chest what benefits

Woman self-drawn chest what benefits?
In fact, most women have fibrous cyst, but often is because many people know the cyst is a common problem, so even if feel cysts do not care less, but the fiber cysts are benign, malignant, is also very easy to confuse and mastitis, breast cancer, plus because common, see more to pay no heed, slowly,maymmyu therefore, fibrous cyst never can ignore the situation, take care of yourself, you should have the courage to face their problems, don’t shy away.
Self-drawn assay for the detection of health
1, observation
Standing, arms down on both sides, observation of breast shape, normal curved contours become irregular, have the orange peel-like concave point, or is a small lacunae, extrusion without fluid from the nipple overflow.
2, self-drawn
The first touch touch breast, axillary, with the middle finger and index finger, along a direction of comprehensive examination of breast.
3, lying position check
Lying in bed, with a nipple as the center, with the pulp in a clockwise direction close to the skin for circulation massage. Inspection force should be uniform, with the fingers can press to the rib is appropriate.
In 4, with his right arm and put it under his head
Arm following breast tissue will be moved to the central chest, left right breast mass check whether, when touching a little harder, so your hands will be more close to the breast tissue and easier to touch. The same method of examination of the left breast.
In addition to regular self-drawn, also to make friends, love your touch, may not be regular stops, can discover problems.
Being” touching chest” what are the advantages?
Many women have such a misunderstanding, think breast lumps but does not ache not itching not only feel the pain, only could be the problem, but in gynecological experts, not aching not itching breast masses cannot let down.
Painless breast lump happens to be one of features of breast cancer,meimayyu so never let down. In general, caused by inflammation of the breast mass will be accompanied by localized swelling thermal expansion, hyperplastic masses have premenstrual pain characteristics, and a breast lump in the early no obvious pain, did not even feel, only to the late skin ulceration occurs when the pain symptoms, but this time often already late.
Therefore, to allow more friends, love to help you feel, if can touch neither painful nor itching mass, that don’t lucky that benign cysts, probably this is the breast – breast cancer small bombs sent to you the first warning.
Fibrous cyst discovered early
Daily touch perception” alert” fibrous cysts are benign breast tumor in one of the most common, with 18-25 old young women the most common. In general, fibrous cysts rarely occur in malignant lesions, some may develop into sarcoma, but changed into breast cancer case also does not see more.
Fibrous cyst most notable feature is a breast lump, and most of the time only mass this feature size, they are usually in the 1-3 cm, touch smooth, tough, clear boundary, and the surrounding breast tissue without adhesion, activity is also large, and sliding movement.
In general, the cyst occurs mostly in the side of the breast, and at the outer edge, they also won’t change with the arrival of the period, especially adolescent females, if you feel that you are cystic fibrosis, which is a very common phenomenon,maywer you only need to go to the hospital to check and make sure that it is benign fibrous cyst can, without special treatment

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