactic acid in 2011 … …
From the beginning of the new year start. I remember when I was with his girlfriend at the time M cuddle together to greet the new year. When their units just off, went to Yibin to meet me, we are very excited, after all, is the young lovers do, you’ll see … … That night we watched Hunan satellite TV’s New Year Concert, when the program was ringing in the new year, I and M to say: Happy New year!
During that time I was still receiving treatment in hospital, because not long ago I check out a very common disease, need for transfusion. I remember my vessel is filled with the eye of a needle, a young nurse holding my hand right left pat pat, then shook his head and said were not found by the vessel. I really want to go to Shi fuck. M looked at my little wrist heavy-hearted said: do not know can use this hand to me cook wash clothes do not. I said, my good little manual work can be done, but we did, bed or on the ground of your own choosing … …
The days of cold liquid into the vessel, I always want to scold * * *, but I still hold back, because of their own body can resist, you cannot blame others. Then we together have three day holiday happy to spend, and then she went back to work, I went back to school to prepare for the final exam.
Shortly after the final exam, results came out, I thought that all the OK, I honestly prepared, could not fail, or the results of a cup, with the two division for hanging. Looking at the computer screen two of the glare of the score, I was quite calm, but nobody know what I want, I can tell you now, then I think: your sister, your sister, your sister ah, TMD won’t cheat people vulnerable ah, Xuan brother, school I want to worship you!
And after school I put this matter to the person of bedroom after said, it is as expected to usher in an applause laughter jeers and firecrackers. They say in this world today not to think about the one sub-pains harvest these nonsense words, you will want to survive, you have to have a little bit of Xuan brother spirit.
When it comes to Xuan brother, then the man who is? This man is a man in need, in best on top, set the handsome and wisdom in a body, in his short 22 years to life, not only captured countless innocent girl ‘s heart, it is scored countless men grass heart, that is to say, he not only loved by women, and won men want. The male has a hobby, just love stockings, didn’t love Hu Zha, love don’t love US leg, chest. So gay they have and step back.
We’ll talk about fail cup. In fact, before the exam Xuan brother has asked me to instill a lot of honor not to cheat, such as cheating a great postmodernist thought, but I was stupid, always don’t get inside the head, will hold from primary school to learn Marxism-Leninism Mao Zedong Thought Deng Xiaoping Theory and three represents the eight honors and eight disgraces the Communist Party of China long live Lei Feng Kong Rong lets pear good example as a lying child, such as feudal socialism doctrine to the old thinking, can not fully understand he spent three days made me cheating glorious theory. I think I learned to be good, so I just honesty, as long as you work hard, I will fail the exam. Then, I have a cup of.
I believe, do not cheat life is a life of failure, I decided, I want to cheat! I decided I was going to tell a most dare not speak lies, I will cheat! I am full of silently conveyed tenderness of Xuan brother say: I love you! The results of each other very Danding to answer: Well, I love you … … Amount, good, I admit my ability is not strong,