America SunPower production

The United States of America SunPower production efficiency of 24% of the amorphous silicon solar cell The United States of America SunPowerHTPC Keyboard company announced on March 28, 2012, has started production trial stage unit conversion efficiency is about 24% of the crystalline silicon solar cell.

The company will begin production unit known as the third generation of the “Maxeon” unit, the size is 160mm square, unit conversion efficiency up to 24%. The unit module scheduled in 2012supply. Included in the unit, SunPower battery unit is characterized by the use of a back contact technology, removed in the unit surface shading electrode.

The president and CEO Tom Werner said:” we succeeded in making a global maximum conversion efficiency of the solar cell unit from research stage to the production stage. We produce the unit will continue to industry-leading position.” China has become the world’s largest solar cell industry basesolar module cell but because the Chinese domestic market purchase and installation of solar power generation system of the demand for smaller, Chinese manufacturers to focus on export, especially for Germany and other European regions, the state of solar energy products subsidies contribute to the expansion of demand. However, given that the debt crisis in Europe, European governments are no longer on the solar products purchase subsidies. Chinese manufacturers in the United States market also does not have a future, the Obama administration has alleged dumping of Chinese solar panel.

Therefore, Chinese manufacturers had to turn to the local market opportunities. Research firm NPD Solarbuzz estimates, this year China solar cell and module export volume accounted for 70% of total production, in 2010 this number is 95%. Last year, China’s second largest solar panel manufacturer, British energy company22% of sales come from the Chinese market, in 2010China ‘s market share is 6%. Yingli is expected next year, domestic sales accounted for 35% of revenue. Last year, China overtook Japan to become Asia’s largest solar market, its growth is likely to continue.

Peng Bo news agency report says, this year China will be installed about 3000MW solar facilities,plastic bag manufacturer and in 2010 the installed about 800 mw. NPD Solarbuzz are more optimistic, which is expected in 2012China will add about5000 megawatts of solar power capacity. In view of the European governments to consider further cuts in subsidies, the NPD report said, today’s China is even possible ahead of Germany and Italy, to become the world’s largest solar market.

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