Android living room computer

To tell the truth, to see the fifth element H100, Xiaobian thought Android HDTV player ( Android living room computer ) is the existing flat computer screen to remove,Yunzhi psp and then change the shell products. Don’t you see almost all of the Android HDTV player interface are densely packed with various widget pendant show yourself as” Strong” instead of puffiness! Although this set to not touch operation television looks so funny!

But when H100cool interface present in front of us, we believe that the report is consistent, the original Android HDTV player can do wow! In fact, although the nature of the function, Android HDTV player in can realize the function of basically the same, but each manufacturer technical strength as well as products hardware configuration level of the impact, the product of different brand in real experience often have a world of difference.

The H100function as Du Fu is busy,PC remote games, chat, shopping, watching movies, music, how a busy office word!
With 16 years of home audio and video product development experience in the fifth natural elements capable of that, from the H100we easily found, not only on the H100system for the optimal depth, the industry’s first fool” one-click direct technology” and” designated location technology” import to become a truly meet the daily television Watch / the habit of using Android HDTV player.

In addition to the products of human nature experience under the foot of the Kung Fu, in the configuration, H100 also called luxury top with Amlogic8726-M main control chip, Cortex-A9multi-core processor, frequency of800Mhz configuration not only can directly realize the1080P hardware decoding, the stability of the system is more prominent.
In particular, the fifth element H100users can also enjoy free fifth elements provided by the official” boutique application service”, users just need to click on the home page of the fifth elements of LOGO images,windsor health can be directly viewed through the fifth elements of official test suitable for television use a variety of application software, but also continuously updated!

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