Long-distance control software

In 1, Rsupport remote control
Rsuupport remote control remote control series is the industry count as one of the very best remote control products. With three products, respectively, RemoteCall, RemoteHelp and RemoteView.
RemoteCall remote support solution RemoteCall is a browser based on Web novel remote control / remote support products,PC remote control it almost covers the remote support all of the required functionality, including instant messaging, desktop sharing, a pair of support, session transfer, URL transmission, remote process management, cross desktop copy, remote reboot connection, the remote card sharing.
RemoteHelp is another remote support products, its function is most associated with RemoteCall, but with RemoteCall and other remote control products, it can be associated with the enterprise website construction website is closely connected to the customer service center, the remote control in the process of information and service site to achieve a uniform data. Customers can log in Web browser sends service request, the system will automatically assign customer service personnel, service personnel through the Internet chat, remote operation mode for real-time support services.
RemoteView RemoteView is a remote control system based on Web available via desktop sharing approach to the operation and management of remote PC remote control tools. It is used for remote control of PC and server, only need to install the client in the controlled terminal, control end in any place at any time, as long as the Internet, can pass PC or mobile phone remote control PC and server. Through the use of RemoteView, can make full use of PC and network, improve the emergency and the emergency handling ability.
This year, Rsupport launched the latest version of RemoteView 5, and were confronted with personal version of ASP and face the enterprise Server version. RemoteView 5Server is the central management of many enterprises PC and server and terminal of the optimal solution, can be used for remote management of POS sales terminals, unattended Kiosk self-service terminal system, DVR video monitoring system terminal, remote management of UNIX, Linux, Mac.
It has the following new features:
(1) to support the Intel vPro ( RWT, AMT ) technology, can control the remote PC power ( ON / OFF ), the weight dress system and BIOS set.
(2) to support Hyper-V, VM, Virtual PC, can be administered alone provided with virtual operating system of PC machine.
(3) to support IVPN function, for in the same network remote terminal, through the IVPN function can also be like in the same network as management.
(4) supports a variety of mobile devices,bluetooth keyboard not only through the support of the Windows Mobile series of intelligent mobile phone and PDA, but also supports the iPhone3G / 3GS remote control.

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