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colours all Raiders

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Office furniture color a riot of colours all Raiders
Now office furniture will use color””. Wuhan family office furniture is best? Now popular office furniture consists of dark and light. Dark line about 5 tones: Brown, gray, brown, red and blue. Usually gray for desk; black, brown for boss chair and parlor chairs; blue and red do office formation Because blue light and red blindness fast; there are solemn and lively; black, Brown has been giving dignified sense, use them to decorate the meeting room, will induce you to concentrate. In recent years the prevalence of light-colored breaks through the traditional maple, white color and Sapele color has also been widely used, which makes the office in the color produced jumping, light-coloured classes Desk, cabinets, screens, office more lively.

In general, office color configuration according to the” big jump, small harmony ” principle. ” Great leap” refers to the office between the color change. If you have two rooms two office office, can choose different tone, such as office dark walnut color as the main tone, will choose the light blue as dominant hue, this is the” great leap”; each room’s doors and windows, furniture and even the floor surface of office archives and petty office supplies to maintain their overall harmonious, is” small harmony”. So, even though your work and limited range of motion, but everywhere I will give you find everything fresh and new feeling.
Color conveys information
In the office, each color has its own language, it will be to your colleagues and customers to convey a certain psychological information. For example, black gives a person the sense of loneliness, but there is also a kind of noble and dignified; brown that act as an elder, but different concentrations of Brown has not the old dark, will produce a fine powder; red too obtrusive, and if the quiet cool tune, can show the young and lively; the clay yellow excessive element, if happy and warm hands, it is easy to show their elegant.
The different nature of the work and a different character, so that people in the office furniture selection differences exist. Leaders like a dark line; white-collar women just more like bright light; designers need offbeat colors inspired.
In order to avoid monochromatic monotone, vision of jumping, office of office furniture color is also very important. Purple with blue gives quiet feeling; magenta and blue make people feel bright; that with white is elegant; pink with white conveyed youth; dark brown with pale yellow can make you look more mature; light gray with black appear grave; red with black can attract each other ‘s sight; dark green with the paired with the naturals natural; blue with light blue makes a person feel at ease; bright yellow with black, can easily give a person jumps to beauty.
Good hundred years of office furniture Expo Center model using virtual display, a variety of creative colors make people stick out a mile, to allow consumers to get a lot of inspiration. However, the working environment of harmony basically also relies on his own to create. As long as you know the color also has its own character and style, so that different character color complements mutually, harmonious collocation,solar wafer we can change the office the dull atmosphere, with the abundance of a riot of colours.

haulage company or in fact any company

Friday, February 24th, 2012

If you work in finance for a haulage company or in fact any company which has a large amount of mobile staff, or even if you are one of the mobile staff, petrol receipts are probably really annoying for you.

It’s an inefficient system really isn’t it, drivers paying for their own petrol and submitting receipts each month and getting reimbursed in their salaries. What a pain for everyone involved. It takes a lot of time to process and surely your finance team has better things to do than this? And isn’t it silly for drivers to have to make sure they have enough cash up front to pay for all their expenses?

Fuel cards can sort this problem out for you by creating an account that you pay off each month – your drivers simply use their cards to pay for fuel and it gets charged to you. There’s lots of different options available so you can work out the best system and choose a fuel card that’s right for you, but one of the biggest challenges might be getting your Managing Director to agree to the change. Here are some key points:

· You can get standardised fuel pricing, making predicting business costs month to month so much easier.

· You could end up paying a lot less than you are paying now for petrol or diesel. While policies vary and not all offer savings, fuel cards can cut your fuel costs, particularly if your drivers travel across the country and fill up in different regions. A standardised price model can eliminate the extra costs of filling up in an expensive area.

· Automation is the future of business – by automating processes you get a lot more control and information. Information is the key to making good decisions, and the dashboards and reports available with a fuel card make it easy to view and track the details of how much your drivers spend and where they fill up and identify any unusual behaviour or areas to save in.

· It’s easy to make efficiency savings with fuel cards. Not just in cutting down the admin time associated with processing the payments, but also with VAT and associated taxes, as fuel card accounts make this easier.

