brightness decays slower

In the general economic conditions permit should choose brightness decays slower than the four element LED.
White is the RGB brightness proportion, when the light is green with 69% luminance brightness, red21%, blue brightness is 10%,LED Lighting module blending human eyes feel is pure white. But LED RGB color coordinates for process reasons cannot reach the chromatographic effect, while the control colors comprises a deviation of the color brightness white light, known as color.

When the full color LED display screen color, in order to achieve the optimal brightness and the lowest cost, should choose trichromatic luminous intensity into approximately3: 6:1ratio of LED devices composed of pixels.
White balance requirements of three primary colors in the same tone gray value synthesis is still pure white. Primary colors, color:

Color refers to synthesis of a variety of colors of the basic color. Light of red, green, and blue primary colors for the spectrum, table, table three vertex as the ideal primary color wavelength. If the primary color deviation, can be synthesized color regions can be reduced, the spectral form in the triangle will be reduced, from the visual point of view, the color will not only has deviation, rich degree of reduction.

LED issued a red, green, and blue light at different wavelengths according to its characteristics and can be divided into pure red, purple, orange, orange, orange, yellow, green, green, green, blue and green, blue, purple, blue, orange, yellow, blue and purple is pure red, pure green, pure blue price cheap a lot.Bluetooth keyboard device The three primary colors of green is most important, because green took white in 69% brightness, color and in horizontal rows list center. Therefore in weighing the color purity and price relationship between the two, the green is considered on the object.

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