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Long-distance control software

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

In 1, Rsupport remote control
Rsuupport remote control remote control series is the industry count as one of the very best remote control products. With three products, respectively, RemoteCall, RemoteHelp and RemoteView.
RemoteCall remote support solution RemoteCall is a browser based on Web novel remote control / remote support products,PC remote control it almost covers the remote support all of the required functionality, including instant messaging, desktop sharing, a pair of support, session transfer, URL transmission, remote process management, cross desktop copy, remote reboot connection, the remote card sharing.
RemoteHelp is another remote support products, its function is most associated with RemoteCall, but with RemoteCall and other remote control products, it can be associated with the enterprise website construction website is closely connected to the customer service center, the remote control in the process of information and service site to achieve a uniform data. Customers can log in Web browser sends service request, the system will automatically assign customer service personnel, service personnel through the Internet chat, remote operation mode for real-time support services.
RemoteView RemoteView is a remote control system based on Web available via desktop sharing approach to the operation and management of remote PC remote control tools. It is used for remote control of PC and server, only need to install the client in the controlled terminal, control end in any place at any time, as long as the Internet, can pass PC or mobile phone remote control PC and server. Through the use of RemoteView, can make full use of PC and network, improve the emergency and the emergency handling ability.
This year, Rsupport launched the latest version of RemoteView 5, and were confronted with personal version of ASP and face the enterprise Server version. RemoteView 5Server is the central management of many enterprises PC and server and terminal of the optimal solution, can be used for remote management of POS sales terminals, unattended Kiosk self-service terminal system, DVR video monitoring system terminal, remote management of UNIX, Linux, Mac.
It has the following new features:
(1) to support the Intel vPro ( RWT, AMT ) technology, can control the remote PC power ( ON / OFF ), the weight dress system and BIOS set.
(2) to support Hyper-V, VM, Virtual PC, can be administered alone provided with virtual operating system of PC machine.
(3) to support IVPN function, for in the same network remote terminal, through the IVPN function can also be like in the same network as management.
(4) supports a variety of mobile devices,bluetooth keyboard not only through the support of the Windows Mobile series of intelligent mobile phone and PDA, but also supports the iPhone3G / 3GS remote control.

Android living room computer

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

To tell the truth, to see the fifth element H100, Xiaobian thought Android HDTV player ( Android living room computer ) is the existing flat computer screen to remove,Yunzhi psp and then change the shell products. Don’t you see almost all of the Android HDTV player interface are densely packed with various widget pendant show yourself as” Strong” instead of puffiness! Although this set to not touch operation television looks so funny!

But when H100cool interface present in front of us, we believe that the report is consistent, the original Android HDTV player can do wow! In fact, although the nature of the function, Android HDTV player in can realize the function of basically the same, but each manufacturer technical strength as well as products hardware configuration level of the impact, the product of different brand in real experience often have a world of difference.

The H100function as Du Fu is busy,PC remote games, chat, shopping, watching movies, music, how a busy office word!
With 16 years of home audio and video product development experience in the fifth natural elements capable of that, from the H100we easily found, not only on the H100system for the optimal depth, the industry’s first fool” one-click direct technology” and” designated location technology” import to become a truly meet the daily television Watch / the habit of using Android HDTV player.

In addition to the products of human nature experience under the foot of the Kung Fu, in the configuration, H100 also called luxury top with Amlogic8726-M main control chip, Cortex-A9multi-core processor, frequency of800Mhz configuration not only can directly realize the1080P hardware decoding, the stability of the system is more prominent.
In particular, the fifth element H100users can also enjoy free fifth elements provided by the official” boutique application service”, users just need to click on the home page of the fifth elements of LOGO images,windsor health can be directly viewed through the fifth elements of official test suitable for television use a variety of application software, but also continuously updated!

Aroma therapy

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

In 200 ml of cold water or hot water is added in1~ 2 drops of lavender essential oil, a small towel into the water soaked, and then remove the towel,PC remote applied on the affected region of about 1~ 2minutes, so repeatedly. Vapor method to buy a fragrance lamp, in the small dish add water and a few drops of essential oils, and then ignited smokeless candles.

According to the different essential oils, its Liuxiang vary. If your skin into the autumn and winter, becomes dry, allergy, following some simple deployment method, can help relieve your trouble.

1very dry, desquamate: Rose essential oil + sandalwood essential oil + Chamomile essential oil.

2, itchy allergy: Yunzhi EssenceRose essential oil + lavender essential oil + Chamomile essential oil.

3dry skin, aging: Rose essential oil + orange flower essential oil + jasmine essential oil.

4dry skin but will be out of oil: Geranium essential oil + lavender essential oil + Yilan.

Dry skin lavender, sandalwood, orange blossom, rose, geranium.

Oily skin bergamot, eucalyptus, lavender, tea tree, lemon, rosemary, geranium, sandalwood.

Mixed skin Yilan, jasmine, furniture Allergic skin lavender, sandalwood, orange blossom, rose, camomile.