Working out how much time you spend on processing fuel payments and also demonstrating how little usable business information you have about the company’s fuel spending habits should convince your MD to choose a fuel card and join the future of business expenses.

child to suck milk

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Known living bear bile is like a child to suck milk
Son of the bear, Ann knows the pain with and without pain? In February 22nd, Fujian Huian County, Guizhen hall held bear expert informal discussion site is full of smell of gunpowder.
The participating experts and simplicity Hall says, bear looks painful. A reporter asked: “you are not a bear, what do you know about bear pain!” Zhang Zhijun then asked the Church Board of simplicity:” you’re not bear, luck2012what do you know about bear the pain?” [ related topics: bear not Shendan Miao medicine! ]
According to media reports, the living bear bile scene is expert in girls pierced to compare, and experts to milk the cows and children suck the breast for more than.
A reporter’s question, the bear and the incidence of health? Simplicity hall aspects of response to say, main cold, no liver disease and cancer.
A reporter asked if there is a kind of disease does not eat bear drug will die? Chinese medicine experts Zhang Shichen said:” I do not know, do not eat bread will be a dead person have?” The reporter:” the original bear like steamed bread?” Zhang Shichen did not answer.
Why the bear in bile before the hot-tempered, but to take the bile link suddenly become quiet, experts at the scene did not give the answer. Public opinion thinks, the prescribed time, delimit area, defined populations of investigation can only be seen by anesthesia “model bears”.
In the simplicity of church expert informal discussion is held before long, Animals Asia Foundation at the Check Inn Hotel has accepted the media interview. It is understood, encounters is not over yet,96325 some media left to attend the conference of Animals Asia foundation.
Simplicity hall a Zhang said his shareholders, for simplicity hall listed very confident, at present overseas listing is not considered in the company.
Animals Asia Foundation China Foreign Affairs Director Zhang Xiaohai thinks, luck2012Guizhen hall open day activities did not reflect the open.

How to listen to

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

How to listen to, how to look

Tonight is a troubled night.

Trouble is agree with her to become a primary school teacher in the end is it right? Right, angry is rational but not for her.

Perhaps, she should stay at home, she is my treasure.fengjie So I can rest assured. She is not fit to the society, not used to that kind of society. I remember she said she just want to be a little woman, behind me and support my little woman, I think it might be just right for her, serious when a wife in the future mother.

Perhaps, she is to go out for a walk, at least to see what present’s society is society, know what is bad and what is good, what is good and what is bad. Learn how to fight, not like children make trouble out of nothing. Originally wanted to arrange her to come here to work, but don’t know why I don’t want to promise, I don’t even know.

Tonight, I to her bad attitude. I want to tell her, I just don’t want you to get up so early every day at noon, the lunch is so difficult.

Endless whispering in the light in your eyes, danna520I can see anything light, I think I will not trouble, not so much to worry about. I want to learn to see light light — very difficult. Because of you, no matter when, I will not to let you down.

Another voice of the world to listen, the sound was you, but I found that I was not good to listen to, I will only complain, I know in your mood is not very good,laodie20 I admit that I am not a good husband.

futures plastics daily

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Soochow futures plastics daily
One, market commentary.
Wednesday LLDPE main futures contract shocks rose to 11480, L1005 opened, opened 120 points higher, after severe concussion, the lowest test 11215 after the shock rebound,poly bag supplierclosing up 115 points to close at 11475. Weight reduction of 2056 to 73400 hand in hand.

From the disk and open situation, Yongan futures more than a single Jiancang 954 to 2162 hand in hand; Wanda futures empty single Zengcang 380 to 3741 hand in hand. In February 3rd LLDPE registered warrants for 1963 hands, 66 to reduce the hand.

On the fundamental plane, as the dollar rebound, American crude oil inventories increased pressure on demand recovery optimism, Wednesday WTI crude oil futures rebounded to $78 / barrel is down, down 0.23 U.S. dollars to 77 U.S. dollars / barrel, a decrease of 0.28%. Asian ethylene closing price of Northeast Asia is stable in 1360-1362 dollar / ton CFR; make plastic bagSoutheast Asia fell $7 to 1398-1400 dollar / ton CFR. Petrochemical manufacturers to mainstream the ex-factory price is maintained at 11700-11800 yuan / ton; the spot market is fatigued and weak, the market of East China LLDPE 7042 mainstream price is maintained be in 11350 yuan / ton, basis for the 30 ( East China market spot price takes the mainstream price ).

