How to listen to

How to listen to, how to look

Tonight is a troubled night.

Trouble is agree with her to become a primary school teacher in the end is it right? Right, angry is rational but not for her.

Perhaps, she should stay at home, she is my treasure.fengjie So I can rest assured. She is not fit to the society, not used to that kind of society. I remember she said she just want to be a little woman, behind me and support my little woman, I think it might be just right for her, serious when a wife in the future mother.

Perhaps, she is to go out for a walk, at least to see what present’s society is society, know what is bad and what is good, what is good and what is bad. Learn how to fight, not like children make trouble out of nothing. Originally wanted to arrange her to come here to work, but don’t know why I don’t want to promise, I don’t even know.

Tonight, I to her bad attitude. I want to tell her, I just don’t want you to get up so early every day at noon, the lunch is so difficult.

Endless whispering in the light in your eyes, danna520I can see anything light, I think I will not trouble, not so much to worry about. I want to learn to see light light — very difficult. Because of you, no matter when, I will not to let you down.

Another voice of the world to listen, the sound was you, but I found that I was not good to listen to, I will only complain, I know in your mood is not very good,laodie20 I admit that I am not a good husband.

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