Annoying oral ulcer

The turn of spring and summer, oral cavity ulcer again, occurring in the oral mucosa and tongue edge position, make people can’t move mouth, in case of acid, spicy, salty, sweet food, the sensation of pain is very intense aggravate, reishi make people suffer unspeakably.

Mental stress is a cause of

The incidence of oral ulcer with seasonal unrelated, to young people as the onset of the subject, particularly favored female patients. Primarily because you stay up all night, night life too much, excessive work pressure, suffering from a cold and other factors predisposing to. For in these times, people’s mental stress and physical fatigue, decreased immunity, virus (the oral cavity ulcer pathogens ) will attack, causing oral ulcer.

Suffering from oral ulcer, you pain, can the hospital, the doctor will give you open the anti-inflammatory, analgesic drugs, but without the need for medication, usually after two weeks to recover, but if the spirit of aggravate of pressure, physical fatigue, will relapse.

Self therapy

Chen Ruifang says, Chinese medicine point of view, oral cavity ulcer is generally made of hyperactivity of fire due to yin deficiency caused by the body, eat yin food, at the same time, need to eat more fruit, vegetable vitamin. You can use the following methods —

1 taking Zhibai Dihuang Wan

Chen Ruifang introduces, Zhibai Dihuang Wan has the effect of nourishing yin and clearing heat. Not only was ill can take, usually belong to Yin Huo-wang physique’s person about dab6d23ck can be taken for a long time, the general pharmacies for sale. 2 pot oppositely, Ophiopogon soup with spareribs

Oppositely, Radix two herbs can also heat reduce pathogenic fire detoxification, nourishing Yin, with ribs or lean meat soup to drink together.

The 3 applicator Houfeng powder, pearl powder

Houfeng powder, pearl powder two herbs on skin wound there is convergence of myogenic effect, can be applied to oral pain location, can help restore.

4 drink honey water

Vitamin supplements also help oral ulcer recovery important one annulus, remember to eat more seasonal fruits, such as apples, pitaya etc.. In addition, Chen Ruifang said, is especially suitable for the spring to drink honey water also have an effect, because the spring to protect spleen, online ups power honey water is the spleen function.

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