The technology on the surface of L1005 single needle bottom, firm 5 average.
Review : international oil prices rebounded sharply, ethylene prices firm, PE shortly after facing the cost of support, the East China PE market prices stable, the general contract, demand not flourishing. The rebound in the stock market, commodity overall recovery,Offshore company LLDPE futures continued to rise in the wide shocks, short-term bottom shock stage.
Operation new open above 11300 dips do, stop 11250.

chest what benefits

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Woman self-drawn chest what benefits?
In fact, most women have fibrous cyst, but often is because many people know the cyst is a common problem, so even if feel cysts do not care less, but the fiber cysts are benign, malignant, is also very easy to confuse and mastitis, breast cancer, plus because common, see more to pay no heed, slowly,maymmyu therefore, fibrous cyst never can ignore the situation, take care of yourself, you should have the courage to face their problems, don’t shy away.
Self-drawn assay for the detection of health
1, observation
Standing, arms down on both sides, observation of breast shape, normal curved contours become irregular, have the orange peel-like concave point, or is a small lacunae, extrusion without fluid from the nipple overflow.
2, self-drawn
The first touch touch breast, axillary, with the middle finger and index finger, along a direction of comprehensive examination of breast.
3, lying position check
Lying in bed, with a nipple as the center, with the pulp in a clockwise direction close to the skin for circulation massage. Inspection force should be uniform, with the fingers can press to the rib is appropriate.
In 4, with his right arm and put it under his head
Arm following breast tissue will be moved to the central chest, left right breast mass check whether, when touching a little harder, so your hands will be more close to the breast tissue and easier to touch. The same method of examination of the left breast.
In addition to regular self-drawn, also to make friends, love your touch, may not be regular stops, can discover problems.
Being” touching chest” what are the advantages?
Many women have such a misunderstanding, think breast lumps but does not ache not itching not only feel the pain, only could be the problem, but in gynecological experts, not aching not itching breast masses cannot let down.
Painless breast lump happens to be one of features of breast cancer,meimayyu so never let down. In general, caused by inflammation of the breast mass will be accompanied by localized swelling thermal expansion, hyperplastic masses have premenstrual pain characteristics, and a breast lump in the early no obvious pain, did not even feel, only to the late skin ulceration occurs when the pain symptoms, but this time often already late.
Therefore, to allow more friends, love to help you feel, if can touch neither painful nor itching mass, that don’t lucky that benign cysts, probably this is the breast – breast cancer small bombs sent to you the first warning.
Fibrous cyst discovered early
Daily touch perception” alert” fibrous cysts are benign breast tumor in one of the most common, with 18-25 old young women the most common. In general, fibrous cysts rarely occur in malignant lesions, some may develop into sarcoma, but changed into breast cancer case also does not see more.
Fibrous cyst most notable feature is a breast lump, and most of the time only mass this feature size, they are usually in the 1-3 cm, touch smooth, tough, clear boundary, and the surrounding breast tissue without adhesion, activity is also large, and sliding movement.
In general, the cyst occurs mostly in the side of the breast, and at the outer edge, they also won’t change with the arrival of the period, especially adolescent females, if you feel that you are cystic fibrosis, which is a very common phenomenon,maywer you only need to go to the hospital to check and make sure that it is benign fibrous cyst can, without special treatment

high-density lipoprotein

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Elevated blood concentrations of high-density lipoprotein
Lipid and protein binding to LDL, low density lipoprotein cholesterol mother’s dayfrom the liver will be transported to the surrounding tissue, inducing tissue sclerosis; high density lipoprotein cholesterol back to the liver of the surrounding tissue. Chitin reducing blood fat, blood cholesterol levels drop, low density lipoprotein number drops, the high density lipoprotein increased the number of help to prevent arteriosclerosis generation.

The blood pressure lowering effect
Humoral regulation : a cause of hypertension for many reasons, including humoral endocrine regulation to occupy an important position. Experimental medicine, human excessive intake of sodium chloride ( salt), make the chlorine ion, resulting in the human body in the hypertensive state. Its mechanism of liver derived angiotensin source in the blood do not show activity, in converting enzyme ( ACE ) of the action of angiotensin I is a physiologically active low intermediate, two by converting enzyme ( ACE )Jia Ke surole in generating angiotensin II physiological activity strong, to elevate blood pressure, artery intima in.

