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brightness decays slower

Monday, March 26th, 2012

In the general economic conditions permit should choose brightness decays slower than the four element LED.
White is the RGB brightness proportion, when the light is green with 69% luminance brightness, red21%, blue brightness is 10%,LED Lighting module blending human eyes feel is pure white. But LED RGB color coordinates for process reasons cannot reach the chromatographic effect, while the control colors comprises a deviation of the color brightness white light, known as color.

When the full color LED display screen color, in order to achieve the optimal brightness and the lowest cost, should choose trichromatic luminous intensity into approximately3: 6:1ratio of LED devices composed of pixels.
White balance requirements of three primary colors in the same tone gray value synthesis is still pure white. Primary colors, color:

Color refers to synthesis of a variety of colors of the basic color. Light of red, green, and blue primary colors for the spectrum, table, table three vertex as the ideal primary color wavelength. If the primary color deviation, can be synthesized color regions can be reduced, the spectral form in the triangle will be reduced, from the visual point of view, the color will not only has deviation, rich degree of reduction.

LED issued a red, green, and blue light at different wavelengths according to its characteristics and can be divided into pure red, purple, orange, orange, orange, yellow, green, green, green, blue and green, blue, purple, blue, orange, yellow, blue and purple is pure red, pure green, pure blue price cheap a lot.Bluetooth keyboard device The three primary colors of green is most important, because green took white in 69% brightness, color and in horizontal rows list center. Therefore in weighing the color purity and price relationship between the two, the green is considered on the object.

Remote shutdown unreliable

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Now color TV and other electrical appliances have remote control. Most remote machine function, a lot of people watch TV, press the remote shutdown button.PC remote In fact, this is not desirable.

Because it is only the TV high voltage part of the cut off machine, image display and sound, and the machine power supply rectifying part, a remote control signal receiving section and kinescope filament is still in working condition.

In a short period of time can certainly play TV pause function, if time is too long, in addition to TV unnecessary power consumption can also cause internal CRT TV fever, and other component aging, affect the using life.

Therefore, the remote control transmitter” shutdown” key is not for color TV power switch is used, only the power switch is in the “off” state, it is really close color tv.

Other such as video, audio equipment, Fly mouse aprereciciar apreopiear remote control fans and other electrical appliances remote controller is the same principle.

Furniture structure

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Reasonable structure of furniture parts bonding method and assembly relationship. Reasonable structure can not only increase the strength of furniture, raw material saving design of furniture
Material, which is convenient for mechanization,BLN Design automation of production, but also can strengthen the furniture plastic arts personality. According to the function requirements of structural design, material properties and process technology terms and conditions, including joint style selection, stability and strength calculation, value analysis in 3 aspects.

Bonding mode is selected according to the properties of various materials, furniture form, strength requirements and possible technology conditions
Stability checking calculation of strength and stability are objects keep it the location of the property,Bluetooth Keyboard intensity of an object is defined resistance may cause damage, bent and inclined any external performance. The traditional design idea for the stability of the furniture, take strengthens the leg material approach; the concept of modern design to furniture stability and strength calculation.
Furniture load constant load and live load of two categories. Constant load is the weight of furniture parts furniture itself in size and material are determined can be calculated; live load is likely to appear in the furniture of the person or object weight, according to the use function of furniture are calculated. Live load direction, shock and transient characteristic, can be caused by sliding or overturning, in furniture design should be taken into account in the calculation of the strength. Furniture stability mainly consider furniture in the vertical force and lateral thrust stability problem.
Stable conditions for MO ( cause to overturn moment ) less than MR ( resistance to overturning moment ); furniture strength calculation mainly consider the parts strength and bond strength between parts. Parts strength depends on the part’s material properties, material size and cross section shape, bonding strength depends on the bonding method and material properties.
Strength calculation formula is: strength calculation formula
Type [ sigma ] for permissible stress; sigma Max section appears in the maximum stress; M section bending moment; W2 section modulus of bending.
Through checking the stability and strength calculation, can make the design of the furniture of reasonable and firm structure, selection of materials and size requirements, to avoid blindly increase the strength and the choice of materials, resulting in a waste of.
Value analysis to the low cost, the highest technical means, select the necessary parts, the best way of bonding, the most reasonable process, so that the furniture was the best function. Value analysis considering zero, the configuration of components, is to ensure that the most necessary arrangement consisting of furniture use function; component, size specifications from the shape, function, the intensity of the 3 aspects of comprehensive analysis is the most reasonable;
The structure and jointing method in technical condition to ensure that the premise is the most simplified;Android TV Remote a variety of materials science, chemical properties change on the strength and stability of furniture has what effect, the technological methods to prevent these changes.