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Get rid of in order to medicine medicine
This year, the county hospital of Guangdong in 30% pilot cancellation of drug price, to 2015, complete province in all public hospitals will be” zero increase” to sell drugs, abolish the” medicine medicine” system.
Guangdong provincial health department next year all the county hospital pilot
Lei Yulan said, as this year’s ten people’s livelihood practical one, our province will establish a long-term basic medical and health institutions often balance award subsidy mechanism. Around to take the opportunity, improve the basic medical and health institutions running compensation mechanism, all the basic medical and health institutions into the public a kind of institution management. For the grass-roots medical institutions often balance, finance in the annual budget in arrangement, the implementation of the first payment after clearing.
Lei Yulan asked, that per capita basic public health service funding criteria, the Pearl River Delta region of not less than 30 yuan, owe develop area of not less than 25 yuan. Since this year, province finance arranges 35000000 yuan every year, will premarital, pre-pregnancy and prenatal thalassemia gene detection in our province of major public health services, to prevent severe thalassemia children born.
Yao Zhibin said at the meeting, this year the province chose 30% counties ( city) the first pilot, 2013 in all county hospitals carry out generally, 2015 in all public hospitals in full swing. In order to get rid of medicine medicine to reform as the key link, in order to perfect the compensation mechanism as a breakthrough point, promote personnel, establishment, distribution, price, payment system, drug procurement, supervision, comprehensive reform, accelerate the establishment of modern hospital management system and corporate governance structure in public hospitals, the basic establishment of” maintenance public welfare, mobilize the enthusiasm, safeguard sustainable ” new mechanism.
Expert” to medicine medicine” to” big prescription”
Zhongshan University a public health experts said, at present the patient in the hospital doctor medication, in hospital drug purchase price added 15% and then sold to the patient, it is our country implementation for many years ” to medicine medicine” policy. The intention is to throw inadequacy because the government hospital. But according to this policy, a doctor to prescribe more, hospital drug price addition income increasing, thus lead to the excessive” doctor prescription”.
The expert says, the public to ” in order to support drug treatment,” policy has been criticized, but it has been difficult to abolish. Last year, the new medical reform started to break the ice, the township hospitals, community health service center all of the implementation of” zero increase price” sales of basic drugs.

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