The chloride ion is converting enzyme ( ACE ) in the activation agent, amount of chitin dissolved forming cationic groups and chloride ion binding excreted, weakening of the converting enzyme function, blood pressure can not be raised.

Chloride Cl¯ Cl¯ to ACE activation — — — — to ACE ACE activation activation. Do. Angiotensin source excited to angiotensin I excited to angiotensin II in 2 ) excited, blood lipid and blood pressure lowering lipid lowering: chitin, a large amount of cholesterol from peripheral tissues to the liver, small and medium-sized artery intima calm cholesterol reduces the number of vascular wall elasticity, well, make blood pressure drop.

The chloride ion is converting enzyme ( ACE ) in the activation agent, amount of chitin dissolved forming cationic groups and chloride ion binding excreted, weakening of the converting enzyme function, blood pressure can not be raised.

Chloride Cl¯ Cl¯ to ACE activation — — — — to ACE ACE activation activation. Do. Angiotensin source excited to angiotensin varicose veins tips I excited to angiotensin II excited, into the blood

2) lipid and blood pressure lowering: lower blood lipids, a large amount of cholesterol from the surrounding tissues back to the liver, small and medium-sized artery intima calm cholesterol reduces the number of vascular wall elasticity, well, make blood pressure drop

times a night

Monday, February 13th, 2012

A woman can withstand up to the number of times a night
Breast like steamed bread startling step by step Liu Shishi emergency acne Qing Dong 20 days of complete freckle recipe woman too fat man will be a woman one night how many times are suitable? Female number whether to affect health? This is a problem concerned by all people. To answer this question, we must first analyze the specific steps of female life!
Vaginal relaxation how seriously affect sexual life back?
A woman one night how many times it is appropriate? The female is more than the number of whether affect health? This is a problem concerned by all people. In order to solve this problem, must from the analysis of female sexual life steps!
Female sexual life step sample
First of all, the caresses stimulate self sexual fantasy role, physical appearance ( excitatory response to arouse sexual desire ), shortness of breath, heart rate, facial flush, spirits; to feel that the breast swells, because the tit congests swell protrusions, the contact can have slight pleasure; secrete a few liquids, vaginal Duan Ou have reflex muscle contraction and obvious pleasure. The penis is inserted, the penis twitch stimulation, the body further excited, pelvic marked hyperemia, vaginal muscle contraction under section, tightly wrapped around the penis ( the platform ), on penile stimulation feel more obvious, there is a strong sensation.
In the platform basis, about five to ten minutes ( or shorter or longer time ) can reach orgasm, the most fundamental characteristic is vaginal lower sphincter, pelvic floor muscle and skeletal muscle is not independent, strong rhythmic contractions, warm and strong sensation throughout the body nature, thinking Ningzhi, full consciousness are immersed in the climax of the intense pleasure and extreme happiness. FINDINGS: vaginal and narrow is female sexual pleasure. Make the vagina becomes tighter to enjoy the thrill of method
The last is subsidise period, when orgasm muscle rhythm tic lasts about 5 to 30 seconds after getting a natural stop. Body reaction subsided, such as pelvic congestion, in 20 to 30 minutes to gradually subside, the body returned to normal state.

