Family Travel

Went to an invigorating autumn climate season, cool weather is most suitable for travel, but also the coming National Day Golden Week holiday for 8 days free and high speed, many families intend in this time to go out travel. Because many families have old person, child, dvd to ipad dab8d28ck one family travel many times more than five people, so the selection of a spacious, comfortable ridding in high-end commercial vehicles is very necessary, a high performance car, can let the family travel easier and more enjoyable. Therefore, EHI car rental car according to the family population characteristics, especially recommended the following three popular in high-end business model, for the majority of the friends reference.

With the PASSAT brand has always been excellent quality and bloodline, Volkswagen Passat new Passat one listed were warmly pursued, its appearance has written a new design language, the image is more modern and luxurious, EHI car rental business in the car, it is also one of the most popular models.

In addition, the interior appearance of many innovative, configuration increases, comfort and safety is enhanced new Passat is a major feature of. Six disc CD eight horn Deluxe sound system, three screen DVD entertainment system, multifunction steering wheel copy movie to ipod can make you tired journey enjoy more happiness, electronic stability program ESP, HBA hydraulic brake assist system and HHC ramp auxiliary system can guarantee the vehicle running safety.

C5 as Dongfeng Citroen senior car comfort model, its atmospheric appearance, comfortable interior, excellent performance and security, are regarded as the global standard of quality assurance. While maintaining the elegant, excellent ride, complete safety, leapfrog configuration based on the inherent advantages, C5 in dynamic combination, interior appearance, technology equipment to further enhance, to achieve a ” dynamic ” and “comfort”, ” 3+X ” security, distinguished image and human technology equipment comprehensive beyond, for consumers to create a full range of the noble enjoyment. Honor the style and excellent quality for the mainstream elite, Wireless keyboard open it in the green mountains and rivers hang, is absolutely the future Supreme enjoyment.

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