LED lighting technology

Domestic LED lighting leading brand AI long w announced recently, the company developed ” LED radiating module technology ” has been the international certification, mass production, region free dvd in product performance has and international brands to match even beyond. According to the insiders, this marks the national brand began to conquer LED lighting technology patent.

As domestic DVD encountered ” patent dilemma “, domestic LED lighting industry is also encountered the transnational enterprise ” technology and “. If you do not master the core technology, may at any time to face the risk of patent infringement. The domestic LED lighting enterprises to increase the technical inputs. AI long W ” sink ” technological breakthrough, is the national LED lighting industry and inspire people ‘s good news.

” Heat ” is the important technical indexes of LED lighting products. Good heat dissipation, means that LED lighting products more energy-efficient, life is longer, and reduce attenuation. Ai Giuvale in 3 years, 300000000 Yuan investment, meticulous research and development of LED radiating module technology, make domestic LED lighting products has a significant technological advantage.

The light bulb for example, AI long tile by ” innovation radiating module technology “, the luminous flux of 20 lumens than international brands under the condition of high energy efficiency ratio, Zone Free DVD dab6d28ck international brands increased by 12.5%, the service life is 2.3 times of the international brand.

” Innovation radiating module technology” has greatly reduced the LED lighting products of light. The so-called light, refers to the LED lighting products after a period of use, the luminous flux is lower than the original. That is to say, LED lamps in use after a period of getting dark. A lot of LED lighting products to use 1 years later, light is about 5%-7%, red wine and AI long w LED lamp lumen can be controlled within 3%, which greatly improve the product cost.

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