Annoying oral ulcer

September 10th, 2012

The turn of spring and summer, oral cavity ulcer again, occurring in the oral mucosa and tongue edge position, make people can’t move mouth, in case of acid, spicy, salty, sweet food, the sensation of pain is very intense aggravate, reishi make people suffer unspeakably.

Mental stress is a cause of

The incidence of oral ulcer with seasonal unrelated, to young people as the onset of the subject, particularly favored female patients. Primarily because you stay up all night, night life too much, excessive work pressure, suffering from a cold and other factors predisposing to. For in these times, people’s mental stress and physical fatigue, decreased immunity, virus (the oral cavity ulcer pathogens ) will attack, causing oral ulcer.

Suffering from oral ulcer, you pain, can the hospital, the doctor will give you open the anti-inflammatory, analgesic drugs, but without the need for medication, usually after two weeks to recover, but if the spirit of aggravate of pressure, physical fatigue, will relapse.

Self therapy

Chen Ruifang says, Chinese medicine point of view, oral cavity ulcer is generally made of hyperactivity of fire due to yin deficiency caused by the body, eat yin food, at the same time, need to eat more fruit, vegetable vitamin. You can use the following methods —

1 taking Zhibai Dihuang Wan

Chen Ruifang introduces, Zhibai Dihuang Wan has the effect of nourishing yin and clearing heat. Not only was ill can take, usually belong to Yin Huo-wang physique’s person about dab6d23ck can be taken for a long time, the general pharmacies for sale. 2 pot oppositely, Ophiopogon soup with spareribs

Oppositely, Radix two herbs can also heat reduce pathogenic fire detoxification, nourishing Yin, with ribs or lean meat soup to drink together.

The 3 applicator Houfeng powder, pearl powder

Houfeng powder, pearl powder two herbs on skin wound there is convergence of myogenic effect, can be applied to oral pain location, can help restore.

4 drink honey water

Vitamin supplements also help oral ulcer recovery important one annulus, remember to eat more seasonal fruits, such as apples, pitaya etc.. In addition, Chen Ruifang said, is especially suitable for the spring to drink honey water also have an effect, because the spring to protect spleen, online ups power honey water is the spleen function.

LED lights are also

August 26th, 2012

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DVD format video standard

August 24th, 2012

DVD Video derived from eight pictures to drive, so their demonstrated performance both in film service. It uses a standard MPEG2 ( ISO/IEC13818 ) to compress the image, this standard there are two significant parameters : the screen resolution of 720 x 480,reishidab5d55ck rate reached 1M to 10Mbps.

MPEG2 VCD MPEG1 320 x 240 resolution was improved more than four times, the amount of data also increased many, coupled with a sound quality also rises somewhat, reach 24bit/96kHz standard, and support plug-in subtitles and audio, as well as many ways such as digital control function, therefore in unit time broadcast data flow add. The original VCD data flow is only 150Kbytes/s, is about 1.15Mbps, now DVD is the highest peak at 10Mbps.

DVD format audio standard
Vintage DVD does not provide AC3 and DTS decoding, this task is made from a special amplifier to complete, so the old DVD machine film now may not sound. Now electrical appliances store sales of the DVD machine, dvd copying software will write ” double Decoding “, refers to the AC3 and the DTS two kind of voice coding decoding.

AC3 is DOLBY labs conventional audio standard, it is designed for the cinema and design. Pioneer in cooperation with DOLBY, improved AC3 standard, make its can support up to 5.1 channels. AC3 data flow (that is, audio bit rate ) the standard is 384kbps, it is also compatible with two channels of the stereo and mono, AC3 two channel rate of only 128kbps, dvd to iphone it is the voice of MP3 data rate. The highest detail AC3 standard, rate in 448kbps, because of its small volume, reasonable compression, so it was widely used as a DVD film audio storage standard.

Office furniture surface maintenance tips

August 14th, 2012

Alcohol washed plush sofa, fabric sofa usable brush dipped in some diluted alcohol swept brush, use a hair dryer, such as meeting juice stains,Philips PAR38 dab5d63ck with 1 tsp Baking soda and water and mix thoroughly, reoccupy cloth wipe, besmirch can drop.

Dip in milk wiping wooden office furniture, take a piece of clean cloth in outdated not drinking the dip in milk, and then use the cloth to clean the table, file cabinet series file cabinet, wooden furniture, decontamination effect is very good, the final reuse water brush. Use egg to wipe dirty leather sofa, a piece of clean cloth dipped in some egg white polished, can remove smear, and can make the surface bright start.