Two position statement

Monday, February 13th, 2012

MX M9 I see but the most ugly mobile phone, please refer to the development of mind, allowing different voices
Two position statement
1: I don’t think the price expensive, I mean the price of mobile phone a lot,acer tabletlet people pay attention to you must do well the appearance, not pretty, to outstanding beautiful
2: I express my view, and I don’t think apple is perfect, also did not impose upon you, will buckle buckle, a crooked, and has visual fatigue, please change a simple and easy to use without losing the sense of science and technology and crooked, my mobile phone positioning of Meizu crowd feeling don’t follow after 8090, so can not learn Samsung and Apple’s appearance
Extremely high performance price ratio, clear screen, beautiful Ui design, attractive appearance design, good operation experience, they now also have several?
My answer is only a screen, and now the manufacturers of high-end machine has been for sale for 720 resolution
Although I have only M8 and LT18, but I’m on the mobile phone ‘s attention and I want what kind of mobile phone, finally will choose to buy the mobile phone clearly understand what.
Today, Meizu mobile phone ‘s price has not people immediately heartbeat, 3000 of the price of the mobile phone number can be selected to applaud not draw a large audience, configuration, although high, resolution of the problem, optimization is not good, fluency often see Meizu fans complained that the inferior to the other machine. And crooked has enough millet fun, too not enough exposure to recent opal to find 3 beautiful interface, appearance also is such, I just feel absolutely not looking for beautiful appearance, in contrast to the Sony Ericsson LT18, the Nokia 800 is the second, only now worth to say, only the screen, but brought fluency and software incompatibilities, alas, college students mobile phone code, only that I lied, but not the
The charm of Meizu friends feel unsatisfied with the vent,motorola xoomI strongly request on 4 nuclear, launched a dream with a configuration with 32 nm, dual-core, battery upgrades, camera upgrades, in-line USB must no longer to external power ( now has to be connected with a power supply plug USB ), the most important is, must change the appearance Nokia and Sony Ericsson, no 800 fashion, beautiful and characteristic, also not Samsung’s stable, also did not find 3 atmospheric metal sense, let a person very hard not to understand the heartbeat high-end parts of what is behind the rear cover different, some people feel good, I just feel very odd defeat, so characteristics really not good, with a set of like an apple, without do not wear, no good, especially the color camera, a big black in the middle, alas, immediately abandoned the Apple style appearance, we stumble on don’t like the styles of others, or you really not good appearance please a Sony to help you design a, the appearance is not pull you waiting for friends of loss of charm, 4 Nuclear hardly used, power consumption is brought to applaud not draw a large audience, when learning the Android hardware to heap? Even a good appearance have no experience and no optimization, operation good, not hanging up the phone, sleep, and askew were millet beyond, not beautiful, don’t stay in the past, before the two you are the only domestic SP, now don’t you reformat your thinking is to rest on your laurels, now mobile Internet development fastigium, cannot obtain commanding elevation will quickly be replaced, after more difficult to develop,htc flyer Meizu fans less enthusiasm is only because the boss is not in the forum or dream price?

medicine medicine

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Get rid of in order to medicine medicine
This year, the county hospital of Guangdong in 30% pilot cancellation of drug price, to 2015, complete province in all public hospitals will be” zero increase” to sell drugs, abolish the” medicine medicine” system.
Guangdong provincial health department next year all the county hospital pilot
Lei Yulan said, as this year’s ten people’s livelihood practical one, our province will establish a long-term basic medical and health institutions often balance award subsidy mechanism. Around to take the opportunity, improve the basic medical and health institutions running compensation mechanism, all the basic medical and health institutions into the public a kind of institution management. For the grass-roots medical institutions often balance, finance in the annual budget in arrangement, the implementation of the first payment after clearing.
Lei Yulan asked, that per capita basic public health service funding criteria, the Pearl River Delta region of not less than 30 yuan, owe develop area of not less than 25 yuan. Since this year, province finance arranges 35000000 yuan every year, will premarital, pre-pregnancy and prenatal thalassemia gene detection in our province of major public health services, to prevent severe thalassemia children born.
Yao Zhibin said at the meeting, this year the province chose 30% counties ( city) the first pilot, 2013 in all county hospitals carry out generally, 2015 in all public hospitals in full swing. In order to get rid of medicine medicine to reform as the key link, in order to perfect the compensation mechanism as a breakthrough point, promote personnel, establishment, distribution, price, payment system, drug procurement, supervision, comprehensive reform, accelerate the establishment of modern hospital management system and corporate governance structure in public hospitals, the basic establishment of” maintenance public welfare, mobilize the enthusiasm, safeguard sustainable ” new mechanism.
Expert” to medicine medicine” to” big prescription”
Zhongshan University a public health experts said, at present the patient in the hospital doctor medication, in hospital drug purchase price added 15% and then sold to the patient, it is our country implementation for many years ” to medicine medicine” policy. The intention is to throw inadequacy because the government hospital. But according to this policy, a doctor to prescribe more, hospital drug price addition income increasing, thus lead to the excessive” doctor prescription”.
The expert says, the public to ” in order to support drug treatment,” policy has been criticized, but it has been difficult to abolish. Last year, the new medical reform started to break the ice, the township hospitals, community health service center all of the implementation of” zero increase price” sales of basic drugs.