child to suck milk

Known living bear bile is like a child to suck milk
Son of the bear, Ann knows the pain with and without pain? In February 22nd, Fujian Huian County, Guizhen hall held bear expert informal discussion site is full of smell of gunpowder.
The participating experts and simplicity Hall says, bear looks painful. A reporter asked: “you are not a bear, what do you know about bear pain!” Zhang Zhijun then asked the Church Board of simplicity:” you’re not bear, luck2012what do you know about bear the pain?” [ related topics: bear not Shendan Miao medicine! ]
According to media reports, the living bear bile scene is expert in girls pierced to compare, and experts to milk the cows and children suck the breast for more than.
A reporter’s question, the bear and the incidence of health? Simplicity hall aspects of response to say, main cold, no liver disease and cancer.
A reporter asked if there is a kind of disease does not eat bear drug will die? Chinese medicine experts Zhang Shichen said:” I do not know, do not eat bread will be a dead person have?” The reporter:” the original bear like steamed bread?” Zhang Shichen did not answer.
Why the bear in bile before the hot-tempered, but to take the bile link suddenly become quiet, experts at the scene did not give the answer. Public opinion thinks, the prescribed time, delimit area, defined populations of investigation can only be seen by anesthesia “model bears”.
In the simplicity of church expert informal discussion is held before long, Animals Asia Foundation at the Check Inn Hotel has accepted the media interview. It is understood, encounters is not over yet,96325 some media left to attend the conference of Animals Asia foundation.
Simplicity hall a Zhang said his shareholders, for simplicity hall listed very confident, at present overseas listing is not considered in the company.
Animals Asia Foundation China Foreign Affairs Director Zhang Xiaohai thinks, luck2012Guizhen hall open day activities did not reflect the open.

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