Remote shutdown unreliable

Now color TV and other electrical appliances have remote control. Most remote machine function, a lot of people watch TV, press the remote shutdown button.PC remote In fact, this is not desirable.

Because it is only the TV high voltage part of the cut off machine, image display and sound, and the machine power supply rectifying part, a remote control signal receiving section and kinescope filament is still in working condition.

In a short period of time can certainly play TV pause function, if time is too long, in addition to TV unnecessary power consumption can also cause internal CRT TV fever, and other component aging, affect the using life.

Therefore, the remote control transmitter” shutdown” key is not for color TV power switch is used, only the power switch is in the “off” state, it is really close color tv.

Other such as video, audio equipment, Fly mouse aprereciciar apreopiear remote control fans and other electrical appliances remote controller is the same principle.

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