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LED lighting technology

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Domestic LED lighting leading brand AI long w announced recently, the company developed ” LED radiating module technology ” has been the international certification, mass production, region free dvd in product performance has and international brands to match even beyond. According to the insiders, this marks the national brand began to conquer LED lighting technology patent.

As domestic DVD encountered ” patent dilemma “, domestic LED lighting industry is also encountered the transnational enterprise ” technology and “. If you do not master the core technology, may at any time to face the risk of patent infringement. The domestic LED lighting enterprises to increase the technical inputs. AI long W ” sink ” technological breakthrough, is the national LED lighting industry and inspire people ‘s good news.

” Heat ” is the important technical indexes of LED lighting products. Good heat dissipation, means that LED lighting products more energy-efficient, life is longer, and reduce attenuation. Ai Giuvale in 3 years, 300000000 Yuan investment, meticulous research and development of LED radiating module technology, make domestic LED lighting products has a significant technological advantage.

The light bulb for example, AI long tile by ” innovation radiating module technology “, the luminous flux of 20 lumens than international brands under the condition of high energy efficiency ratio, Zone Free DVD dab6d28ck international brands increased by 12.5%, the service life is 2.3 times of the international brand.

” Innovation radiating module technology” has greatly reduced the LED lighting products of light. The so-called light, refers to the LED lighting products after a period of use, the luminous flux is lower than the original. That is to say, LED lamps in use after a period of getting dark. A lot of LED lighting products to use 1 years later, light is about 5%-7%, red wine and AI long w LED lamp lumen can be controlled within 3%, which greatly improve the product cost.

quite a big investment

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Since buying your own panels can be quite a big investment, you need to limit your choices among those that are produced using the best possible processes and put together by the most skilled professionals in the field.Solar Panel Supplier dab6d25ck Here are some guidelines that you may use in finding the right solar panels manufacturers that can give you the system that you need for your home. With these tricks, you should be able to get your hands on a good panel kit without having to spend too much money.

Look for Good Offers on Solar Panels Online

Since it is pretty stressful to visit home improvement shops one by one on your search for the best panels in the market, simply switch on your computer and look for good solar panels manufacturers online. The best companies are bound to have professional websites that will not only give you the information that you need about their product but would also serve as a convenient means for you to inquire about the panels that they sell. Going this route is more convenient than visiting the shops one by one for you can go through a lot of options within minutes.Solar Module Manufacturer Look through client testimonials and reviews as well to ensure that you would be able to get high quality panels in exchange for your investments.

Find those manufacturers that Offer Panels for the Right Price

Generally, a single solar panel sells for around 300 dollars. If you want to ensure that you would be getting a steady flow of electricity to your home, then it will be wise for you to invest on around five panels for your home. With this said, it is important that you peruse the market for solar panels manufacturers that will not cause you to spend more than you necessarily have to. Choose panels that will help you save on the final installation cost that you would have to fend for without, of course, sacrificing the quality of the panels that you will get.

Research the Background

While the best solar panels manufacturers generally sell their products for higher prices, they are also known to release the best power systems in the market. If you want to see to it that you would only be getting your panels from highly reliable solar panels manufacturers, then you should spend the necessary amount of time and energy in looking through the history of the company and reputation.Office Furniture Manufacturers Find out if there are client suits filed against the company and if old clients have had difficulties in using their products. If you find that the company behind the panels that you are planning to buy are prone to experiencing product-related problems in the past, then you may have to reconsider your choice.

Annoying oral ulcer

Monday, September 10th, 2012

The turn of spring and summer, oral cavity ulcer again, occurring in the oral mucosa and tongue edge position, make people can’t move mouth, in case of acid, spicy, salty, sweet food, the sensation of pain is very intense aggravate, reishi make people suffer unspeakably.

Mental stress is a cause of

The incidence of oral ulcer with seasonal unrelated, to young people as the onset of the subject, particularly favored female patients. Primarily because you stay up all night, night life too much, excessive work pressure, suffering from a cold and other factors predisposing to. For in these times, people’s mental stress and physical fatigue, decreased immunity, virus (the oral cavity ulcer pathogens ) will attack, causing oral ulcer.

Suffering from oral ulcer, you pain, can the hospital, the doctor will give you open the anti-inflammatory, analgesic drugs, but without the need for medication, usually after two weeks to recover, but if the spirit of aggravate of pressure, physical fatigue, will relapse.

Self therapy

Chen Ruifang says, Chinese medicine point of view, oral cavity ulcer is generally made of hyperactivity of fire due to yin deficiency caused by the body, eat yin food, at the same time, need to eat more fruit, vegetable vitamin. You can use the following methods —

1 taking Zhibai Dihuang Wan

Chen Ruifang introduces, Zhibai Dihuang Wan has the effect of nourishing yin and clearing heat. Not only was ill can take, usually belong to Yin Huo-wang physique’s person about dab6d23ck can be taken for a long time, the general pharmacies for sale. 2 pot oppositely, Ophiopogon soup with spareribs

Oppositely, Radix two herbs can also heat reduce pathogenic fire detoxification, nourishing Yin, with ribs or lean meat soup to drink together.

The 3 applicator Houfeng powder, pearl powder

Houfeng powder, pearl powder two herbs on skin wound there is convergence of myogenic effect, can be applied to oral pain location, can help restore.

4 drink honey water

Vitamin supplements also help oral ulcer recovery important one annulus, remember to eat more seasonal fruits, such as apples, pitaya etc.. In addition, Chen Ruifang said, is especially suitable for the spring to drink honey water also have an effect, because the spring to protect spleen, online ups power honey water is the spleen function.