tail is delamination

The Boeing 787 airliner” dream” on the reproduction of the tail is delamination
According to Hongkong” Wenhui Daily reported last year”, the factory ‘s Boeing 787″ dream” airliner, again found problems. Reportedly, the Boeing found in inspection 787 tail shell surface spalling, suspected to be caused by the production process. Boeing says the short-term does not constitute a safe influence, the Boeing are investigating all the factory has 787, to verify the problem severity.

The statement the day before yesterday, confirmed that 787 tail support structure to the caulking process error, but the emphasis has launched a repair, short-term inside do not constitute security influence. According to the” Seattle times” reported, engineer, in the joint position of the components of the voids, added to fill material, this time the problem is in the tail and horizontal connecting part.

It is reported, on 2010, 787 tail components in Italy during the manufacturing process, has suffered from interstitial errors, resulting in production line delay for several months, multiple frame 787 to be substantially trimmed tail. Aircraft in production during the show repeatedly, causing than scheduled late 3 year pay. There are currently 50 frame 787 finishing factory, of which 5 aircraft in September last year delivered Nippon operation. Temporary unknown this problem has not involving the ANA airliner.

On 26 August and Monday, Ana respectively there are two from Tokyo and Frankfurt flights, due to the 787 computer system software fault and removal. The problem has been fixed, aircraft have complex fly, Ana said temporarily not because the issue out 787

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