Painted furniture contaminated by dust, can be used wet gauze to wipe package tea residue, or cold tea scrub, will be more bright. Log furniture finishing method, log furniture available water wax water spray directly in the furniture surface, and then dry soft cloth dry, furniture will be bright. If it is found that the surface scratches,A19 LED Light Manufacturer can be first coated with cod liver oil, to be a day later with a damp cloth.

Furniture maintenance experts said: if the office furniture surface dirty, clean furniture before, should use the feather duster, soft cleaner surface dust processing, reoccupy soft cloth gently wipe, but with a small amount of water or the amount of detergent for cleaning. For the plate, can periodically ” furniture care solution ” for processing, and keep the inner part of the cabinet body clean.

In order to ensure the long term of office furniture surface bright as new, should avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. I will not cold or hot items directly engaged in the furniture surface, also will not sharp or rough object is directly placed in the bottom surface of the furniture, not to the organic solvent is placed directly on the desktop using the.

Decorative hardware ( including gold ) parts only need to gently care with a dry cloth, do not use chemical cleaning agents,Office furniture cabinet avoid using acidic liquid cleaning plated parts, such as gold-plated surface appear difficult to remove the black, used kerosene to clean, cleaning.

use cool water to wash the feet

July 27th, 2012

Women do not use cool water to wash the feet

Woman is not with cold water to wash the feet, especially period. Women each menstrual coming, it means the whole body or local resistance performance dropped, is more susceptible to disease. At this time, with the use of the cold bath foot, cold stimulus will also cause vasoconstriction,be environmental interference HP reduced make uterine and pelvic blood circulation disorder, cause gynecological diseases. So, even if in the hot summer, also want to pay attention to don’t let feet catch cold catch cold, to prevent your feet warm colds, flu, rhinitis, asthma, angina as the disease is a good effect. For children aged and frail and more should be so.

Pay attention to the knee to keep warm

In the rainy day, white-collar women generally do take rain, hurry back to open air conditioning’s office, so that the foot and leg has been catch cold catch cold. Knee meet cold, vascular contraction, blood circulation becomes poor, often make pain worse. In fact, in this the wet environment, which is very likely to have women arthritis. Plus women meet period or insufficient calcium at ordinary times, from arthritis will increase the probability. Therefore, in this case,LED question also women must pay attention to the knees to keep warm, cold weather should pay attention to keep warm and, when necessary, wear the knee, prevent the knee catch cold catch cold.

Sleep every night with warm water wash the feet

Summer can’t for a moment and ignore the importance of foot, protect foot the best thing to do is to sleep every night with warm water wash feet, water is warm with little more than body temperature, it is better to together for better water the ankle. Before sleeping every night with hot water to wash feet, can remove the foot skin metabolism and the decomposition of the bacteria acid product, loss of muscle fatigue, acid bilges feeling, etc. Hot water washing feet produce stimulation still can make all the points all suffer to thermal, lead to foot stasis plug eliminate, so as to promote the whole body blood circulation. If you insist on every day with warm water wash feet, still can rise to adjust blood, eliminate fatigue, increase appetite, ShuJinHuoXie effects on the insomnia, neurasthenia, joint ache, indigestion, waist pain,Summer spats nots allow to ignore stomach and chilblain all over the body such as the local disease or there is some treatment and prevention role.

Let you stay away from bad mood

July 20th, 2012

When the mood is bad? Everyone may have different methods, to unpack to vent. Want to put these words to my friend, when it is not a happy time, can some small method to jump out of trouble.

Learned silence

Sometimes,Hong Kong Company you be misunderstood, you don’t want to argue, so choose silence. Was not all people know you, so you think you don’t have to be all over the world. But sometimes, you were misunderstood by your lover, sad to think not contend, and only choose silence. The world could not understand you, but he should understand, if he actually can’t understand, what more can I say? Life often have nothing to say all the time even schubert, after all, is not all the truth are can list clearly, even may have no real is with the. So, don’t want to talk, they don’t say it, in many of the use of it, perhaps silence is the best explanation.

At least calm

When you had fallen to the bottom of your life, every people around you would tell you: be strong, and to be happy. Strong would be necessary, but be happy? In this case, serious occation. After all, who can in head-broken time still feel happy? But at least keep calm. Look at this calmly and quietly put other this of things right. Calm, no happy, also do not have not happy.

Learn to bend over, it is unexpected harvestProblems and benefit of Offshore Company

And others happen on temporary suspension of opinion, caused the conflict on what words, so you worried because you think all is the others malicious. Don’t much, home to clean the floor now. Carry a piece of cloth, bend, knees with land, before you on this floor to every corner of the wipe clean back and forth. And then to reflection the conflict, said’s every word. Now, you find yourself in fact also have a wrong place, isn’t it? You are flat gas and the heart, isn’t it? Sometimes you must learn to bend over, because this movement can let you humble. Labor body while, you also polished his mood. And you also have a bright and clean the floor? This is your second harvest.

