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Aroma therapy

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

In 200 ml of cold water or hot water is added in1~ 2 drops of lavender essential oil, a small towel into the water soaked, and then remove the towel,PC remote applied on the affected region of about 1~ 2minutes, so repeatedly. Vapor method to buy a fragrance lamp, in the small dish add water and a few drops of essential oils, and then ignited smokeless candles.

According to the different essential oils, its Liuxiang vary. If your skin into the autumn and winter, becomes dry, allergy, following some simple deployment method, can help relieve your trouble.

1very dry, desquamate: Rose essential oil + sandalwood essential oil + Chamomile essential oil.

2, itchy allergy: Yunzhi EssenceRose essential oil + lavender essential oil + Chamomile essential oil.

3dry skin, aging: Rose essential oil + orange flower essential oil + jasmine essential oil.

4dry skin but will be out of oil: Geranium essential oil + lavender essential oil + Yilan.

Dry skin lavender, sandalwood, orange blossom, rose, geranium.

Oily skin bergamot, eucalyptus, lavender, tea tree, lemon, rosemary, geranium, sandalwood.

Mixed skin Yilan, jasmine, furniture Allergic skin lavender, sandalwood, orange blossom, rose, camomile.

Life need to calm

Friday, April 13th, 2012

People need to calm. Calm makes a person sober, sober witty, calm calm, calm to sensible steady, calm person and open-minded, calm to everything in good order and well arranged, calm make fewer mistakes, calm and make people have a connection, calm to look far ahead from a high plane. Don’t blindly calm and lack of vigorous passion. Calm is not equivalent to the cold.
People need passion. Passion makes a decisive, passion makes people dedication, passion makes bold, passionate people can make people be fearless, passion, passion makes people capable of efficient, passion makes people keep on carving, passion to force multiplier, passion to march forward courageously. Don’t blindly high and the loss of sanity. Passion is not equivalent to the impulse.釹孩
Calm is over in one’s mind, passion is make a prompt decision; calm is orchestrated, passion is to realize one’s ambition; calm is uncompromising attention to detail, passion is make snap; calm is the delicate gentle, passion is bold and unrestrained; calm is” without reason together with and without anger” calm, passion is ” move when this skill” and” cool; prime minister belly” tolerance, passion is ” disabilities can be killed without shame” proud; calm” with persistence, perseverance will prevail.” patience, passion is “do not unusual, juvenile white head ” pressing.
Calm is a babbling brook, little, merged into the vast sea; passion is the blood boiling, vigorous flush, writing brilliant life; cool light tea, long aftertaste; passion is mellow liquor, and bold; calm is Xiao Xiao rain, gentle warmth; passion is — lose one’s temper, shaking heaven and earth; calm is the spring warm, warm and pleasant; passion is the passionate summer, autumn cool like a raging fire; is rich, full rich; passion is the winter beauty, sonorous broad-minded.
Calm is a kind of temperament. An elegant elegant temperament. Facing slander the reputation of not dry, not arrogant, not anger by shame, distress not Jing, magnanimous view Yunjuanyunshu, meditation smell an idyllic scene, suddenly falling flowers blossom. Passion is a kind of beauty. A kind of heroic atmosphere of the beautiful. Long storage energy moment spewing out of the volcano, the magnificent, is the earth’s blood boiling! Billow billows roaring surf, the spectacular crest trough, is the sea dripping lyric!
Calm and steady work, passion and vitality of peer. Robust stabilization of a ghost town to scare Zhu Geliang Sima one hundred thousand soldiers, Guan Yunchang Qichongxiaohan a long won the five hurdles six; King Gou Jian sober reflection sleep on the brushwood of Zionist, Cheng Jisihan divinity the sweep away the millions of enemy troops such as reel seats; Lu Xun calm, only face to condemn both in speech and in writing” Hengmeilengdui criticism” reason, Li Bai the bold, to the sky” fly” the straight under three thousand feet” sublime!
In the face of perplexing things, people need calm; in be in grave crisis, people have passion. Being misunderstood, envy, suspicion, people need calm; friends are in trouble, sad, decadent, people must have the passion. Proud, smooth, rich, honor, people need calm; frustrated, frustration, poor, low, people have passion. Face money, beauty, materialistic temptation, people need calm; ideal, facing future, fate, people must have the passion.仁者

America SunPower production

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

The United States of America SunPower production efficiency of 24% of the amorphous silicon solar cell The United States of America SunPowerHTPC Keyboard company announced on March 28, 2012, has started production trial stage unit conversion efficiency is about 24% of the crystalline silicon solar cell.

