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use cool water to wash the feet

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Women do not use cool water to wash the feet

Woman is not with cold water to wash the feet, especially period. Women each menstrual coming, it means the whole body or local resistance performance dropped, is more susceptible to disease. At this time, with the use of the cold bath foot, cold stimulus will also cause vasoconstriction,be environmental interference HP reduced make uterine and pelvic blood circulation disorder, cause gynecological diseases. So, even if in the hot summer, also want to pay attention to don’t let feet catch cold catch cold, to prevent your feet warm colds, flu, rhinitis, asthma, angina as the disease is a good effect. For children aged and frail and more should be so.

Pay attention to the knee to keep warm

In the rainy day, white-collar women generally do take rain, hurry back to open air conditioning’s office, so that the foot and leg has been catch cold catch cold. Knee meet cold, vascular contraction, blood circulation becomes poor, often make pain worse. In fact, in this the wet environment, which is very likely to have women arthritis. Plus women meet period or insufficient calcium at ordinary times, from arthritis will increase the probability. Therefore, in this case,LED question also women must pay attention to the knees to keep warm, cold weather should pay attention to keep warm and, when necessary, wear the knee, prevent the knee catch cold catch cold.

Sleep every night with warm water wash the feet

Summer can’t for a moment and ignore the importance of foot, protect foot the best thing to do is to sleep every night with warm water wash feet, water is warm with little more than body temperature, it is better to together for better water the ankle. Before sleeping every night with hot water to wash feet, can remove the foot skin metabolism and the decomposition of the bacteria acid product, loss of muscle fatigue, acid bilges feeling, etc. Hot water washing feet produce stimulation still can make all the points all suffer to thermal, lead to foot stasis plug eliminate, so as to promote the whole body blood circulation. If you insist on every day with warm water wash feet, still can rise to adjust blood, eliminate fatigue, increase appetite, ShuJinHuoXie effects on the insomnia, neurasthenia, joint ache, indigestion, waist pain,Summer spats nots allow to ignore stomach and chilblain all over the body such as the local disease or there is some treatment and prevention role.

Let you stay away from bad mood

Friday, July 20th, 2012

When the mood is bad? Everyone may have different methods, to unpack to vent. Want to put these words to my friend, when it is not a happy time, can some small method to jump out of trouble.

Learned silence

Sometimes,Hong Kong Company you be misunderstood, you don’t want to argue, so choose silence. Was not all people know you, so you think you don’t have to be all over the world. But sometimes, you were misunderstood by your lover, sad to think not contend, and only choose silence. The world could not understand you, but he should understand, if he actually can’t understand, what more can I say? Life often have nothing to say all the time even schubert, after all, is not all the truth are can list clearly, even may have no real is with the. So, don’t want to talk, they don’t say it, in many of the use of it, perhaps silence is the best explanation.

At least calm

When you had fallen to the bottom of your life, every people around you would tell you: be strong, and to be happy. Strong would be necessary, but be happy? In this case, serious occation. After all, who can in head-broken time still feel happy? But at least keep calm. Look at this calmly and quietly put other this of things right. Calm, no happy, also do not have not happy.

Learn to bend over, it is unexpected harvestProblems and benefit of Offshore Company

And others happen on temporary suspension of opinion, caused the conflict on what words, so you worried because you think all is the others malicious. Don’t much, home to clean the floor now. Carry a piece of cloth, bend, knees with land, before you on this floor to every corner of the wipe clean back and forth. And then to reflection the conflict, said’s every word. Now, you find yourself in fact also have a wrong place, isn’t it? You are flat gas and the heart, isn’t it? Sometimes you must learn to bend over, because this movement can let you humble. Labor body while, you also polished his mood. And you also have a bright and clean the floor? This is your second harvest.

Don’t think if we had

You say, life is a have an infinite number of fork in the long, always kept to choose. If just choose to eat Fried noodles or Fried rice, influence may not seem like much, but choose what to read department, do what work, got married or not getting married, or to have children, each option far-reaching influence, and different choice must also make completely different life. And you said, do not bear the feeling of the life, is the life without heavy to chance. If we had such as how to what, he wouldn’t be how to how to… This kind of disappointed with mumbling to himself, or don’t much to say. Each of the fork in the choice no real good and bad, and that as long as the life as himself. Unique creation, will not frequently look back if had different choice.

Work hard, whether success or not at least once beautiful

The walk, you see a plant vines attached to the trunk, and soft and solid-each other, you touched on this JingMei scene. Let’s stop in happiness and belonging. You want to. Don’t know there will be how a rain destroy? Maybe cane will break, tree would pour, May Day HuiHuang, to the old. And you want to. So,what is mutual fund please stop at this point it’s time. Stop case that is eternal. If this JingMei eternity, the moment, the future of all kinds of disaster may encounter, and has got the comfort and reward.