Don’t think if we had

You say, life is a have an infinite number of fork in the long, always kept to choose. If just choose to eat Fried noodles or Fried rice, influence may not seem like much, but choose what to read department, do what work, got married or not getting married, or to have children, each option far-reaching influence, and different choice must also make completely different life. And you said, do not bear the feeling of the life, is the life without heavy to chance. If we had such as how to what, he wouldn’t be how to how to… This kind of disappointed with mumbling to himself, or don’t much to say. Each of the fork in the choice no real good and bad, and that as long as the life as himself. Unique creation, will not frequently look back if had different choice.

Work hard, whether success or not at least once beautiful

The walk, you see a plant vines attached to the trunk, and soft and solid-each other, you touched on this JingMei scene. Let’s stop in happiness and belonging. You want to. Don’t know there will be how a rain destroy? Maybe cane will break, tree would pour, May Day HuiHuang, to the old. And you want to. So,what is mutual fund please stop at this point it’s time. Stop case that is eternal. If this JingMei eternity, the moment, the future of all kinds of disaster may encounter, and has got the comfort and reward.

development of the ball steep light

July 10th, 2012

Led the development of the ball steep light

Led ball steep light is the company to provide the main energy saving lighting products, led the ball steep light is the development of how?

LED technology is changing in progress,T8 LED Tubedab4d58ck it’s the luminous efficiency is being made amazing breakthrough, the price is also in constant reduced. A white LED into the family time is coming quickly.

Companies adhering to the “customer first, forge ahead” business philosophy, adhere to the “customers first” principle to provide our clients with quality services.

Led to absorb dome light future development of what kind of?LED Spotlight Lamp Below come to find out!

A. indoor and outdoor are applicable, still can rise to decorate function.

B. advertisement function.

C. performance can be added such as security, fire prevention, purify air etc. Function.

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Led lamp is based on ambry lighting and decoration use a series of product development, led lamp the advantage of environmental protection ambry how?

LED ambry lamp environmental protection, no mercury harmful material. LED light bulb assembly components can be very easy tear open outfit, need not manufacturer can through the other people recycling recovery.

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disease prevention and control bureau

July 3rd, 2012

Lei Zhenglong, deputy director of the disease prevention and control bureau of the Ministry of Health,yunzhi reishi made the remarks on Sunday at an event to mark National Cancer Week, which starts on April 15 every year.

“The cancer center, to be headquartered at the Cancer Institute and Hospital at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in Beijing,dab4d56ck will help better guide the government in making policies and taking countermeasures to curb the rising incidence of cancer,” he said.

The mainland records about 2.8 million new cancer cases each year, and the number is expected to exceed 3.8 million in a decade, official statistics show.

According to Shi Yuankai, vice-president of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Cancer Hospital, amongst people between the ages of 30 and 60, lung cancer has become the leading fatal disease on the mainland and steadily on the rise.

“But as it has joined the top health challenges facing China, we need to introduce a national road map to curb it,” Minister of Health Chen Zhu said.

To provide technical support, “we’ll enhance the country’s cancer registry system to better learn the characteristics of the country’s cancer epidemic”, said He.Chinese Herbal Product “That will help with more targeted intervention efforts.”

There are 195 cancer registries on the mainland, covering about 185 million people, less than 14 percent of the population, official statistics show.

As the number of registries increases, more data will be available for decision-makers to introduce more effective measures, he said.

