Two position statement

MX M9 I see but the most ugly mobile phone, please refer to the development of mind, allowing different voices
Two position statement
1: I don’t think the price expensive, I mean the price of mobile phone a lot,acer tabletlet people pay attention to you must do well the appearance, not pretty, to outstanding beautiful
2: I express my view, and I don’t think apple is perfect, also did not impose upon you, will buckle buckle, a crooked, and has visual fatigue, please change a simple and easy to use without losing the sense of science and technology and crooked, my mobile phone positioning of Meizu crowd feeling don’t follow after 8090, so can not learn Samsung and Apple’s appearance
Extremely high performance price ratio, clear screen, beautiful Ui design, attractive appearance design, good operation experience, they now also have several?
My answer is only a screen, and now the manufacturers of high-end machine has been for sale for 720 resolution
Although I have only M8 and LT18, but I’m on the mobile phone ‘s attention and I want what kind of mobile phone, finally will choose to buy the mobile phone clearly understand what.
Today, Meizu mobile phone ‘s price has not people immediately heartbeat, 3000 of the price of the mobile phone number can be selected to applaud not draw a large audience, configuration, although high, resolution of the problem, optimization is not good, fluency often see Meizu fans complained that the inferior to the other machine. And crooked has enough millet fun, too not enough exposure to recent opal to find 3 beautiful interface, appearance also is such, I just feel absolutely not looking for beautiful appearance, in contrast to the Sony Ericsson LT18, the Nokia 800 is the second, only now worth to say, only the screen, but brought fluency and software incompatibilities, alas, college students mobile phone code, only that I lied, but not the
The charm of Meizu friends feel unsatisfied with the vent,motorola xoomI strongly request on 4 nuclear, launched a dream with a configuration with 32 nm, dual-core, battery upgrades, camera upgrades, in-line USB must no longer to external power ( now has to be connected with a power supply plug USB ), the most important is, must change the appearance Nokia and Sony Ericsson, no 800 fashion, beautiful and characteristic, also not Samsung’s stable, also did not find 3 atmospheric metal sense, let a person very hard not to understand the heartbeat high-end parts of what is behind the rear cover different, some people feel good, I just feel very odd defeat, so characteristics really not good, with a set of like an apple, without do not wear, no good, especially the color camera, a big black in the middle, alas, immediately abandoned the Apple style appearance, we stumble on don’t like the styles of others, or you really not good appearance please a Sony to help you design a, the appearance is not pull you waiting for friends of loss of charm, 4 Nuclear hardly used, power consumption is brought to applaud not draw a large audience, when learning the Android hardware to heap? Even a good appearance have no experience and no optimization, operation good, not hanging up the phone, sleep, and askew were millet beyond, not beautiful, don’t stay in the past, before the two you are the only domestic SP, now don’t you reformat your thinking is to rest on your laurels, now mobile Internet development fastigium, cannot obtain commanding elevation will quickly be replaced, after more difficult to develop,htc flyer Meizu fans less enthusiasm is only because the boss is not in the forum or dream price?

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