color and background color

The font color and background color: blue background with black lettering on the screen can be seen more clearly, but the output into the slide could see clearly. Blue white or black and yellow will be very noticeable.
Note ( background ) the color associated with the emotion. Dark blue and grey for strength and stability of feeling; red generally means a warning or emergency; green represents life and vitality. Color is also affecting the slide clarity.Hong Kong water slide Slide need a dark room show, necessitating the use of a dark background and light word. Blue, purple and green for the background color, white, yellow and red for the foreground.
Color golden rules: the background of dark blue, the title Staphylococcus,Hong Kong safety surface subtitled the light blue, with white text, bulleted for staphylococcus.
PowerPoint has many templates, we design the slide to bring a lot of convenience. But, but some template is not appropriate, the background of relatively shallow templates do not use.
Background using gradient. The dark placed at the bottom of the slide; the light is placed in the upper left corner. Because the reader often from upper left to start reading, don’t let the background is too strong and the foreground text zhengfeng.
Page please set to 35mm slides, and maintain 0.5 inches around the edges of the blank, to prevent the slide frame is covered.
Slide all the title should use the same font, size, format, location and color.
The title font size in the slide in the largest.
The title should be placed in the slide above, because that’s the way to attract the audience’s attention.
Subtitle font is smaller than the title, position to each agreement.
Project sign
General page 3-5, not more than 7.
Project sign after the phrase,HK plastic wood do not use sentences.
Phrase structure to be consistent, for example using verb-object structure, or all noun.
Each item symbol followed by no more than 14 Chinese characters, or 7 words in english. Don’t let the same series of beyond the content of a page.

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