watermelon more healthy good

June 25th, 2012

Pregnant women to eat watermelon more healthy good
Summer maternity can often eat watermelon, but for the sake of their own and Tai Baobao’s health must pay attention to eat watermelon.
Now, the weather is day by day is hot, it is the season for watermelons. Many mothers are wanted in this big watermelon to cool to quench their thirst. Some mother also told me that would eat watermelon elevated blood sugar,coriolus versicolor and my mother asked me to eat watermelon can lead to preterm birth in pregnant women, so how can eat watermelon? So how to eat watermelon?
In fact, pregnant women can often eat watermelon, but for the sake of their own and Tai Baobao’s health must pay attention to eat watermelon.
Watermelon is good
Watermelon is a very good fruit, not only taste good, and its fruit juice is rich in minerals and vitamins, is the main summer cool fruit.
Watermelon Sugar content is relatively high, you can add energy, can protect liver function, so the mother often eat watermelon is also of great benefit. Some mothers during pregnancy, there will be nervous, gastrointestinal motility, loss of appetite, constipation and other phenomena, then eat the watermelon is not only can add moisture, add sugar, protein, inorganic salts, vitamins and other nutritional intake, stimulation of intestinal peristalsis, and promote smooth stool, can also increase milk secretion.
Pregnant women during pregnancy often eat the watermelon, can not only supplement the body’s nutritional depletion, while also making fetal nutrition better meet. Especially late in pregnancy, pregnant women are often occur with different degree of edema and elevated blood pressure, often eat watermelon, not only can be diuretic to swollen, also lower blood pressure function,LED Lighting manufacturer dab4d55ck it is also useful for the health of pregnant women.
Watermelon note
The expectant mother to eat watermelon is good, but not unrestrained eaters, to a certain amount, eat watermelon not more than 200grams. Because if you eat watermelon too much, will be excessive intake of sugar. As a result of pregnancy female endocrine developed physiological changes, relative deficiency of insulin to glucose, the stabilizing effect decreased, resulting in glucose concentration in the blood is high, occur in diabetic pregnancy, and gestational diabetes mellitus is triggered in pregnant women with miscarriage and preterm delivery is an important reason for this, pregnant women, not excessive eating watermelon.
In addition, some with a cold or nephropathy especially diabetic mother the best eating watermelon, because it will be worse. Especially diabetic mothers, eating watermelon must be under the guidance of a doctor, must not be arbitrary, avoid exacerbations, affecting adults and children’s health.
Also, we choose watermelon to choose fresh, ripe watermelon, do not eat fresh from the fridge watermelon. Because the watermelon temperature is too low, can cause uterine contractions, a serious cause of premature. At the same time mothers should pay attention to, is eating the watermelon is best not to eat before meals, but after eating two pieces, so in order to prevent the loss of appetite.
Now, expectant mothers know,baby wholesale clothing watermelon is a good fruit, but I still want to remind you, mother can not eat watermelon, other fruit to eat, otherwise it will cause vitamin intake is not balanced.

especially wary of stroke

June 18th, 2012

Old people need to be especially wary of stroke
Stroke in patients with early symptom is more apparent. If there is one kind or several kinds of symptoms, transient occur repeatedly, want high vigilance, this may be the stroke omen, should promptly to the hospital for treatment.
Summer, hot weather, stroke is high season, suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic disease and previous suffered a stroke in the elderly should pay special attention to prevent stroke, once the symptoms to the hospital as soon as possible.
Summer why the prone stroke
One, induced blood pressure fluctuations, extremely easy to cause the rupture of blood vessels in the brain; secondly, emotional tension easy, human enhancement of the stress response, resulting in stroke; thirdly, the body with a large number of water evaporation, increased blood viscosity, easy to induce cerebral infarction; fourthly, sleep not good, eating disorders, the human body in the fatigue stress state within the body hormone release level changes, stimulation evoked vasoconstriction, vascular lesion. In addition, patients with diabetes by blood glucose increased stimulation of endothelial tissue, resulting in atherosclerosis induced by stroke.
Knowledge of stroke symptoms early
Usually, stroke patients early symptom is more dab4d53ck If there is one kind or several kinds of symptoms, transient occur repeatedly, want high vigilance, this may be the stroke omen, should promptly to the hospital for treatment.
1 sudden eye or eyes short black or blurred vision.
2 suddenly see things double or accompanied by vertigo.
The 3side of hand, foot or sudden facial numbness ( wood ) or associated with limb weakness.
4 suddenly speaking tongue made stupid, not speaking clearly.
5sudden dizziness, or accompanied by nausea and vomiting, sweating, even with palpitation.
6 did not have any feeling suddenly fell down, or with a short, delirious.
Found in stroke patients how to do
The treatment of stroke patients as early as possible, preferably in the pathogenesis of patients within 3 hours to receive effective treatment.
Identification of stroke patients after family members or units, side colleagues, friends should be calm, patients will be flat, supine, not pillow, the head to one side, to avoid the oral cavity secretion aspiration into the lungs causing cough in patients with asphyxia. In addition, avoid to patients taking the drug, because the stroke can be divided roughly for hemorrhagic infarction and type two, in the absence of previously undiagnosed, absolutely can not use drugs, or the disease will increase. At the same time, should immediately call emergency telephone, and briefly narrates the condition, allow emergency physicians to rescue the material and mental preparation. The transfer process, families had better respect emergency physician recommendations. Do not select car or taxi transport, data survey, most of the delays in the treatment of patients is not used for emergency vehicle mode of transport.