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Office furniture surface maintenance tips

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Alcohol washed plush sofa, fabric sofa usable brush dipped in some diluted alcohol swept brush, use a hair dryer, such as meeting juice stains,Philips PAR38 dab5d63ck with 1 tsp Baking soda and water and mix thoroughly, reoccupy cloth wipe, besmirch can drop.

Dip in milk wiping wooden office furniture, take a piece of clean cloth in outdated not drinking the dip in milk, and then use the cloth to clean the table, file cabinet series file cabinet, wooden furniture, decontamination effect is very good, the final reuse water brush. Use egg to wipe dirty leather sofa, a piece of clean cloth dipped in some egg white polished, can remove smear, and can make the surface bright start.

Painted furniture contaminated by dust, can be used wet gauze to wipe package tea residue, or cold tea scrub, will be more bright. Log furniture finishing method, log furniture available water wax water spray directly in the furniture surface, and then dry soft cloth dry, furniture will be bright. If it is found that the surface scratches,A19 LED Light Manufacturer can be first coated with cod liver oil, to be a day later with a damp cloth.

Furniture maintenance experts said: if the office furniture surface dirty, clean furniture before, should use the feather duster, soft cleaner surface dust processing, reoccupy soft cloth gently wipe, but with a small amount of water or the amount of detergent for cleaning. For the plate, can periodically ” furniture care solution ” for processing, and keep the inner part of the cabinet body clean.

In order to ensure the long term of office furniture surface bright as new, should avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. I will not cold or hot items directly engaged in the furniture surface, also will not sharp or rough object is directly placed in the bottom surface of the furniture, not to the organic solvent is placed directly on the desktop using the.

Decorative hardware ( including gold ) parts only need to gently care with a dry cloth, do not use chemical cleaning agents,Office furniture cabinet avoid using acidic liquid cleaning plated parts, such as gold-plated surface appear difficult to remove the black, used kerosene to clean, cleaning.