The company will begin production unit known as the third generation of the “Maxeon” unit, the size is 160mm square, unit conversion efficiency up to 24%. The unit module scheduled in 2012supply. Included in the unit, SunPower battery unit is characterized by the use of a back contact technology, removed in the unit surface shading electrode.

The president and CEO Tom Werner said:” we succeeded in making a global maximum conversion efficiency of the solar cell unit from research stage to the production stage. We produce the unit will continue to industry-leading position.” China has become the world’s largest solar cell industry basesolar module cell but because the Chinese domestic market purchase and installation of solar power generation system of the demand for smaller, Chinese manufacturers to focus on export, especially for Germany and other European regions, the state of solar energy products subsidies contribute to the expansion of demand. However, given that the debt crisis in Europe, European governments are no longer on the solar products purchase subsidies. Chinese manufacturers in the United States market also does not have a future, the Obama administration has alleged dumping of Chinese solar panel.

Therefore, Chinese manufacturers had to turn to the local market opportunities. Research firm NPD Solarbuzz estimates, this year China solar cell and module export volume accounted for 70% of total production, in 2010 this number is 95%. Last year, China’s second largest solar panel manufacturer, British energy company22% of sales come from the Chinese market, in 2010China ‘s market share is 6%. Yingli is expected next year, domestic sales accounted for 35% of revenue. Last year, China overtook Japan to become Asia’s largest solar market, its growth is likely to continue.

Peng Bo news agency report says, this year China will be installed about 3000MW solar facilities,plastic bag manufacturer and in 2010 the installed about 800 mw. NPD Solarbuzz are more optimistic, which is expected in 2012China will add about5000 megawatts of solar power capacity. In view of the European governments to consider further cuts in subsidies, the NPD report said, today’s China is even possible ahead of Germany and Italy, to become the world’s largest solar market.

brightness decays slower

Monday, March 26th, 2012

In the general economic conditions permit should choose brightness decays slower than the four element LED.
White is the RGB brightness proportion, when the light is green with 69% luminance brightness, red21%, blue brightness is 10%,LED Lighting module blending human eyes feel is pure white. But LED RGB color coordinates for process reasons cannot reach the chromatographic effect, while the control colors comprises a deviation of the color brightness white light, known as color.

When the full color LED display screen color, in order to achieve the optimal brightness and the lowest cost, should choose trichromatic luminous intensity into approximately3: 6:1ratio of LED devices composed of pixels.
White balance requirements of three primary colors in the same tone gray value synthesis is still pure white. Primary colors, color:

Color refers to synthesis of a variety of colors of the basic color. Light of red, green, and blue primary colors for the spectrum, table, table three vertex as the ideal primary color wavelength. If the primary color deviation, can be synthesized color regions can be reduced, the spectral form in the triangle will be reduced, from the visual point of view, the color will not only has deviation, rich degree of reduction.

LED issued a red, green, and blue light at different wavelengths according to its characteristics and can be divided into pure red, purple, orange, orange, orange, yellow, green, green, green, blue and green, blue, purple, blue, orange, yellow, blue and purple is pure red, pure green, pure blue price cheap a lot.Bluetooth keyboard device The three primary colors of green is most important, because green took white in 69% brightness, color and in horizontal rows list center. Therefore in weighing the color purity and price relationship between the two, the green is considered on the object.

Remote shutdown unreliable

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Now color TV and other electrical appliances have remote control. Most remote machine function, a lot of people watch TV, press the remote shutdown button.PC remote In fact, this is not desirable.

Because it is only the TV high voltage part of the cut off machine, image display and sound, and the machine power supply rectifying part, a remote control signal receiving section and kinescope filament is still in working condition.

In a short period of time can certainly play TV pause function, if time is too long, in addition to TV unnecessary power consumption can also cause internal CRT TV fever, and other component aging, affect the using life.

Therefore, the remote control transmitter” shutdown” key is not for color TV power switch is used, only the power switch is in the “off” state, it is really close color tv.

Other such as video, audio equipment, Fly mouse aprereciciar apreopiear remote control fans and other electrical appliances remote controller is the same principle.

Furniture structure

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Reasonable structure of furniture parts bonding method and assembly relationship. Reasonable structure can not only increase the strength of furniture, raw material saving design of furniture
Material, which is convenient for mechanization,BLN Design automation of production, but also can strengthen the furniture plastic arts personality. According to the function requirements of structural design, material properties and process technology terms and conditions, including joint style selection, stability and strength calculation, value analysis in 3 aspects.

