LED lamp is not bright enough

40 Watt light 25 LED yuan / only, the same wattage incandescent lamp is 2 yuan / incandescent lamps are eliminated, Viribright LED globe lamp dab8d29ck the LED lights up, is a trend, but not as national five ministries that fast and comprehensive. An incandescent lamp LED relative to the price advantage, short-term inside still exist; on the other hand, LED lamp enterprises ” homogenization, spell the price ” sales strategy to the domestic market prospects are overshadowed by.

Five ministries and commissions under the state ” on the gradual ban on imports and sales of ordinary incandescent lighting announcement “, since October 1st this year to ban the import and sale of 100 tile and more general lighting incandescent lamp. The reporter visited the Shanghai Pudong New Area Hengda building materials market, although the ” buy incandescent lamps, but the customer is not a lot of ” lighting stores also have 100 watts and above the incandescent lamp, ” 100 watt incandescent lamp every 2.5 yuan “.

LED lamp and incandescent lamp, its greatest development power is the advantages of energy saving and environment protection. But because the cost is too high, resulting in prices than traditional lighting up several grades, to allow consumers to truly be most willing to consumer, also need to further the price drops.

” 40 Watt light 25 LED yuan / only, the same wattage incandescent lamp is 2 yuan / only. ” A shop sales personnel, although the LED lamp price has been a continuous downward trend, but the real reach consumers that a bottom line, Viribright LED Bulb Brand also need a period of time.

Experts said, the high price is a drag on LED lamp sales slump in a major culprit, but people on the LED lamps popularity is not high sales to pick a big reason. Speaking of LED many people only think of LED display screen, television, but did not know that LED can also be used for lighting, may you will feel this is very strange, but this situation is very common. Even if some people on LED energy-saving lamps to understand somewhat, but knowledge is also not comprehensive enough, see LED lamp only power and price, on the relevant parameters do not understand.

At present domestic LED market is taking the ” homogenization, spell the price ” of the road. European and American economic downturn, the domestic LED enterprises export orders fell sharply this year, but the industry is not optimistic about the prospects of domestic LED enterprises. Jiangsu province Changzhou city LED association president Gu Wenjun had ” complain “, foreign LED market competition system is more complete, your products as long as the quality advantage, Mini wireless keyboard will have good market. While the domestic market is relatively mature, the competition ability of the product key from enterprise’s price, public relations ability and interpersonal relationship.

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