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opened sharply this year capacity

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Solar cell industry opened sharply this year capacity

It is reported that in 2010 mainland cell factory total production expansion accounts for about 1 billion watts, and Taiwan is cell factory, including MAO di, eton, yu jing,solar panel dab4c51ck rise YangKe etc, also in 2010 about 2 billion watts of above expansion plan (table). Among them, the eton general manager GuoJunHua, said 2010 years can be expected demand optimistic e-ton order in good condition, will again pull up increases production target, from the current 320 million watts (numerical capacity, up to 2010 more than 500 MWp.

Moreover, by last year’s total of 600 MW, the goal for this year of up to 800 MW, enlarge factory action will be completed in the third quarter, the target 2011 will output can ascend to 1 GW. In addition, it is worth noting that, because TSMC’s shares by late last year, to cope with the demand of TSMC, chairman MAO’s left yuan huai, said the company would carry out the vertical integration module and increase business. Estimated by the end of this year, the scale of the expansion module to 50 MW, when will be the largest solar module manufacturers in Taiwan.

Yu jing is planning in September before investment of 360 million yuan RMB, and its bamboo south A factory capacity up to 750 MW, when will total by the end of the 600 MW increased to 810 MW. Yu jing will also new bamboo south B factory, initial investment of 2.1 billion yuan RMB factory, and then spend $2.5 billion is set four 50 MW production line,wholesale baby shoes ogkewe25dwe in the first quarter of 2011 to join operation, when total more than 1 GW will. Altman said PanWenYan crystal chairman, capacity in part, at present yu jing already is one of the world’s top five companies, the future is to cover the new factory, is currently for bamboo south land, next year, up to 1 GW capacity of level.

YangKe rise with Taiwan tests, in two factories towards expected this year, equipment capacity of 300 MW by building will (a watts), internal through ascension process technology, the actual and effective capacity can be increased twenty percent to 360 MW. In addition, the rise YangKe investment in mainland of silicon solar energy cell factory JiangXiSheng Yang, the first line 40 MW also in February began production, is expected to expand to 80 MW by the end of the year. JiangXiSheng YangTaiYang can battery products nearly 16% photoelectric conversion rate.

Tai chi in energy technology part, this company general manager XieMingKai points out, the tai chi energy at present in Taiwan in the ~ factory have 60 MW capacity, new fastest 60 MW on April to join operation, July will also will add 120 MW of new capacity, so this year in Taiwan’s capacity up to 240 MW in total. In addition, the tai chi energy technology in mainland China kunshan in jiangsu province east China covers an area of 200 acres of new factory is also in the crush under construction, XieMingKai points out, the tai chi energy technology kunshan factory plan in the first half of 2011 plus 60 MW capacity,personal computer remote when total capacity on both sides will amount to 300 MW target.

treatment of lung cancer

Monday, May 14th, 2012

The best method of treatment of lung cancer
Lung cancer: optimal treatment method? The market various types of traditional Chinese medicine for treating cancer, too many to count uneven, some good and some bad, many patients because of blind medication and illness of incur loss through delay. I hope this article can help you. Excessive chemoradiotherapy and operation will only make the patient kill! In the past ten years, drugs for cancer treatment,Cancer Treatment lung cancer … Guidance: the optimal treatment method? The market various types of traditional Chinese medicine for treating cancer, too many to count uneven, some good and some bad, many patients because of blind medication and illness of incur loss through delay. I hope this article can help you.ocb1d2ccan
Excessive chemoradiotherapy and operation will only make the patient” toss”!
In the past ten years, drugs in the treatment of cancer, has been oppressed, the mainstays of therapy is operation and chemotherapy, but with advances in medicine, chemotherapy and operation treatment for cancer, is not able to achieve radically cured, it may cause many side effects, and even appeared in many cancer patients death, not because of cancer caused by itself, but the excessive chemotherapy and operation for treatment of complications caused by death!
Traditional Chinese medicine + diet + appropriate chemotherapy = long term survival with tumor
It is so, now many Western scientists began to focus on the Chinese medicine treatment of cancer,virtual office more and more scientists began to our country from a traditional Chinese medicine theory to find a breakthrough.
Cancer medicine is mainly the tumor as internal parasites, we can not allow cancer cells to excessive growth, as long as the reduced activity of cancer cells, inhibit the growth of cancer cells, and in vivo carrying one of her body without causing harm to the parasite, or that no relationship! So that we can to extend the cancer patients life!
Chinese herbal medicine recommend:
But reporters also found that the anticancer drugs, too many to count, but really to have good anticancer properties however can be counted on one’s fingers. Here, the author recommend a in cancer control aspects of a very good reputation of products: Qi Australia Taxus brand of Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese herbal medicine Qi Australia Taxus brand is the action mechanism of cut cancer cell replication, is to control the growth of cancer cells to prolong life, reduce pain, improve the quality of life for the purpose of.
Qi Australia Taxus brand of Chinese herbal medicine is currently the only mining is known as “plant Panda” yew of the rare plant medicine brand, Qi Australia Taxus brand whether in early operation treatment or in advanced drug control performance, it is commendable!
Compared to foreign expensive anticancer drugs, Qi Australia Taxus brand the domestic brands, it is sufficient mining the essence of the traditional Chinese medicine, amiable and easy of approach and its price, to meet the domestic many ordinary people’s needs!company formation Completely reversed the dissipate one’s fortune makes patients died of complications of cancer cases occur frequently!

interesting venture projects

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

The niche market of infinite may introduce three interesting venture projects Subdivision, subdivision, subdivision, this is a niche market. Through a small incision, the entry corresponding to the product or service area, Yun Zhiconcentrated force to be the leader, and from local to global market across the country, while the establishment of various barriers, and gradually formed a lasting competitive advantage, it is a focus on market segments of the enterprise bigger and road. If you can find a niche market and stick with it, your life may be changed so as to depression, deserted restaurant into flourishing wineries, and your debt resulting into profit. But in real life, many business owners doing decision-making when, always tend to make their products or services to each individual, while ignoring some demand for large, lucrative niche markets. This period, for all our friends to introduce three niche related business projects, we hope to have inspired: Statistical data shows, left-handed short average life in right-handed people. Why? I’m afraid one cannot ignore the reason lies in the fact that almost all the goods are in accordance with the right habits and design. However, the good news is, more and more businesses started for left-handers specially designed products. A San Francisco ‘s website, called Lefties, sell it for left-handers specially designed merchandise. Whether you are looking for sewing equipment or pink guitar, you will be found in the Lefties corresponding products. According to statistics,wholesale baby clothes suppliers11% of worldwide human left-handedness, namely the global800000000 left-handers. If you are the parents of the triplets, you never alone will not sell to a baby. In baby clothes purchase, you fight is the character: good luck, find the same article of clothing in3 different colors; bad luck, you had to buy three pieces of exactly the same clothes, and people in trouble. Fortunately, a man named wordsation infant clothing company designers have come up with a solution. Wordsation co-founder Naomi Catalina said,” we provide a series of baby clothing design, even the same theme, the detail design is by difference. These clothes can make your triplets exhibited maximum effect, and highlight their personality.” Wordsation are for single children’s clothing, but with the development of marketing, they found that can be gathered in a subdivision of the groups,baby shoes wholesale in reality often have such a niche exists.