Bonding mode is selected according to the properties of various materials, furniture form, strength requirements and possible technology conditions
Stability checking calculation of strength and stability are objects keep it the location of the property,Bluetooth Keyboard intensity of an object is defined resistance may cause damage, bent and inclined any external performance. The traditional design idea for the stability of the furniture, take strengthens the leg material approach; the concept of modern design to furniture stability and strength calculation.
Furniture load constant load and live load of two categories. Constant load is the weight of furniture parts furniture itself in size and material are determined can be calculated; live load is likely to appear in the furniture of the person or object weight, according to the use function of furniture are calculated. Live load direction, shock and transient characteristic, can be caused by sliding or overturning, in furniture design should be taken into account in the calculation of the strength. Furniture stability mainly consider furniture in the vertical force and lateral thrust stability problem.
Stable conditions for MO ( cause to overturn moment ) less than MR ( resistance to overturning moment ); furniture strength calculation mainly consider the parts strength and bond strength between parts. Parts strength depends on the part’s material properties, material size and cross section shape, bonding strength depends on the bonding method and material properties.
Strength calculation formula is: strength calculation formula
Type [ sigma ] for permissible stress; sigma Max section appears in the maximum stress; M section bending moment; W2 section modulus of bending.
Through checking the stability and strength calculation, can make the design of the furniture of reasonable and firm structure, selection of materials and size requirements, to avoid blindly increase the strength and the choice of materials, resulting in a waste of.
Value analysis to the low cost, the highest technical means, select the necessary parts, the best way of bonding, the most reasonable process, so that the furniture was the best function. Value analysis considering zero, the configuration of components, is to ensure that the most necessary arrangement consisting of furniture use function; component, size specifications from the shape, function, the intensity of the 3 aspects of comprehensive analysis is the most reasonable;
The structure and jointing method in technical condition to ensure that the premise is the most simplified;Android TV Remote a variety of materials science, chemical properties change on the strength and stability of furniture has what effect, the technological methods to prevent these changes.

colours all Raiders

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Office furniture color a riot of colours all Raiders
Now office furniture will use color””. Wuhan family office furniture is best? Now popular office furniture consists of dark and light. Dark line about 5 tones: Brown, gray, brown, red and blue. Usually gray for desk; black, brown for boss chair and parlor chairs; blue and red do office formation Because blue light and red blindness fast; there are solemn and lively; black, Brown has been giving dignified sense, use them to decorate the meeting room, will induce you to concentrate. In recent years the prevalence of light-colored breaks through the traditional maple, white color and Sapele color has also been widely used, which makes the office in the color produced jumping, light-coloured classes Desk, cabinets, screens, office more lively.

In general, office color configuration according to the” big jump, small harmony ” principle. ” Great leap” refers to the office between the color change. If you have two rooms two office office, can choose different tone, such as office dark walnut color as the main tone, will choose the light blue as dominant hue, this is the” great leap”; each room’s doors and windows, furniture and even the floor surface of office archives and petty office supplies to maintain their overall harmonious, is” small harmony”. So, even though your work and limited range of motion, but everywhere I will give you find everything fresh and new feeling.
Color conveys information
In the office, each color has its own language, it will be to your colleagues and customers to convey a certain psychological information. For example, black gives a person the sense of loneliness, but there is also a kind of noble and dignified; brown that act as an elder, but different concentrations of Brown has not the old dark, will produce a fine powder; red too obtrusive, and if the quiet cool tune, can show the young and lively; the clay yellow excessive element, if happy and warm hands, it is easy to show their elegant.
The different nature of the work and a different character, so that people in the office furniture selection differences exist. Leaders like a dark line; white-collar women just more like bright light; designers need offbeat colors inspired.
In order to avoid monochromatic monotone, vision of jumping, office of office furniture color is also very important. Purple with blue gives quiet feeling; magenta and blue make people feel bright; that with white is elegant; pink with white conveyed youth; dark brown with pale yellow can make you look more mature; light gray with black appear grave; red with black can attract each other ‘s sight; dark green with the paired with the naturals natural; blue with light blue makes a person feel at ease; bright yellow with black, can easily give a person jumps to beauty.
Good hundred years of office furniture Expo Center model using virtual display, a variety of creative colors make people stick out a mile, to allow consumers to get a lot of inspiration. However, the working environment of harmony basically also relies on his own to create. As long as you know the color also has its own character and style, so that different character color complements mutually, harmonious collocation,solar wafer we can change the office the dull atmosphere, with the abundance of a riot of colours.

haulage company or in fact any company

Friday, February 24th, 2012

If you work in finance for a haulage company or in fact any company which has a large amount of mobile staff, or even if you are one of the mobile staff, petrol receipts are probably really annoying for you.

