opened sharply this year capacity

Solar cell industry opened sharply this year capacity

It is reported that in 2010 mainland cell factory total production expansion accounts for about 1 billion watts, and Taiwan is cell factory, including MAO di, eton, yu jing,solar panel dab4c51ck rise YangKe etc, also in 2010 about 2 billion watts of above expansion plan (table). Among them, the eton general manager GuoJunHua, said 2010 years can be expected demand optimistic e-ton order in good condition, will again pull up increases production target, from the current 320 million watts (numerical capacity, up to 2010 more than 500 MWp.

Moreover, by last year’s total of 600 MW, the goal for this year of up to 800 MW, enlarge factory action will be completed in the third quarter, the target 2011 will output can ascend to 1 GW. In addition, it is worth noting that, because TSMC’s shares by late last year, to cope with the demand of TSMC, chairman MAO’s left yuan huai, said the company would carry out the vertical integration module and increase business. Estimated by the end of this year, the scale of the expansion module to 50 MW, when will be the largest solar module manufacturers in Taiwan.

Yu jing is planning in September before investment of 360 million yuan RMB, and its bamboo south A factory capacity up to 750 MW, when will total by the end of the 600 MW increased to 810 MW. Yu jing will also new bamboo south B factory, initial investment of 2.1 billion yuan RMB factory, and then spend $2.5 billion is set four 50 MW production line,wholesale baby shoes ogkewe25dwe in the first quarter of 2011 to join operation, when total more than 1 GW will. Altman said PanWenYan crystal chairman, capacity in part, at present yu jing already is one of the world’s top five companies, the future is to cover the new factory, is currently for bamboo south land, next year, up to 1 GW capacity of level.

YangKe rise with Taiwan tests, in two factories towards expected this year, equipment capacity of 300 MW by building will (a watts), internal through ascension process technology, the actual and effective capacity can be increased twenty percent to 360 MW. In addition, the rise YangKe investment in mainland of silicon solar energy cell factory JiangXiSheng Yang, the first line 40 MW also in February began production, is expected to expand to 80 MW by the end of the year. JiangXiSheng YangTaiYang can battery products nearly 16% photoelectric conversion rate.

Tai chi in energy technology part, this company general manager XieMingKai points out, the tai chi energy at present in Taiwan in the ~ factory have 60 MW capacity, new fastest 60 MW on April to join operation, July will also will add 120 MW of new capacity, so this year in Taiwan’s capacity up to 240 MW in total. In addition, the tai chi energy technology in mainland China kunshan in jiangsu province east China covers an area of 200 acres of new factory is also in the crush under construction, XieMingKai points out, the tai chi energy technology kunshan factory plan in the first half of 2011 plus 60 MW capacity,personal computer remote when total capacity on both sides will amount to 300 MW target.

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