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cause uke to accept the technique

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

First, there is the basic aikido technique. This is the angle of attacker’s arm, as harmonized with by the defender’s arm.

Whichever way the Attacker’s arm is presented, the defender must offer an unbendable arm, and in precisely the right angle to deflect, or to give way.

If he deflects, it is to enter with that unbendable arm, and to cause uke to accept the technique.

If he gives way it is to spin the body so that both attacker and defender are going in the same direction.

The trick is to be able to find this right angle for every technique, and every time. This awareness of time and motion is what makes a simple martial artist into an aikido master.

Second, there is how far an accomplished aikidoist can place his intention into the body of Uke. This is tricker to explain, though there is still a simplicity here.

Begin with a static technique, say a simple cross arm wrist twist, which is to say the attacker grabs the defender’s wrist with his right hand.

The defender places his left hand over the attacker’s right hand, and circles his right hand clockwise. The result is ikkyo, or wrist control number one.

But, the actuality is that there is a simple crank, with precise angles that fit the ‘squirmings’ of the defender’s body.

All angles being correct, the defender simply presses forward (over) and down towards the attacker’s tan tien.

Simple, so far. Right?

But an Aikido master, in the middle of motion, bypasses the wrist) and drives his intention to the elbow.

Repeat, no matter how the defender is moving, the Aikido master keeps a lock on the wrist and puts pressure on the elbow. Or… the shoulder.

Or… the whole body!

It is this factor, being able to drive intention and awareness through the attacker’s body, that makes an Aikido master.

Go on, see if what I have said here is true. Watch a master at work, watch aikido master Morihei Ueshiba, and see if you can perceive the direction of his awareness while he is in motion. Or even while he is standing still.

Council Tax

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Lets face it anybody who pays this finds it difficult to digest. There is no way we have any control over this ridiculous tax which is supposed to fund every council service you can think of but provides no service that anybody is happy with.


Mortgages again are very hard to reduce. JiaBao jigeno145geze You can shop around for better interest rates or fixed interest rates. These seem such a hassle and sometimes involve arrangement fees and valuation fees so it seems easier to stay where you are. However with the internet making everything now so easy to access there isn’t really an excuse for at least not looking at what deals maybe out there that may suit you. Another idea for “younger couples” is to extend the term of your mortgage which is getting more and more common with the rise in house prices.

General Expenses

Its always looking through your monthly bank statements to see where you can make any changes.

Do you really need to see the beautician or hairdresser that often?

Do you need to buy so many clothes/shoes so often?

Do you really need the huge Sky package? Could you get by with lessbiscuit tin box choice.

Can you switch your mobile phone package? Do you need that many texts and minutes.

Is your internet package meeting your needs – do you need to up or down grade?

Can you use your leisure time in a different way – do you need to eat out that often?

Do you take full advantage of the expensive gym membership?

For most of us we will already doing exactly what we’re happy with and what we can afford. However should you wish to change anything go through the above list and tweak things here and there to make them more suitable for yourself.

There are lots of “thrifty” websites which are worth looking at simply because they suggest little ideas which can make a big difference.

Everyone should do there bit for the environment regardless of whether you’re interested in saving money or not. Our little contributions are all worth doing, recycling etc. But with parcels now going here,tin box for food there and everywhere the transport companies should be more responsible and we should try and use couriers and freight companies which encourage return loads and therefore are not running on empty.