use cool water to wash the feet

Women do not use cool water to wash the feet

Woman is not with cold water to wash the feet, especially period. Women each menstrual coming, it means the whole body or local resistance performance dropped, is more susceptible to disease. At this time, with the use of the cold bath foot, cold stimulus will also cause vasoconstriction,be environmental interference HP reduced make uterine and pelvic blood circulation disorder, cause gynecological diseases. So, even if in the hot summer, also want to pay attention to don’t let feet catch cold catch cold, to prevent your feet warm colds, flu, rhinitis, asthma, angina as the disease is a good effect. For children aged and frail and more should be so.

Pay attention to the knee to keep warm

In the rainy day, white-collar women generally do take rain, hurry back to open air conditioning’s office, so that the foot and leg has been catch cold catch cold. Knee meet cold, vascular contraction, blood circulation becomes poor, often make pain worse. In fact, in this the wet environment, which is very likely to have women arthritis. Plus women meet period or insufficient calcium at ordinary times, from arthritis will increase the probability. Therefore, in this case,LED question also women must pay attention to the knees to keep warm, cold weather should pay attention to keep warm and, when necessary, wear the knee, prevent the knee catch cold catch cold.

Sleep every night with warm water wash the feet

Summer can’t for a moment and ignore the importance of foot, protect foot the best thing to do is to sleep every night with warm water wash feet, water is warm with little more than body temperature, it is better to together for better water the ankle. Before sleeping every night with hot water to wash feet, can remove the foot skin metabolism and the decomposition of the bacteria acid product, loss of muscle fatigue, acid bilges feeling, etc. Hot water washing feet produce stimulation still can make all the points all suffer to thermal, lead to foot stasis plug eliminate, so as to promote the whole body blood circulation. If you insist on every day with warm water wash feet, still can rise to adjust blood, eliminate fatigue, increase appetite, ShuJinHuoXie effects on the insomnia, neurasthenia, joint ache, indigestion, waist pain,Summer spats nots allow to ignore stomach and chilblain all over the body such as the local disease or there is some treatment and prevention role.

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