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Office furniture color a riot of colours all Raiders
Now office furniture will use color””. Wuhan family office furniture is best? Now popular office furniture consists of dark and light. Dark line about 5 tones: Brown, gray, brown, red and blue. Usually gray for desk; black, brown for boss chair and parlor chairs; blue and red do office formation Because blue light and red blindness fast; there are solemn and lively; black, Brown has been giving dignified sense, use them to decorate the meeting room, will induce you to concentrate. In recent years the prevalence of light-colored breaks through the traditional maple, white color and Sapele color has also been widely used, which makes the office in the color produced jumping, light-coloured classes Desk, cabinets, screens, office more lively.

In general, office color configuration according to the” big jump, small harmony ” principle. ” Great leap” refers to the office between the color change. If you have two rooms two office office, can choose different tone, such as office dark walnut color as the main tone, will choose the light blue as dominant hue, this is the” great leap”; each room’s doors and windows, furniture and even the floor surface of office archives and petty office supplies to maintain their overall harmonious, is” small harmony”. So, even though your work and limited range of motion, but everywhere I will give you find everything fresh and new feeling.
Color conveys information
In the office, each color has its own language, it will be to your colleagues and customers to convey a certain psychological information. For example, black gives a person the sense of loneliness, but there is also a kind of noble and dignified; brown that act as an elder, but different concentrations of Brown has not the old dark, will produce a fine powder; red too obtrusive, and if the quiet cool tune, can show the young and lively; the clay yellow excessive element, if happy and warm hands, it is easy to show their elegant.
The different nature of the work and a different character, so that people in the office furniture selection differences exist. Leaders like a dark line; white-collar women just more like bright light; designers need offbeat colors inspired.
In order to avoid monochromatic monotone, vision of jumping, office of office furniture color is also very important. Purple with blue gives quiet feeling; magenta and blue make people feel bright; that with white is elegant; pink with white conveyed youth; dark brown with pale yellow can make you look more mature; light gray with black appear grave; red with black can attract each other ‘s sight; dark green with the paired with the naturals natural; blue with light blue makes a person feel at ease; bright yellow with black, can easily give a person jumps to beauty.
Good hundred years of office furniture Expo Center model using virtual display, a variety of creative colors make people stick out a mile, to allow consumers to get a lot of inspiration. However, the working environment of harmony basically also relies on his own to create. As long as you know the color also has its own character and style, so that different character color complements mutually, harmonious collocation,solar wafer we can change the office the dull atmosphere, with the abundance of a riot of colours.

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