watermelon more healthy good

Pregnant women to eat watermelon more healthy good
Summer maternity can often eat watermelon, but for the sake of their own and Tai Baobao’s health must pay attention to eat watermelon.
Now, the weather is day by day is hot, it is the season for watermelons. Many mothers are wanted in this big watermelon to cool to quench their thirst. Some mother also told me that would eat watermelon elevated blood sugar,coriolus versicolor and my mother asked me to eat watermelon can lead to preterm birth in pregnant women, so how can eat watermelon? So how to eat watermelon?
In fact, pregnant women can often eat watermelon, but for the sake of their own and Tai Baobao’s health must pay attention to eat watermelon.
Watermelon is good
Watermelon is a very good fruit, not only taste good, and its fruit juice is rich in minerals and vitamins, is the main summer cool fruit.
Watermelon Sugar content is relatively high, you can add energy, can protect liver function, so the mother often eat watermelon is also of great benefit. Some mothers during pregnancy, there will be nervous, gastrointestinal motility, loss of appetite, constipation and other phenomena, then eat the watermelon is not only can add moisture, add sugar, protein, inorganic salts, vitamins and other nutritional intake, stimulation of intestinal peristalsis, and promote smooth stool, can also increase milk secretion.
Pregnant women during pregnancy often eat the watermelon, can not only supplement the body’s nutritional depletion, while also making fetal nutrition better meet. Especially late in pregnancy, pregnant women are often occur with different degree of edema and elevated blood pressure, often eat watermelon, not only can be diuretic to swollen, also lower blood pressure function,LED Lighting manufacturer dab4d55ck it is also useful for the health of pregnant women.
Watermelon note
The expectant mother to eat watermelon is good, but not unrestrained eaters, to a certain amount, eat watermelon not more than 200grams. Because if you eat watermelon too much, will be excessive intake of sugar. As a result of pregnancy female endocrine developed physiological changes, relative deficiency of insulin to glucose, the stabilizing effect decreased, resulting in glucose concentration in the blood is high, occur in diabetic pregnancy, and gestational diabetes mellitus is triggered in pregnant women with miscarriage and preterm delivery is an important reason for this, pregnant women, not excessive eating watermelon.
In addition, some with a cold or nephropathy especially diabetic mother the best eating watermelon, because it will be worse. Especially diabetic mothers, eating watermelon must be under the guidance of a doctor, must not be arbitrary, avoid exacerbations, affecting adults and children’s health.
Also, we choose watermelon to choose fresh, ripe watermelon, do not eat fresh from the fridge watermelon. Because the watermelon temperature is too low, can cause uterine contractions, a serious cause of premature. At the same time mothers should pay attention to, is eating the watermelon is best not to eat before meals, but after eating two pieces, so in order to prevent the loss of appetite.
Now, expectant mothers know,baby wholesale clothing watermelon is a good fruit, but I still want to remind you, mother can not eat watermelon, other fruit to eat, otherwise it will cause vitamin intake is not balanced.

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