Life need to calm

Friday, April 13th, 2012

People need to calm. Calm makes a person sober, sober witty, calm calm, calm to sensible steady, calm person and open-minded, calm to everything in good order and well arranged, calm make fewer mistakes, calm and make people have a connection, calm to look far ahead from a high plane. Don’t blindly calm and lack of vigorous passion. Calm is not equivalent to the cold.
People need passion. Passion makes a decisive, passion makes people dedication, passion makes bold, passionate people can make people be fearless, passion, passion makes people capable of efficient, passion makes people keep on carving, passion to force multiplier, passion to march forward courageously. Don’t blindly high and the loss of sanity. Passion is not equivalent to the impulse.釹孩
Calm is over in one’s mind, passion is make a prompt decision; calm is orchestrated, passion is to realize one’s ambition; calm is uncompromising attention to detail, passion is make snap; calm is the delicate gentle, passion is bold and unrestrained; calm is” without reason together with and without anger” calm, passion is ” move when this skill” and” cool; prime minister belly” tolerance, passion is ” disabilities can be killed without shame” proud; calm” with persistence, perseverance will prevail.” patience, passion is “do not unusual, juvenile white head ” pressing.
Calm is a babbling brook, little, merged into the vast sea; passion is the blood boiling, vigorous flush, writing brilliant life; cool light tea, long aftertaste; passion is mellow liquor, and bold; calm is Xiao Xiao rain, gentle warmth; passion is — lose one’s temper, shaking heaven and earth; calm is the spring warm, warm and pleasant; passion is the passionate summer, autumn cool like a raging fire; is rich, full rich; passion is the winter beauty, sonorous broad-minded.
Calm is a kind of temperament. An elegant elegant temperament. Facing slander the reputation of not dry, not arrogant, not anger by shame, distress not Jing, magnanimous view Yunjuanyunshu, meditation smell an idyllic scene, suddenly falling flowers blossom. Passion is a kind of beauty. A kind of heroic atmosphere of the beautiful. Long storage energy moment spewing out of the volcano, the magnificent, is the earth’s blood boiling! Billow billows roaring surf, the spectacular crest trough, is the sea dripping lyric!
Calm and steady work, passion and vitality of peer. Robust stabilization of a ghost town to scare Zhu Geliang Sima one hundred thousand soldiers, Guan Yunchang Qichongxiaohan a long won the five hurdles six; King Gou Jian sober reflection sleep on the brushwood of Zionist, Cheng Jisihan divinity the sweep away the millions of enemy troops such as reel seats; Lu Xun calm, only face to condemn both in speech and in writing” Hengmeilengdui criticism” reason, Li Bai the bold, to the sky” fly” the straight under three thousand feet” sublime!
In the face of perplexing things, people need calm; in be in grave crisis, people have passion. Being misunderstood, envy, suspicion, people need calm; friends are in trouble, sad, decadent, people must have the passion. Proud, smooth, rich, honor, people need calm; frustrated, frustration, poor, low, people have passion. Face money, beauty, materialistic temptation, people need calm; ideal, facing future, fate, people must have the passion.仁者

America SunPower production

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

The United States of America SunPower production efficiency of 24% of the amorphous silicon solar cell The United States of America SunPowerHTPC Keyboard company announced on March 28, 2012, has started production trial stage unit conversion efficiency is about 24% of the crystalline silicon solar cell.

The company will begin production unit known as the third generation of the “Maxeon” unit, the size is 160mm square, unit conversion efficiency up to 24%. The unit module scheduled in 2012supply. Included in the unit, SunPower battery unit is characterized by the use of a back contact technology, removed in the unit surface shading electrode.

The president and CEO Tom Werner said:” we succeeded in making a global maximum conversion efficiency of the solar cell unit from research stage to the production stage. We produce the unit will continue to industry-leading position.” China has become the world’s largest solar cell industry basesolar module cell but because the Chinese domestic market purchase and installation of solar power generation system of the demand for smaller, Chinese manufacturers to focus on export, especially for Germany and other European regions, the state of solar energy products subsidies contribute to the expansion of demand. However, given that the debt crisis in Europe, European governments are no longer on the solar products purchase subsidies. Chinese manufacturers in the United States market also does not have a future, the Obama administration has alleged dumping of Chinese solar panel.

Therefore, Chinese manufacturers had to turn to the local market opportunities. Research firm NPD Solarbuzz estimates, this year China solar cell and module export volume accounted for 70% of total production, in 2010 this number is 95%. Last year, China’s second largest solar panel manufacturer, British energy company22% of sales come from the Chinese market, in 2010China ‘s market share is 6%. Yingli is expected next year, domestic sales accounted for 35% of revenue. Last year, China overtook Japan to become Asia’s largest solar market, its growth is likely to continue.

Peng Bo news agency report says, this year China will be installed about 3000MW solar facilities,plastic bag manufacturer and in 2010 the installed about 800 mw. NPD Solarbuzz are more optimistic, which is expected in 2012China will add about5000 megawatts of solar power capacity. In view of the European governments to consider further cuts in subsidies, the NPD report said, today’s China is even possible ahead of Germany and Italy, to become the world’s largest solar market.