Life need to calm

People need to calm. Calm makes a person sober, sober witty, calm calm, calm to sensible steady, calm person and open-minded, calm to everything in good order and well arranged, calm make fewer mistakes, calm and make people have a connection, calm to look far ahead from a high plane. Don’t blindly calm and lack of vigorous passion. Calm is not equivalent to the cold.
People need passion. Passion makes a decisive, passion makes people dedication, passion makes bold, passionate people can make people be fearless, passion, passion makes people capable of efficient, passion makes people keep on carving, passion to force multiplier, passion to march forward courageously. Don’t blindly high and the loss of sanity. Passion is not equivalent to the impulse.釹孩
Calm is over in one’s mind, passion is make a prompt decision; calm is orchestrated, passion is to realize one’s ambition; calm is uncompromising attention to detail, passion is make snap; calm is the delicate gentle, passion is bold and unrestrained; calm is” without reason together with and without anger” calm, passion is ” move when this skill” and” cool; prime minister belly” tolerance, passion is ” disabilities can be killed without shame” proud; calm” with persistence, perseverance will prevail.” patience, passion is “do not unusual, juvenile white head ” pressing.
Calm is a babbling brook, little, merged into the vast sea; passion is the blood boiling, vigorous flush, writing brilliant life; cool light tea, long aftertaste; passion is mellow liquor, and bold; calm is Xiao Xiao rain, gentle warmth; passion is — lose one’s temper, shaking heaven and earth; calm is the spring warm, warm and pleasant; passion is the passionate summer, autumn cool like a raging fire; is rich, full rich; passion is the winter beauty, sonorous broad-minded.
Calm is a kind of temperament. An elegant elegant temperament. Facing slander the reputation of not dry, not arrogant, not anger by shame, distress not Jing, magnanimous view Yunjuanyunshu, meditation smell an idyllic scene, suddenly falling flowers blossom. Passion is a kind of beauty. A kind of heroic atmosphere of the beautiful. Long storage energy moment spewing out of the volcano, the magnificent, is the earth’s blood boiling! Billow billows roaring surf, the spectacular crest trough, is the sea dripping lyric!
Calm and steady work, passion and vitality of peer. Robust stabilization of a ghost town to scare Zhu Geliang Sima one hundred thousand soldiers, Guan Yunchang Qichongxiaohan a long won the five hurdles six; King Gou Jian sober reflection sleep on the brushwood of Zionist, Cheng Jisihan divinity the sweep away the millions of enemy troops such as reel seats; Lu Xun calm, only face to condemn both in speech and in writing” Hengmeilengdui criticism” reason, Li Bai the bold, to the sky” fly” the straight under three thousand feet” sublime!
In the face of perplexing things, people need calm; in be in grave crisis, people have passion. Being misunderstood, envy, suspicion, people need calm; friends are in trouble, sad, decadent, people must have the passion. Proud, smooth, rich, honor, people need calm; frustrated, frustration, poor, low, people have passion. Face money, beauty, materialistic temptation, people need calm; ideal, facing future, fate, people must have the passion.仁者

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