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Sunday, November 4th, 2012

This side suction sings leading role: oil net structure of different cleaning methods and easy cleaning degree is divided into a plurality of grades

For the love of fried fried Chinese style kitchen, a strong force and easy for cleaning lampblack machine is essential. Approaching Spring Festival, home range hood is the changing or the cleaning? Many families cook women are likely to face such doubt. Reporter visited several large-scale appliance stores learned this year, the lampblack machine side suction sings leading role, but because the oil net structure of different cleaning methods, and easy cleaning degree is divided into a plurality of grades, with misaligned double oil majority, 3 layer U shape turbulent oil and with automatic cleaning function of high-end lampblack machine is not cheap, but due to clean and easy to clean, so it is very popular in market.

Strong suction side suction main reason is.

Yesterday, the reporter visited Foshan several large-scale appliance stores, found the side suction type fume exhauster occupied many brands of household kitchen utensils Exhibition Hall ‘s half of the country. Why businessmen pushing side suction type?

In the United States based kitchen exhibition hall, where the line nearly 20 prototype, almost uniform are side suction type fume exhauster; while in Canbo, vatti, macro, vanward and several large domestic kitchenware brand exhibition hall, the side suction hoods are also placed in the most significant position, occupied the lampblack for more than 80% of the proportion of. According to the United States Hua store a shopping guide, side suction type fume exhauster with strong suction, easy cleaning, coupled with the appearance of fashion, do not meet, no matter is placed in a closed or open kitchen are very appropriate, therefore, has become many families buy new lampblack machine is preferred.

” Side suction type fume exhauster has now become a hot market ‘s flagship product, now the new decoration of the family, LED manufacturer dab3d12ck especially the ability to purchase a building in young consumers, basically will consider the purchase side suction type products, will still consider the traditional straight suction products are basically in elderly customers. ” A guide Miss disclosed Canbo kitchenware.

Cause the side suction type fume exhauster popular main reason is that the oil smoke cleaning ability plus oil Netease, fashionable appearance does not meet the traditional straight suction type fume exhauster; although the oil fume filtering capacity, but the oil discharging and cleaning are very troublesome, new side suction hoods are basically avoided the trouble, ” effect of oil smoke suction and filtration capacity mainly lies in the smoke collecting chamber oil net. “

Canbo appliance guide young lady tells a reporter, traditional lampblack machine adopts tank smoke collecting cavity or deep type fume collecting cavity, easy to meet, oil net use net or hole structure, is not easy to clean. The new side suction type fume exhauster motor volute power basic can reach 200W, compared to the traditional straight suction type fume exhauster 180 ~ 190W has been significantly improved, and exhaust air rate can reach 14~ 18.9m3/ seconds, basic need not worry about oil smoke absorption capacity; and with 2 stainless steel layer displacement oil and 3 layer U shape turbulent oil composition, vertical groove type DC structure, not too many corners and holes, the oil fume separation effect is very good. The assembly and the disassembly are very convenient and easy cleaning, just press the switch can be, but for the turbine power requirements are also higher.

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