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Soochow futures plastics daily
One, market commentary.
Wednesday LLDPE main futures contract shocks rose to 11480, L1005 opened, opened 120 points higher, after severe concussion, the lowest test 11215 after the shock rebound,poly bag supplierclosing up 115 points to close at 11475. Weight reduction of 2056 to 73400 hand in hand.

From the disk and open situation, Yongan futures more than a single Jiancang 954 to 2162 hand in hand; Wanda futures empty single Zengcang 380 to 3741 hand in hand. In February 3rd LLDPE registered warrants for 1963 hands, 66 to reduce the hand.

On the fundamental plane, as the dollar rebound, American crude oil inventories increased pressure on demand recovery optimism, Wednesday WTI crude oil futures rebounded to $78 / barrel is down, down 0.23 U.S. dollars to 77 U.S. dollars / barrel, a decrease of 0.28%. Asian ethylene closing price of Northeast Asia is stable in 1360-1362 dollar / ton CFR; make plastic bagSoutheast Asia fell $7 to 1398-1400 dollar / ton CFR. Petrochemical manufacturers to mainstream the ex-factory price is maintained at 11700-11800 yuan / ton; the spot market is fatigued and weak, the market of East China LLDPE 7042 mainstream price is maintained be in 11350 yuan / ton, basis for the 30 ( East China market spot price takes the mainstream price ).

The technology on the surface of L1005 single needle bottom, firm 5 average.
Review : international oil prices rebounded sharply, ethylene prices firm, PE shortly after facing the cost of support, the East China PE market prices stable, the general contract, demand not flourishing. The rebound in the stock market, commodity overall recovery,Offshore company LLDPE futures continued to rise in the wide shocks, short-term bottom shock stage.
Operation new open above 11300 dips do, stop 11250.

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