It’s an inefficient system really isn’t it, drivers paying for their own petrol and submitting receipts each month and getting reimbursed in their salaries. What a pain for everyone involved. It takes a lot of time to process and surely your finance team has better things to do than this? And isn’t it silly for drivers to have to make sure they have enough cash up front to pay for all their expenses?

Fuel cards can sort this problem out for you by creating an account that you pay off each month – your drivers simply use their cards to pay for fuel and it gets charged to you. There’s lots of different options available so you can work out the best system and choose a fuel card that’s right for you, but one of the biggest challenges might be getting your Managing Director to agree to the change. Here are some key points:

· You can get standardised fuel pricing, making predicting business costs month to month so much easier.

· You could end up paying a lot less than you are paying now for petrol or diesel. While policies vary and not all offer savings, fuel cards can cut your fuel costs, particularly if your drivers travel across the country and fill up in different regions. A standardised price model can eliminate the extra costs of filling up in an expensive area.

· Automation is the future of business – by automating processes you get a lot more control and information. Information is the key to making good decisions, and the dashboards and reports available with a fuel card make it easy to view and track the details of how much your drivers spend and where they fill up and identify any unusual behaviour or areas to save in.

· It’s easy to make efficiency savings with fuel cards. Not just in cutting down the admin time associated with processing the payments, but also with VAT and associated taxes, as fuel card accounts make this easier.

Working out how much time you spend on processing fuel payments and also demonstrating how little usable business information you have about the company’s fuel spending habits should convince your MD to choose a fuel card and join the future of business expenses.

child to suck milk

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Known living bear bile is like a child to suck milk
Son of the bear, Ann knows the pain with and without pain? In February 22nd, Fujian Huian County, Guizhen hall held bear expert informal discussion site is full of smell of gunpowder.
The participating experts and simplicity Hall says, bear looks painful. A reporter asked: “you are not a bear, what do you know about bear pain!” Zhang Zhijun then asked the Church Board of simplicity:” you’re not bear, luck2012what do you know about bear the pain?” [ related topics: bear not Shendan Miao medicine! ]
According to media reports, the living bear bile scene is expert in girls pierced to compare, and experts to milk the cows and children suck the breast for more than.
A reporter’s question, the bear and the incidence of health? Simplicity hall aspects of response to say, main cold, no liver disease and cancer.
A reporter asked if there is a kind of disease does not eat bear drug will die? Chinese medicine experts Zhang Shichen said:” I do not know, do not eat bread will be a dead person have?” The reporter:” the original bear like steamed bread?” Zhang Shichen did not answer.
Why the bear in bile before the hot-tempered, but to take the bile link suddenly become quiet, experts at the scene did not give the answer. Public opinion thinks, the prescribed time, delimit area, defined populations of investigation can only be seen by anesthesia “model bears”.
In the simplicity of church expert informal discussion is held before long, Animals Asia Foundation at the Check Inn Hotel has accepted the media interview. It is understood, encounters is not over yet,96325 some media left to attend the conference of Animals Asia foundation.
Simplicity hall a Zhang said his shareholders, for simplicity hall listed very confident, at present overseas listing is not considered in the company.
Animals Asia Foundation China Foreign Affairs Director Zhang Xiaohai thinks, luck2012Guizhen hall open day activities did not reflect the open.

How to listen to

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

How to listen to, how to look

Tonight is a troubled night.

Trouble is agree with her to become a primary school teacher in the end is it right? Right, angry is rational but not for her.

Perhaps, she should stay at home, she is my treasure.fengjie So I can rest assured. She is not fit to the society, not used to that kind of society. I remember she said she just want to be a little woman, behind me and support my little woman, I think it might be just right for her, serious when a wife in the future mother.

Perhaps, she is to go out for a walk, at least to see what present’s society is society, know what is bad and what is good, what is good and what is bad. Learn how to fight, not like children make trouble out of nothing. Originally wanted to arrange her to come here to work, but don’t know why I don’t want to promise, I don’t even know.

Tonight, I to her bad attitude. I want to tell her, I just don’t want you to get up so early every day at noon, the lunch is so difficult.

Endless whispering in the light in your eyes, danna520I can see anything light, I think I will not trouble, not so much to worry about. I want to learn to see light light — very difficult. Because of you, no matter when, I will not to let you down.

Another voice of the world to listen, the sound was you, but I found that I was not good to listen to, I will only complain, I know in your mood is not very good,laodie20 I admit that I am not a good husband.