times a night

A woman can withstand up to the number of times a night
Breast like steamed bread startling step by step Liu Shishi emergency acne Qing Dong 20 days of complete freckle recipe woman too fat man will be a woman one night how many times are suitable? Female number whether to affect health? This is a problem concerned by all people. To answer this question, we must first analyze the specific steps of female life!
Vaginal relaxation how seriously affect sexual life back?
A woman one night how many times it is appropriate? The female is more than the number of whether affect health? This is a problem concerned by all people. In order to solve this problem, must from the analysis of female sexual life steps!
Female sexual life step sample
First of all, the caresses stimulate self sexual fantasy role, physical appearance ( excitatory response to arouse sexual desire ), shortness of breath, heart rate, facial flush, spirits; to feel that the breast swells, because the tit congests swell protrusions, the contact can have slight pleasure; secrete a few liquids, vaginal Duan Ou have reflex muscle contraction and obvious pleasure. The penis is inserted, the penis twitch stimulation, the body further excited, pelvic marked hyperemia, vaginal muscle contraction under section, tightly wrapped around the penis ( the platform ), on penile stimulation feel more obvious, there is a strong sensation.
In the platform basis, about five to ten minutes ( or shorter or longer time ) can reach orgasm, the most fundamental characteristic is vaginal lower sphincter, pelvic floor muscle and skeletal muscle is not independent, strong rhythmic contractions, warm and strong sensation throughout the body nature, thinking Ningzhi, full consciousness are immersed in the climax of the intense pleasure and extreme happiness. FINDINGS: vaginal and narrow is female sexual pleasure. Make the vagina becomes tighter to enjoy the thrill of method
The last is subsidise period, when orgasm muscle rhythm tic lasts about 5 to 30 seconds after getting a natural stop. Body reaction subsided, such as pelvic congestion, in 20 to 30 minutes to gradually subside, the body returned to normal state.

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